Instagram Round Up…


Instagram Roundup, Curls and Contours

Top | Skinnies | Shoes | Bag(Similar) | Luggage(Old) | Tech

Instagram Roundup, Curls and Contours

Top | Skinnies | Boots | Necklace | Tech

instagram Roundup, Curls and Contours

Top | Skinnies | Necklace

Instagram Roundup, Curls and Contours

Top | Jacket | Scarf | Leggings | Boots(Similar) | Watch

Just a quick roundup blog linking some of my recent Instagram outfit posts! I get questions all the time about what I am wearing, and where I find some of my pieces. I am so guilty of sharing selfies and my daily outfit details on my Instagram, more than my Facebook. With these types of posts, you can shop my looks all in one place. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in passing (I must have blacked out or something) to my husband that I would like to jogging with him sometime(he is one of those annoying people that loves running…I know, gross). Well now he has been reminding every freaking day that I said that, EVERY DAY. So my attempts at dodging him and my excuses for not doing couples workouts have finally run out. So…I need tips, are you a jogger? I am a total girl about sports and exercise, I am a power walking, hiking, horseback riding, dancing in my living room girl. Are there any tricks that I can try to help ease into this whole “Jogging” thing.

Just a heads up, I don’t want to lose my curvy shape or be smaller than my current size 14. I love myself, and I have come way to far in my self acceptance journey to even think about losing my curvy shape. In an effort to love my body, I need to move it more.