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I am over the moon excited to be traveling to NYC in a couple of weeks, my blogger bestie Liz and I will be heading to Full Figured Fashion Week in June. The planning and packing that has gone into this trip is astounding, have I gone a little overboard. Possibly. Am I the curvy girl that wants it all? HELL YES! I thought for this post it would be fun to share my strategy for creating a capsule wardrobe for 5 days in NYC.

I haven’t been to New York since I was a little girl, going back for a fashion event in my twenties with a fellow fashionista really changes my packing game. From my research, reading and knowledge of travel I have narrowed down what needs to get in my suitcase. What I have been creating is called a Capsule Wardrobe.

Lets talk about that term “Capsule Wardrobe” a term that was created in the 1970’s by a London boutique owner, a capsule wardrobe is a minimal wardrobe composed of 30-40 pieces that will suit your needs for a given amount of time.

What I have enjoyed about creating this “capsule wardrobe” is the theme that flows through each piece. Each piece that I selected for the trip has something in common.

Rules for Anne’s NYC Capsule Wardrobe

1. Summer fabrics. I will be in NYC in June, it will be mid 70’s-80’s everyday. We will be walking a lot and shopping a bunch, everything I bring needs to be light breezy fabric.

2. Color Scheme. The color I centered my capsule wardrobe around was black. There are a couple of reasons this color is essential for my NYC wardrobe. I already own lots of black pieces, and in NYC black is always in season! 

3. Comfort. I really can not function at my top level when I am feeling uncomfortable in what I am wearing, from my shoes to my undergarments. Everything has to be just right. I have gone a little bit crazy planning for this trip when it comes to comfort, I am just so concerned about getting there and being uncomfortable. I will make sure to link some of the unmentionables I purchased to go under dresses and skirts in an upcoming post. 

4. The last part rule for my capsule wardrobe, centers around outfit planning for specific events. While we are at FFFWeek Liz and I will be attending different parties and events. Some of them with specific criteria for what you wear. I have been working hard to find pieces that can be worn to the different events we are attending, but will also work when I am back home AND could mix and match with other pieces while we are there. Its been tricky to find such specific pieces. Oh and we can’t forget these event specific outfits must follow rules 1,2,and 3. I have ordered and then returned some items. 

I am linking some of the articles I have been reading to help me prepare for NYC dressing in this post, I am SOOOOO glad that blogs exist. I would be lost without some of these posts.

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There will be tons more to share in the coming weeks. Keep up with me on Instagram, and Facebook for in the moment posts!

There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own. 🙂