HIII! My name is Anne Adams and I am the creator and writer here at Curls and Contours. I started C&C with a mission to inspire and share my life with other women. I am just an everyday girl that loves fashion, beauty, and horses. I also happen to be right on the edge between “Regular sizes” and “Plus sizes“. I know there are many women out there in the world that are just like me, and I hope that they find Curls and Contours as a source of inspiration, and fun in their lives.

Lou and Grey, Curls and Contours

Why would I start a fashion blog? I started Curls and Contours with the purpose of reaching out to other fashion conscious women like me. I have always had a flair for fashion and accessorizing and I had hoped that my blog would help inspire others and become a tool for me to find other like-minded women.

My style- My personal style is born out of comfort and functionality. I believe that with the right basics you can create any look you want, and basics are what I wear. When you build your closet with a good foundation, you will always be confident and on trend. On any day of the week you are likely to see me in some sassy sneakers, leggings and a basic tunic top. I will always have a fabulous watch on, and I am a girl that believes in the power of makeup. Pretty much the only time I don’t have some makeup on is in the barn or on my elliptical (full disclosure my skin is terrible, adult acne is real and it blows big time).

My body- Boy what a long and broken road my body and I have had. Starting back in elementary school, I grew into my 5 foot 6 body by the time I was in 4th grade. I wore a size 10 shoe, I had boobs, and I had acne. I was a 10 year old with the body of a 16 year old, and I struggled. I was taller then every other girl, I had my period and I was an outsider. As a child I didn’t understand why none of the other little girls liked me, and I didn’t know why all the little boys thought I was weird. By the time I was in 5th grade, I was headed for a life of obesity and thankfully my parents (after consulting a pediatrician) put me on a diet that would help me control my weight and learn about eating.

I was the little girl in the lunchroom with half a cantaloupe and some turkey rollups, and that wasn’t easy. I was the girl that always got into trouble for my clothing even though I was dressed the same as the other girls. I was the outsider. In middle school this same pattern continued, me being on a diet didn’t stop my body from being a size 14 and a size L/XL top. Being on a diet and hating myself didn’t get boys to dance with my at the middle school dance, and self hatred didn’t get girls to be my friend. The summer between 8th and 9th grade I went on a crash diet, I ate NO CARBS and I starved my body down to a size 10 pant and size M/L top. I showed up to High School hoping to be accepted, and really it didn’t matter. No one was looking, or really cared but me. Though I didn’t understand at the time, but my body isn’t supposed to be that small I am supposed to be a bigger person, fighting nature and using self hatred as a means to change myself wasn’t going to make me “Thin”. Fast forward, three years ago I learned about the Paleo diet and how it can help people balance their systems and find the weight that their bodies are naturally meant to be at. Still thinking that I was somehow supposed to be this elusive “thin” person I just KNEW that this diet would get me there. So I dove in headfirst and became 100% paleo. I shrunk once again down to a size 10 never able to get smaller than that. And then SLOWLY, ever so slowly the weight started to creep back on. This weight came back on even though I was eating a diet of fruits, vegetables, and meat. The weight came back over the course of 3 years. NOW 27 years old, I had an eye opening moment. I am meant to be this size. I am supposed to be this girl and I have been fighting her tooth and nail my entire life. You know what! I AM DONE fighting her; from now on I am loving her. Because she is all I got. If I don’t love her how can anyone else REALLY love her?

My Blog- Curls and Contours is my beautiful little piece of the Internet. I worked my ass off learning about web design and styling to create a beautiful little blog that is as functional as it is trendy (Hey just like me!). My writing style is pretty straight up, and I try to keep it short. I know people don’t like to read (Hahaha) I know that we want to look at pretty pictures and click links. So I try and keep my posts short and sweet and off the cuff.

Education- I have a degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. I graduated in the Winter of 2014, and after much thought and soul searching I decided not to pursue a job in the Public school system at this time. My education has given me leadership skills, and organizational tools that I am so grateful for. I will always have a passion for teaching.

Me- I have been happily married to my best friend for 5 years. We met while I was in high school and have been inseparable since. We own a home in a small town in Southern Michigan. As first time homeowners it has been quite an adventure learning about what comes with owning and caring for a home. We have two cats, one German shepherd, and one beautiful Tennessee walking horse. My husband is a big gardener (I try but I have a black thumb), and I love to read and bake. I spend my summers riding, and my winters knitting (and now blogging). Our little ranch house on the corner has been a fantastic first time home. We hope to buy property and build our dream home in the near future. Also, we don’t have any babies and we like it that way for now.

Opportunities- As a new blogger I am looking for brands that are seeking a real girl to help promote their products. FEEL FREE to email me if you like Curls and Contours and my particular brand of Curvy Fashion, I would love to learn more about your brand and collaborate.


  1. Dad
    November 30, 2015 @ 3:21 pm

    Love your website, made me cry!!!
    Love You


    • AnnieMAdams
      December 2, 2015 @ 10:02 pm

      Love you bunches, don’t cry. Its my journey.


  2. Marti Warren
    March 10, 2017 @ 3:13 am

    Thank you for your honesty.


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