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LuLaRoe Irma

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Monogram Canvas

Never full Review, Louis Vuitton

Its finally review time, I have faithfully been carrying my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in monogram canvas for almost 3 months. This is not my first designer bag, but it is my first luxury designer handbag. I wanted this bag so bad, I read reviews, I looked at used ones, I watched every single youtube haul/unboxing/review out there. I just knew this bag was the one for me. And guess what this is the perfect bag. There are pros and cons to having a bag like this, and don’t you worry I will be sharing.

This bag has changed my life, I know that sounds completely insane but its true. Carrying this bag has elevated my style, a simple white tee and skinny jeans looks like a regular run of the mill outfit, add the Neverfull and you are wearing a chic, easy outfit for running errands.


Louis Vuitton is one of the most sought after brands in existence. Because of that fact, a LV bag retains most of its value(especially if your bag is well cared for).

The Neverfull GM literally holds EVERYTHING, I think it can hold up to 200 lbs so you can pack it up and know that the straps will hold.

If you are new to luxury bags like I am, this is bag gives you a lot of bang for your buck, at just over 1200 dollars you get a very large bag AND a small pochette(valued at around 500).

The customer service at LV is unheard of, if you have a problem with your bag contact the company, if you need a repair or a custom strap contact the company. When you purchase a luxury item you are not only buying the bag, but also buying into the customer service that goes with it.

Final pro? Its freaking beautiful, the leather is supple and soft and the canvas is so durable.


The leather is raw, so it is open to the elements(including your hands, weather, and just the air) that does mean as the bag ages the leather turns a beautiful honey brown. BUT if you spill anything on the leather, or it rains and you get the leather wet, or you lotion your hands and touch the handles. IT STAINS THE LEATHER. Which is my worst nightmare.

Because of the natural materials used in the bag, it can hold smells, take it into a steak restaurant? Guess what smells like steak the next day.

Once you own one LV bag you want to own more than one. They are addicting, I currently have my eye on the Josephine wallet. šŸ™‚

Love the shape but not the price tag? Here are some options for you. šŸ™‚

Sole Society “Ravin” Tote

Faux Leather ReversibleĀ Tote

Coach Turnlock Tote

Large Tote bag Le PliageĀ 

Curls and Contours, Louis Vuitton Neverfull

P.S. My bag was made in the USA šŸ™‚

Festival Style for the Curvy Girl.

Faster Horses Festival, Curls and Contours

Faster Horses Festival, Curls and Contours

Gary Allan

Faster Horses Festival, Curls and Contours

Hat | Dress | Chambray | Shoes

Faster Horses Festival, Curls and Contours

Jason Aldean

Faster Horses Festival, Curls and Contours

Faster Horses Festival, Curls and Contours


Big and Rich

Faster Horses Festival, Curls and Contours

Leggings | Leggings (Regular sizes) | Top | Flannel | Shoes | SunniesĀ | Necklace

I was so blessed to be able to attend the Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn Michigan this month. Faster Horses Festival is a 3 day event held at the Michigan International Speedway, live music is played on multiple stages and there is tons to to do, from eating and drinking to games and carnival rides. I am so lucky to be able to attend with one of my best friends(Hi Lindsay!! xoxo), she works for radio and takes me to help her each year with backstage stuff(I KNOW RIGHT!). Each year the struggle is REAL when it comes to what to wear. The first year I attended it was so freaking hot that we melted, there was absolutely no way to look cute. Then the past two years we had some station t-shirts to wear, so outfit choices were pretty limited to what goes with a unisex crew neck t-shirt. But this year we just happened to have the perfect weather, AND no dress code. HELLO curvy girl festival style. I went with leggings and swing dresses, I spiced it up accessories and comfy footwear(classic Anne move there) lol.

My go to rule for festival dressing is to start with footwear and work your way up. When my feet are uncomfortable I can’t enjoy myself, so any outfit I put together for long days on my feet have to be soo comfortable. And real talk here I wore my Chacos the first day and I got a real great blister so eff that. I decided to go for sneakersĀ for the rest of the weekend. I wanted to have layers for when the sun went down, or a breeze picked up but I didn’t want to carry anything around with me, so I went with a light layer that I could tie around my waist(which is great for giving you a defined waist btw). In my dream world I would have had some Rag and Bone booties to wear but I made do with my sneakers.

Lets review-

When dressing for a festival here are some tips.

  1. Comfortable footwear required
  2. Sun Protection(sunscreen, hat etc…)
  3. Light layers
  4. Statement accessories(think sunglasses, and big earrings)
  5. Everything you wear has to be quality enough to take on the festival year after yearĀ OR cheap enough for a one time wear. Invest or go cheap, spending money on in between stuff is going to leave you with more money gone and all your stuff ruined. Ask me how I know that little tip LOL. šŸ™‚

This Dress…

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Dress | Shoes | Bag | Earrings | SunniesĀ 

This…Dress…I don’t have anything like it in my closet. I had admired it from afar for probably a month before I finally went ahead and ordered it. I have found as we move into the heat of July and August I am really enjoying having my legs out, as a self proclaimed “not a shorts” person, when summer starts to really warm up I need skirts and dresses that are shorter in length but still modest enough for work or the weekend. This little Eloquii dress fits the bill! I paired this pieceĀ with my favorite flatforms, and some bright earrings to set off the details. A new favorite for me, that I will be wearing again and again.

I have really been thinking lately about what it means to really listen to your body. I find that these thoughts pop up especially when I am not feeling well or something doesn’t seem quite right. For example, I have always had terrible skin(thanks dad) and even into my twenties my skin has never gotten truly clear. For the past 6 months or so I have been using a pretty vigorous beauty routine to manage my breakouts and cystic acne. And to be honest things have been going very well, my skin has been clearer these past months than it hasĀ been in years(YAY). But about a month ago, I started a new job and all of a sudden I have cysts all along my jawline. I knew that this skin problem was from stress, so I buckled down even further on my skincare routine and thought that things would improve. Well…they didn’t, so I started thinking and trying to listen to my body. My body is stressed, what can I do to alleviate that? I can eat better, for me thats more whole foods and no dairy. I can move more, taking the stairs, and yoga. I can get more sleep, which is a hard one for me I am a night owl.

I feel like as a bigger person, and as a curvy person I get pushed into the “She’s fat, so she obviously doesn’t care about herself” category and this is not the case. I am a bigger person because that is my genetics, just because I am bigger doesn’t mean that I have the excuse not to take care of myself. To all of my curvy girls, being big isn’t an excuse to not eat well, and get enough sleep, and move your body. Being naturally bigger doesn’t give you a free ticket to treat your body like shit. Its important to remember that we only get one body, and when we feel like hell its because we aren’t listening to ourselves. I challenge you to do one good thing for your body today. It might be going on a walk with your dog after dinner, or having a salad for lunch, maybe getting into bed at 10 tonight instead of 1 or 2.

Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Dress | Shoes | Bag | Sunnies(similar) | Watch | EarringsĀ 

Ok ladies, its go time this is NOT a drill. When I stepped out in this dress my husband immediately noticed(in a good way thankyouverymuch). He had nothing but nice things to say about this little frock. Ummm… I know right, a blousy, white, girly dress WITH FLAMINGOS on it and the man in my life sits up and takes note. Is it the length?Ā Possibly. Is it the length paired with the heel? Probably. Just sayin, a win is a win here and this dress got the stamp of approval in the Adams house.

I will be wearing this beauty ALL the time, its perfect for any upcoming day event that you might have (think showers, brunch, shopping, general girly day drinking occasions). I kept my accessories simple to really show off the dress, and opted for a fun heel in a neutral tone to set everything off. Ā This dress came in my Gwynnie Bee order this month, if you haven’t heard of Gwynnie Bee yet its a plus size subscription service that offers upscale styles for the curvy girl. I can wear this beauty and send it back, and receive another piece from my Gwynnie Bee closet! Perfect for the girl that likes to try lots of different styles, if you love it then you can keep it, if you don’t send it back and get something else.

I am not a big subscription service girl, probably because I prefer quality over quantity/gimmick(literally I use GB, and Glossybox THATS IT!). I would rather pay more and be guaranteed something that is quality than pay just a few bucks and get stuff I don’t like. I get especially passionate about quality plus clothing, why shouldn’t I get to dress this curvaceous bod in thoughtful beautiful pieces? Gwynnie Bee has really impressed me here. This dress is gorgeous, and the other piece I received is top notch as well(and one of my favorite new designers).

Looking forward to sharing more with you from gb.

Check them out at GwynnieBee.comĀ 


Maurices, Curls and Contours


Maurices, Curls and Contours


Maurices, Curls and Contours


Maurices, Curls and Contours


Maurices, Curls and Contours


Maurices, Curls and Contours

Top | Bag | Skinnies | Shoes | NecklaceĀ | SunniesĀ 

I had a little Maurice’s adventure this past weekend, I pulled one of my usual “I will wear this out” stunts and from there the day just got better and better. My husband and I were on a road trip to a wedding(I wore that amazing CB dress) and we decided to stop and do some shopping around. I picked up this fun top in the 24/7 fabric and I went back last night and got 3 more tops lol.

We shopped and then went to lunch, where I promptly had two margaritas before we shot this look…oops It was a blast, and I have just loved this fabric all week. I am sure you will be seeing more of this on the blog.

One year ago today I started Curls and Contours. I can not believe how much I have grown in one year, as a person and as a blogger. My confidence in myself has never been better, I have found that letting go of constantly trying to improve myself according to what other people thinkĀ has allowed me the freedom to just like me for me. This year has not been the easiest, I struggled and had to face some personal demons that I didn’t know ran so deep within me. I stood up for myself, and I worked to overcome some long standing personal pain from years of self hatred fueled by unachievable goals and a childhood dominated by dieting and viewing myself as not good enough. I can’t say that I am over it yet, I can’t say that I will ever be truly over it. But I wouldn’t have gotten through all of that without my blog, and the community of people that I have found through blogging.

I got right with the fact that I got a degree, and then changed my mind after all was said and done. I have reached for happiness this past year, and while I think I will always be reaching I can say that I am a hell of a lot closer than I was when I started this blog. I am not perfect, and I never will be. My husband and I are working as a couple to envision a future where we have everything we want. I am working to free myself of the pressures that I feel in life, from the outside and from within. My blog has helped me to do just that.

Thank you so much for following along, or if you are here for the first time welcome. This is a blog for the curvy girl that wants it all. Thats me and its you too!