Lipsense Review

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It has been to long since I have posted a beauty review. Today I am so excited to share a product that is revolutionizing the beauty industry, have you heard of Lipsense? Its a long lasting lip stain/lipstick that has some serious staying power.  A friend of mine recently started selling Lipsense and sent me some products to review.

Before we get started with all of that, lets get to know this product a little better. Lipsense is…

Gluten Free


Wax Free

Smudge Proof

Kiss Proof


Not Tested on Animals

Lasts 4-18 hours

I received the starter kit from Amy, this retails for 55 dollars. In this kit you receive one color(of your choice) a gloss(to seal the color) and a remover(you need this believe me).

The first day I wore Lipsense I applied it at 11am, I followed the directions explicitly and found that the product stayed on my lips perfectly for 4 hours, in that time I had lunch, drank water and a diet coke. I read that the more you wear Lipsense the longer it will last on your lips, I know weird, its something about buildup from other lip products. I have found this to be true! I have worn my Lipsense 5 more times since and now it will stay for a solid 8-10 hours.

When I first applied the product it stung a little bit, this has also faded as I have worn the product more and more. I have found that YOU MUST HAVE A STEADY HAND WHEN APPLYING THIS STUFF. Don’t try and put it on while driving(ask me how I know lol), don’t put it on in a hurry. One miss swipe and you have a lipstick that WONT COME OFF on your skin and not your lips.

Luckily that is where the Oopsy remover comes in, you can “edit” your progress with the remover, cleaning up your lines around the lip( or your skin lol).

For my first experience with the product I went with a bold red called Fly Girl. I love having this color for nights out, and blog shoots. Its a little too bright red for everyday around the house or office. I would apply the product in the morning go shoot a look, and then forget I was wearing it lol. I found myself passing a mirror in the middle of the day, and being surprised that I had lipstick on, LOL.

I am looking forward to investing in some softer colors that will work for everyday.

This post was sponsored by Amy of Color Me Opulent