Curvy Girl at The Races.

Hi from the road! The last couple of days I have been touring around the Monterey Bay area. I was in town for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, and was able to tour around town and the track. Unbelievable cars, and scenery made for a fun and interesting weekend. Now, you may be thinking what is this curvy girl doing at the races? Well, I will tell you. My family is in the race car business, my parents travel around the world racing cars and every year they make the trip to Monterey and EVERY YEAR I wish I could go. BUT this year, I did get to go and it was a blast.

The central California coast is BEAUTIFUL and a very mild temperature. Its cool at night, and warm during the day. So what do you wear in this type of weather? Layers. At the track you are walking a lot, so practical shoes are a must. I went with my favorite New Balance sneaks, that I got on Amazon for a fantastic deal!

Staying true to my comfortable and practical sense of style I reached for a button up chambray shirt and some leggings. I prefer my hair down and loose as general rule, and of course my new sunglasses had to be out for the world to see. The track is a very casual atmosphere, so I fit right in with the crowd.

This year the Ford Shelby Mustang was honored, what a beautiful piece of machinery. It was a blast seeing all the different types of cars, some dating back to the pre-war era. I personally love the races themselves. The competition and the speed is very exciting! This track is particularly beautiful because it is tucked into the mountains.

Blondes really do have more fun! Look for more posts on my fantastic Monterey experience soon!

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