Southern Exposure Pt. 1

WOW has C&C gone dark the last couple of days, I am currently blogging remotely from The Miller Collesium in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Where my Mother and I are competing at the WHOA International Championships with our two horses. I have been trying to keep my Instagram up to date, but blogging from the road is challenging. Remember still a newbie!

In terms of style this week, its a common thing for me to be in skinnies, my Dublin’s and a t-shirt (in fact that is what I am wearing right now as I type this post). We have been able to leave the horse show to go exploring and that has been a total treat. I was able to find a great piece of horsey artwork for my blogger room(I am keeping that one a secret until the big reveal), and get a couple new things for Callie(you know the horse).

Ladies, the weather in the South is HOT AS HELL! OMG I have been melting, I suspected this would be the case so I packed only my super light summer favorites. I have pulled my favorite summer Maxi from Loft out twice and worn it.

We have been eating like Queens this week, and our favorite little cafe was open with home made goodies for lunch. Millers Grocery is an absolute treat!

Seriously this little cafe was so fun, and quaint. I had sweet tea and chicken salad, with peach cobbler for dessert.

This porch was so adorable. The bright colors and lush grass made it a amateur photographers dream(thats me).

Dress (Similar) | Loft, Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Bag | Halston Heritage, Necklace | Amazon Purchase, Earrings | Local Thrift Find


Keep a close eye on my Instagram Curlsandcontours for more on my horse show adventures this week!

This Pretty Little Dress Pt. 3

The final installment of my “Pretty Little Dress” series is finally here! If you haven’t checked out parts 1 and 2. Do it now so we are all on the same page. 🙂

So I knew going into styling this dress for the 3rd time I was going to have to seriously mix it up. So I decided to do my hair up, which I NEVER EVER DO! I will tell you why, I love my hair, its fun and big, and I just love it down all the time. But I really wanted to push myself to mix it up and try something new with this look, so hair up happened.

Lets lead with where I wore the dress. To a beautiful rustic chic wedding in a barn, that was seriously to die for. Check it out.

So gorgeous! The Ellis Barn in Oakland County is to die for! The ceremony was in the lower part of the barn and the reception was help upstairs!

I mean, get out of town this wedding was so beautiful! I was so inspired by everything!

Lets talk how I styled the dress!

Wedding in a barn with no AC means that my hair up plan was a GOOD idea, I used a stretchy headband and wrapped my hair around it and then pinned everything in place with 100 pins, and a pound of hairspray! haha. Not kidding. I went with statement earrings, and my new favorite necklace and a pair of HOTT wedges!

Photo cred-

Photo Cred –

I really tried SO hard to get my hair right, I think I did pretty good.

Headband(Similar) | Loft, Sunnies | Ray- Ban, Earrings(Similar) | Thrift Store, Necklace(Gold is no longer available) | Amazon, Bag(Similar)| Halston Heritage, Dress(Similar) | Nordstrom Rack, Shoes(Similar)| Steve Madden, Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | David Yurman, Ring (Similar) | Charming Charlie

Family Fun!!

Super squinty because it was so bright, BUT here is a close up on my makeup! I am a big highlight and contour girl! I am wearing some new items from my latest Glossybox!

My main squeeze. 🙂 I love attending weddings as a married girl!

It is possible to take one dress, and fix it up to work for lots of things! Us curvy girls have to know how to make things work!

How do you like to style your favorite stuff?

Bargain Binge Shopping

Ok, so for some reason this week I decided that I NEEDED things in my life. I don’t know what came over me but I just had to have some more stuff surrounding me. Including the sewing form that I purchased for 40 bucks! In all honesty I really did NEED PJs for my upcoming travels. So ACTUALLY I really did need to hit up 3 different TJ Maxx and Marshalls in the last 2 days….haha I know I am pathetic, whatever haters.

So lets talk about my haul and my weird strategy (that didn’t work), and what I really did end up bringing home with me on my bargain binge shopping.


I knew going into the store that I really did need some REAL PJs and a packable robe (not random old tanks and 10 year old pj shorts) so my plan was to go in tunnel vision style and head straight towards the PJ section. This plan worked for a hot ten seconds and then I saw the bags, now this is where my shopping ADD kicks in and I remember that I actually have been thinking about a new bag, and I found my feet carrying me straight over to the purses, then the hats (because obviously), then the shoes….AND then I eventually made it over to the “Intimates” (I know, I know) section of the store. I was able to score a Pajama dress (that looks like Lily Pulitzer) and some cute pj pants and a top to co-ordinate. What I really did need was a legit robe that I can put on and have coffee in and chill with whoever I may be with over the next month. I then made a cruise by the tops and OF COURSE they had flannels out, and as you will learn if you follow C&C I freaking love flannels, like a lot. Seriously. AND they had these adorable striped tops that are a boxy cut that I died over. So fast forward, I am now leaving the store with 1 flannel, 2 striped tops (one for me one for my bestie because I am that kind of bitch), pajama bottoms, pajama top, Lily P. Pajama dress, and NO ROBE.


Striped Top | TJ Maxx, Monogram Necklace | Amazon


So of course I have to drive by my besties salon on my way home(to drop off her shirt), which is conveniently located next to one of the best TJ Maxx stores in the area. So I HAVE to stop at this other TJ Maxx, like I pulled in and parked before I knew what was happening. I was able to control myself and vacate that place before I bought some jewelry, and some decor for my blogging room. I had to tell myself to put it all down.

While at the salon, my bestie and I were chatting about how we would style the shirts that I had gotten, and we both agreed that a green utility vest was absolutely needed for the tops to be perfectly on trend. So that has now gone on my radar as something I must have…great right?


Ok, so I headed into my favorite TJ Maxx that carries couture, knowing that I was going in and I was coming out with a robe, no matter what. Well, then my shopping ADD kicked in and I decided that I HAD to see what was on clearance for bags…


The Little Dictionary of Fashion, Halston Bag | TJ Maxx, Similar Bag 1, Similar Bag 2, Similar Bag 3, I have blogged about that necklace before, right here!

This beautiful, amazing bag was IN THE CLEARANCE section. I. Died. And then I grabbed that bitch and tossed into my cart. THEN I made it over to the “Intimates” section and found the perfect robe.

THEN I FOUND A GREEN UTILITY VEST! I know, seriously I was in heaven. Like you have no idea. So now that I have officially started my Fall shopping, because I can’t control myself. I have decided that I will make everything I purchased do work on my travels this summer, because conveniently everywhere I am visiting is not hot. So yay! 

Lucky Brand Military Vest

Do you ever go bargain binge shopping?



Curls and Contours at Faster Horses Festival


Wow what an INSANE weekend! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably noticed that my account has become saturated with photos of yours truly and some country music stars. If you have been following then you are probably wondering HOW exactly I ended up in this situation.

So here is the scoop.

One of my long time (like High School days) best friends happens to work in radio. Three years ago when the Faster Horses Festival was announced my bestie was asked to go work the weekend. She needed someone to go with her that would work and that the radio team could trust. Guess who happens to be trustworthy, professional, and is a hard worker? THIS GIRL!! Each year I bust my ass and help in any way I can, part of the job is to facilitate meet and greets between the artist and fans.

So how does this connect with Curls and Contours? Well I was in a SERIOUS fashion bind this weekend, like required “Unisex” staff t-shirt bind. So I worked with what I had and tried to make it work.

Remember that skort that I purchased for hiking on my west coast travels this summer? Well that little skort was a LIFE SAVER this past weekend. Like, you have no idea, stretchy, cute, and sun protection? Perfect. In fact, I wore that skort everyday. On my feet I went with my trusty Chacos (not the cutest) but so comfortable.

I switched out statement necklaces everyday just for a little variety, and to show some sass. This was fun, and as always the right statement necklace can be a great conversational piece.

I was able to meet so many fantastic artists and the people that work with them. We had a great time chatting and helping fans have a great meet and great experience.

I am so thankful for this opportunity, each year its a once and a lifetime experience, and each year somehow it get even better (that doesn’t seem possible). Thank you B93.7

Here are some of the artists I was able to meet.





Lee Brice





Mickey Guyton




Brad Paisley


And then we got to go on stage with Brad, and WOW what an experience!




Clare Dunn (This girl can ROCK!)


The Cadillac Three (I am such a fan!)


Mark Chesnutt


Dustin Lynch


Thomas Rhett


Lauren Akins (Thomas Rhett’s awesome wife!)


Florida Georgia Line


What I wore this weekend-

Skort- Columbia 

Chacos- Chacos

Ray Bans-Ray Ban

Statement Necklace 1

Statement Necklace 2 

Statement Necklace 3 

Angel Wing Necklace

If you have questions FEEL FREE TO ASK! 

Conquering White Pants!


My search for white denim has finally come to an end. I have been trying white denim for MONTHS and I have not been able to get happy with anything. So I hopped on Loft one random day and I stumbled across these white jeans for 17 BUCKS!! So on a whim I ordered them, and they are PERFECT! Ann Taylor Loft is great for jeans for the curvy girl size 12-16!  For this look I paired them with a military green button up and some tortoise jewelry, my favorite Minnetonkas, and a bucket bag.

Have you tried tortoise jewelry? So fun and classic. I found the necklace on sale, and I actually love matching it up with my other tortoise jewelry and accessories.

My trial and error rules for white pants-

1. SIZE THE EFF UP! Being able to see the dimples on your ass through your white pants is NEVER flattering. Like. Ever.

2. Wear appropriate undergarments, like a nude panty. Don’t wear white panties, and for the love of God, do not wear patterned, or bright colors, or black. That shit shows, I don’t care how well you checked your butt out before you left the house.

3. Don’t be shocked when you put the white pants on and you feel like half of your body is super bright, for that reason. Offset the white pants with a dark colored top, simple shoes and some classic jewelry. Now is not the time for your Beyonce moment. Calm down, and be a lady. Classic black and white is so timeless and chic. You just can’t go wrong(unless you didn’t follow rules one and two).


Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Necklace | Charming Charlie’s, Top | Nordstrom, Jeans | Loft, Bag(Similar) | TJ Maxx, Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | Michael Kors, Bracelet | Alex and Ani, Ring (Similar) | Charming Charlie’s Shoes | Minnetonka








Phot Cred- ME Promotions

This Pretty Little Dress Pt. 2

This weekend I took the pretty little dress that I have talked about before to a Shania Twain concert on the West side of the state of Michigan. Lets break down my 24 hours, and the pretty little dress that I took with me.

Lets lead with my travel gear! From our area on the east side of the state to Grand Rapids on the west side is roughly 2 hours. We were only planning on being in Grand Rapids for 24 hours, just enough for some AMAZING FOOD and a fantastic concert! So I threw on a simple black maxi(that is actually to big, but sometimes whatever), and packed my favorite small luggage and we hit the road.

Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Dress(I got it at Costco…so similar), Hat | Key West Hat Shop, Preppy Tote | Vera Bradley, Luggage (Similar) | Kathy Van Zeeland, Sandals | Birkenstock

But FIRST we stopped at the Outlet Mall, and did some shopping around. I purchased some shorts from the Loft for an upcoming adventure that I CANT WAIT TO SHARE WITH YOU!

We headed west to Grand Rapids to stay at the Fabulous Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. I mean seriously have you ever seen this place its DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! This hotel is grand, and fabulous and chic and vintage and luxurious all rolled into one beautiful place. My photos don’t do it justice, but I will share anyway.

Ok Lets talk about the pretty little dress… For the girls weekend away to a country concert I wanted to wear my favorite boots, and of course do big hair, and big sparkle. To quote the Queen of Country Music Miranda Lambert “Big hair for the real big time.” This was the look I was going for!

So here is what I put together for part 2 of This Pretty Little Dress

Dress (Similar) | Nordstrom Rack, Boots | Tony Lama, Watch | Michael Kors, Necklace 1 | Tiffany and Co, Necklace 2 (Similar) | Loft, Necklace 3 | Random Cruise Ship gift shop (seriously), Ring(Similar) | Charming Charlies

My lip color is the one I received in my Glossybox ! Its called Doucce Lush Lip Gloss, color 718. I am also wearing the mascara from my Glossybox, have you heard of it? Its called “Better Than Sex” and its from Too Faced.

We had dinner at the Fabulous Cygnus 27 at the top of the Hotel overlooking the city. Then we dashed off to the Shania Twain concert! Which was FABULOUS! Her Rock the Country tour was fantastic and truly a show! We all felt like we were in Vegas!

I tried to get a selfie with Shania, and I basically did. hahaha. IDGAS that her face is covered by some dudes hand. It happened, we took a selfie together(thats my story and I am sticking to it!).

I am already working on putting together something for the pretty little dress pt 3. If you haven’t checked out my first post about this pretty little dress, you can find it here!

This Pretty Little Dress Pt. 1



This pretty little dress was snatched up by yours truly at Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago, and as soon as I saw it I had a plan. You see this pretty little dress is going to be a feature here on Curls and Contours. I am headed to a fabulous bachelorette party this weekend for a BEAUTIFUL bride inside and out, we will be going out and to a concert(Shania Twain!!). I will be wearing this pretty little dress.

In two weeks this beautiful bride will wed her man at a gorgeous venue…AND I will be wearing this pretty little dress.

Gasp! Shock! I know you are thinking, “You are NOT going to wear the same dress to two events for the SAME effing wedding are you?” The answer is obviously YES you bet your cute asses I am!

This pretty little dress styled two totally different ways.

Is it concert ready? Yes

Is it wedding ready? Yes.

Like I have preached (using that term loosely) on C&C before when you have curves you HAVE to have a “Fashion Uniform”

This pretty little dress is my way of putting my money where my mouth is. I don’t need tons of dresses(well maybe I do) for every single event I might ever dream of attending. *If you are reading this while walking around Nordstrom PUT THAT BALLGOWN DOWN! lol.*

I can make the dresses that I KNOW work for my body work for multiple events. If you have the extra cash to spend on a new dress (lucky), buy some new accessories and shoes to go with that adorable dress you already own. Or better yet SAVE that money for the Louis Vuitton you have had in your shopping cart for the last 3 months. Oh wait, is that just me? Oh yeah it is! Haha

Side Note- DO NOT TELL MY HUSBAND I JUST WROTE THAT. Men need to believe we need dresses for every little thing.

Ok check out my styling of this pretty little dress for round one.


Dress (Similar) | Nordstrom Rack, Shoes (Similar) | Jessica Simpson, Watch (Insane deal) | Michael Kors, Bracelet (Similar) | Charming Charlies, Necklace | Charming Charlies, Bucket Bag (Similar) | TJ Maxx, Earrings (Similar) | Charming Charlies, Bracelet | David Yurman





My First Glossybox



My Glossybox came today, my Glossybox came today!! Yay! I have been so excited for it to finally come in the mail! This is my first experience with Glossybox, I have tried Ipsy and I have done quite a bit of reading on subscription monthly beauty boxes/packages/whatever. Here is my conclusion on why monthly beauty subscriptions are fun. Its like a little surprise gift to yourself EVERY month, and there are lots of different options and choices on what company you might want to work with. I tried Ipsy over the winter, and I really did like the “Surprise” gift to yourself idea. I was seriously so excited every month when that glittery purple package would come. AND then after a couple months, I started to be bummed about what was coming in my bag every month(I know #princessproblems right). So I decided to save my money and just STOP the madness for awhile.


THEN a couple of weeks ago I was at a friends birthday dinner and she received a gift INSIDE a Glossybox. Being the self proclaimed coveter of pretty things that I am, I immediately perked up. What is that beautiful box I thought (and I think blurted out because I am loud like that). The giver of the gift, then went on to tell me about Glossybox, and how you receive FULL size products and luxury brands for only 21 bucks a month (If your like Whhaaaat, I know I had the same reaction).

Full Disclosure- I was already sold when I saw that adorable pink box with the black bow. Hook, line, and sinker I was donezo. I HAD to have that shit in my life ASAP! Today was like a fun little party just for me! I knew the box was coming because I have been psychotically tracking it for 3 effing days. You will learn that I have a PROBLEM with expensive cosmetics…Whatever you only get ONE face, so treat it nicely.


Go to and check it out! I created a beauty profile, and I am very pleased with the products I received this month!

Here is a break down of what I received!

Nexxus New York Salon Care- Color Assure Restoring Conditioner *FULL SIZE

Orly Nail Lacquer- Pure Porcelain

Too Faced Cosmetics- Better Than Sex Mascara

Etre Belle Cosmetics- Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturizing Gel

Doucce Lush Lip Gloss- Color 718 *FULL SIZE


The Rule of Leggings.


I am going to put this out there. Quality leggings are 100% WORTH IT! Especially if you are curvy, just go for it get a good pair that are made of the right material that aren’t see through and that are meant to be worn for active purposes (even if you are only going to wear them to run errands). Leggings that are made for active purposes are-

1. Not see through.

2. Don’t get holes.

3. Hide cellulite (thats right ladies).

This little outfit works for me on multiple levels, I work out in this outfit, I hike in this outfit, I can be seen out and about during the day in it (with a longer top to keep my cheeks covered), AND I will be packing all of these items for my travels this summer.

I have ONE hard and fast rule about leggings as pants that I believe keep you classy and on trend. This rule applies to women of all sizes BUT if your are bootylicious(like myself) pay really close attention.

1. If you are not working out and just wearing leggings as pants for the day. COVER YOUR ASS UP! Wear a top that is tunic length or dips lower in the back to keep your cheeks covered. We have all seen that girl at the supermarket or the mall that has see through leggings on. Not cute.

Side Note- As women are we obligated to let another woman know her leggings are see through? I always want too and then I chicken out.



Sunnies (Similar) | Juicy Couture, Scarf | Lululemon, V-Neck(Similar) | Nordstrom Rack, Jacket (Similar) | Columbia, Crops | Lululemon, Shoes | Salomon, Fitbit Flex | Fitbit




Photo Cred- ME Promotions

Nails Wraps, the new manicure.


I love a doing my nails. I LOVE it, I change my nails once a week, and its something that I really enjoy doing on a Sunday evening. I sit down with a glass of wine and take a few minutes to indulge in myself and do something just for me. Its all fun and games until, I bump my wine glass or smudge my polish…And then I am PISSED, I have to start all over with paint and the whole drying process is halted until I can get that one little spot correct. I seriously have every fast drying nail product under the sun. The spray, the drops, the polish, the little fan…I have even used my hair dryer to get my nails dry, because once I am doing painting them I am ready to be done with the whole process. I want instant dry so I can move on to what I have next on my mind. This NEVER works. NEVER.

Enter Nail Wraps, have you tried them? Put them on, instant manicure. No wait, no dry time…Possible perfection right? I have done the Sally Hanson wraps, and the Essie wraps too. But I always am left feeling more than a little disappointed. They are expensive its a ONE time use for ONE package and once you open them you are donezo, use it or lose it. Then half the time they don’t stick or they don’t have the pattern or color I was looking for.

I had the opportunity to try Jamberry recently, and I cant tell you how fun it was (actually I CAN tell you and I am right now lol). What set this product apart from the other wraps on the market is the personal application experience you receive from the consultant, you actually get to have a conversation with someone about the product and talk to them about how to properly apply and get the most out of the product. I would compare this experience to going to the Beauty counter at the mall(or Sephora, or Ulta), you don’t just walk up to the counter and pick a random product that you have never used and know nothing about and take it home and TRY to see if it works. Seriously don’t do that, talk to the expert that WANTS TO HELP YOU REALLY BAD!  Leslie the Jamberry consultant that I am working with was so helpful and fun to talk to. SHE is what made me love this product.

Not to mention all the designs and options the company offers. I had a hard time picking what I wanted to try out!

Side Note- Hand Modeling? Really effing hard, sorry for the awkward pictures in advance, remember I am still new at this.