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Lou and Grey, Curls and Contours

Lou and Grey, Curls and Contours

Lou and Grey Curls and Contours

Lou and Grey, Curls and Contours

Lou and Grey, Curls and ContoursLou and Grey, Curls and Contours

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A couple of months ago, the internet was ON FIRE over a comment that Oprah Magazine had made about crop tops. I never jumped on that band wagon because I didn’t own any crop tops. I agree with the idea that it doesn’t matter what size you are all styles should be accessible to all people, but I didn’t have a crop top to proudly display on my curvaceous body so I just kept my nose out of it. My husband always teases me about dressing like a grandma. But you know men, he would prefer it if I wore mini skirts and tight white t-shirts(sans bra) everyday. So I take his opinion on my clothing with a grain of salt(p.s he reads all my blog posts haha). So naturally in true Anne style, I would find a crop top that I love and it would be in the form of a chunky knit turtleneck sweater.

This post is about doing the opposite of what most women do these days, throw on some leggings and a long tunic style top and go so many women embrace the cover it all up trend a little to much(myself included). This post is about choosing an outfit that is going to show off your assets and dare I say it, show off that waistline. Cropped style tops come in wide variety of styles, this is a trend that is back again for this coming spring and summer. As this trend settles in, more lines and brands will offer cropped styles. This season is a great time to try it out!

For my cold weather girls, cropped turtlenecks are ON SALE!! So its not to late to order one and see what you think.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Forever 21