Bargain Binge Shopping

Ok, so for some reason this week I decided that I NEEDED things in my life. I don’t know what came over me but I just had to have some more stuff surrounding me. Including the sewing form that I purchased for 40 bucks! In all honesty I really did NEED PJs for my upcoming travels. So ACTUALLY I really did need to hit up 3 different TJ Maxx and Marshalls in the last 2 days….haha I know I am pathetic, whatever haters.

So lets talk about my haul and my weird strategy (that didn’t work), and what I really did end up bringing home with me on my bargain binge shopping.


I knew going into the store that I really did need some REAL PJs and a packable robe (not random old tanks and 10 year old pj shorts) so my plan was to go in tunnel vision style and head straight towards the PJ section. This plan worked for a hot ten seconds and then I saw the bags, now this is where my shopping ADD kicks in and I remember that I actually have been thinking about a new bag, and I found my feet carrying me straight over to the purses, then the hats (because obviously), then the shoes….AND then I eventually made it over to the “Intimates” (I know, I know) section of the store. I was able to score a Pajama dress (that looks like Lily Pulitzer) and some cute pj pants and a top to co-ordinate. What I really did need was a legit robe that I can put on and have coffee in and chill with whoever I may be with over the next month. I then made a cruise by the tops and OF COURSE they had flannels out, and as you will learn if you follow C&C I freaking love flannels, like a lot. Seriously. AND they had these adorable striped tops that are a boxy cut that I died over. So fast forward, I am now leaving the store with 1 flannel, 2 striped tops (one for me one for my bestie because I am that kind of bitch), pajama bottoms, pajama top, Lily P. Pajama dress, and NO ROBE.


Striped Top | TJ Maxx, Monogram Necklace | Amazon


So of course I have to drive by my besties salon on my way home(to drop off her shirt), which is conveniently located next to one of the best TJ Maxx stores in the area. So I HAVE to stop at this other TJ Maxx, like I pulled in and parked before I knew what was happening. I was able to control myself and vacate that place before I bought some jewelry, and some decor for my blogging room. I had to tell myself to put it all down.

While at the salon, my bestie and I were chatting about how we would style the shirts that I had gotten, and we both agreed that a green utility vest was absolutely needed for the tops to be perfectly on trend. So that has now gone on my radar as something I must have…great right?


Ok, so I headed into my favorite TJ Maxx that carries couture, knowing that I was going in and I was coming out with a robe, no matter what. Well, then my shopping ADD kicked in and I decided that I HAD to see what was on clearance for bags…


The Little Dictionary of Fashion, Halston Bag | TJ Maxx, Similar Bag 1, Similar Bag 2, Similar Bag 3, I have blogged about that necklace before, right here!

This beautiful, amazing bag was IN THE CLEARANCE section. I. Died. And then I grabbed that bitch and tossed into my cart. THEN I made it over to the “Intimates” section and found the perfect robe.

THEN I FOUND A GREEN UTILITY VEST! I know, seriously I was in heaven. Like you have no idea. So now that I have officially started my Fall shopping, because I can’t control myself. I have decided that I will make everything I purchased do work on my travels this summer, because conveniently everywhere I am visiting is not hot. So yay! 

Lucky Brand Military Vest

Do you ever go bargain binge shopping?