Karen Kane, Curls and Contours

Karen Kane, Curls and Contours

Karen Kane, Curls and Contours

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Well, here it is Michigan we are there. We are at that point in the year when Fall is more than just an idea on a 65 degree day, when we are happily wearing T-shirts and ankle baring skinny jeans. Us northerners have officially entered layering season, the “Do I need a sweater between my flannel and my jacket?” type of weather.

My favorite layering piece in the vest, so versatile and easy to wear with pretty much anything. There are so many different kinds of vests, at virtually any price point there is always something you can find. I was thinking for this post I would share my current favorites from totally light(virtually no added warmth) to heavy layering piece(could substitute as a jacket this winter).

Light, easy to throw on when its a warm fall day.

Medium, its kinda warm but has a bite to the breeze. 

Medium Heavy, its 55 and sunny out. 

Heavy, its less than 50 degrees and you need WARMTH! 

Something that in my opinion every person should have in there closet? A black down vest, you can wear this piece with virtually everything, and stay warm. Its easy to find a black vest in a range of prices and designers, from Burberry and Barbour(Fashion forward) to The North Face and Patagonia(Sporty Spice).