Fall Godess


Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contorus

Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contours

Dress from Curvaceous Boutique

Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contours

Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contours

Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contours

Dress(C/O) | Bag | Sandals | Sunnies

The above is EXACTLY what I am wearing. I have linked so affordable options in the post below, to get the same look at a better price point. 

A year of blogging has gone by for me, when I look back on my first fall as the creator of Curls and Contours, I can’t help but laugh at some of the work I put out there for the world to see. My sense of style(and confidence) has continued to develop over the past year, and as I move into my second fall as the creator of Curls and Contours I really can’t wait to see what happens. Its these moments as a style blogger that are really something special. THIS DRESS is so gorgeous, its perfect for date night, brunch, a casual wedding reception etc… It is amazing to me how one beautiful piece of clothing can help your confidence sky rocket. For me these types of pieces help me focus in on the best parts of me, and not just physically but mentally too. Its like I can see the girl that I am on the inside when I wear this dress. Is that crazy?

 With such a loud “Look at me” pattern, I knew that I needed to keep my accessories on the simple side. I went with a nude wedge, my new clutch :), and some tortoise sunglasses. I have talked about this style of dress before, a true wrap dress will cross over in front of you, and requires a belt to keep everything in place.This dress is a  wrap but I don’t need to do the wrapping, they stitched the front together so you can just pull the dress on (so easy) and then tie the belt where you would like.

A little fashion history

The original wrap dress was created by the iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg. In the 1970’s Diane von Furstenberg arrived in New York with a suitcase full of what would be known as one of the most iconic dress shapes of all time, the wrap dress. With a v-neckline and a soft jersey fabric this dress is universally flattering to women of all shapes and sizes. DVF was the creator, but luckily for the rest of the world, this dress has be created and re-created by designers for all types of bodies, and tastes. 

This particular dress came from Curvaceous Boutique, a fabulous store located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Curvaceous Boutique carries so many different wrap style dresses that I couldn’t count them all. The best part? They are made specifically for the plus size woman. No need to hide in black shift dresses ladies, a fun color pattern in a ultra flattering cut will always keep you comfortable and confident.

This post was sponsored by Curvaceous Boutique, thank you for working with Curls and Contours 🙂 

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