Curls and Carmel…

Pebble Beach and Carmel, have you ever been there? Located in the Monterey Bay area Pebble Beach hosts the Concourse D’ Elegance during the Rolex Reunion. We were not planning on attending this event but we did sneak out to Pebble Beach a few days prior.

One of the most beautiful beaches on earth, Carmel beach and the views from Pebble Beach are renowned across the globe. We sat and had a glass of crisp white wine at the main house before going for a walk around the area. NOW I am not a golfer. But this is a course I would hit some balls at. Unbelievably beautiful, and with cool temperatures this place seems like heaven on earth.

Pebble Beach and Curls and Contours

Curls and Contours, Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach, Curls and Contours 

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Pebble Beach Curls and Contours

Pebble Beach Curls and Contours


My mother, isn’t she beautiful? She’s also my best friend ever.