Society Plus Midi Skirt

Skirt by Society Plus

Skirt | Under Skirt | Jacket | Shoes | Bag 

Have you ever worn a full skirt? Let me tell you that the girls in the 1950’s really had something going, its FANTASTIC. A total princess effect that is an instant confidence booster.

I got this beautiful skirt from Society Plus, during their recent sale. And I knew immediately when I pulled it out of the box that I wanted to style it first with a petticoat underneath, which luckily I already had(thanks Halloween costume!).

I plan on styling this skirt a few different ways, its super versatile. I would love to pair it with a sweater untucked and some opaque tights, or with a white button down and some black heels for more of a workwear vibe. OR OR, I would love to style this with a black body suit, and some pearls for a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vibe.SO many options.

Never be afraid to buy classic pieces and then mix them up with trendy accessories, or in this case a trendy top. Remember  half the battle of being “Stylish” is being confident!

Have a happy Friday!

I affiliate with Society Plus, but purchased this skirt myself. 

American Thighs in Good American Jeans

C/O Jacket | Jeans | Boots | Bag | Earrings 

I have to be honest about something right now. It was FREEZING when we shot this look. Like I have sunglasses on because my eyes were tearing up from the cold. So unfortunately most of the photos have me scowling in them, because I couldn’t help it. LOL.

Ok, now that my cold disclaimer is out of the way. I want to cover a couple of thoughts in this post. First- A review of Khloe Kardashians Good American Jeans, and Second- a little blurb about the it color for Spring(ps its green).

Khloe Kardashians Good American Jeans, they were released this past Fall and feature a wide size range(size 00-24). You can find them at Nordstrom, probably other department stores lol). I got mine at Nordstrom, and they are PRICEY! I luckily had a gift card, and a Nordstrom Note that covered my pair. That being said, now that I have them in my possession, I would totally pay full price for another pair. But as most of you know, I am a little bit of a jean crazy girl.

Here is why, they are stretchy, but still feel like denim. They haven’t lost that denim feel, which many brands get away from when they start making the really stretchy jeans. They are SOOOOO high waisted, and they don’t fall down like other brands do. I am wearing the Good Legs Ripped Skinny Jeans, and these suckers STAY right where you put them. I ordered them in a size 16, and I probably could have gone with my usual 14, but I wanted to be sure they would fit(and I am also not a size snob, I look at the size chart and order accordingly).

I have read a bunch of reviews on this line, and some of my fellow curvy fashionistas felt that some of the rips were not flattering on different plus size bodies, that is partially the reason why I went with a “safer” ripped pair. For my next pair I can’t decide between a true black ripped up pair, and a blue washed ripped pair OR the “Good Waist” corset style that is supposed to cinch you in. I would love all three but can’t see spending 500 dollars on Jeans at the moment.

Ok, the second part of this post is a quick blurb on the color of Spring, Army Green. So girls, get your green jackets out from fall and find some spring colors to layer under them. Think pink, cream, baby blue. I received this jacket care of In The Style. Its a light fabric that works perfectly as a topper for your favorite casual look. It is belted, if you are into that type of thing. I like to wear it both ways.

Have a good Wednesday! Feel free to email me or comment with any questions!

P.S. If you don’t get my ACDC reference in the title of this post, then you need some good classic rock in your life immediately. 

Valentines with In The Style

Dress and Boots by In The Style

Jacket | Dress | Boots(option 1) (option 2) | Bag

What is it about pretty red dresses? I feel like Valentines day is the perfect excuse to break out that sexy dress you have had sitting in your online shopping cart. I always feel a little extra boost of confidence when I am rocking something in red. A power color that catches your eye and exudes confidence.

I paired this dress and coat together, to create a layered look that was comfy and sexy. This dress was a little short on me(when I say a little short, I mean really short. Make sure you order one or two sizes up in this style), and the jacket helped me feel covered.

I KNOWWWW I have been posting a lot with these OTK boots lately(and unfortunately they are sold out), I literally can not help it. I just love them so much. I will link a couple of options that are left in wide calf and regular, most sites have them on sale right now because SPRING is around the corner.

Do you have plans for Valentines day? My husband and I will probably end up going to one of our favorite new spots, OR we will stay in to watch Shameless and eat ice cream.

This post was sponsored by In the Style UK. All opinions are my own. 

Boohoo Baby


Top | Leggings | Boots(Similar) | Bag | Watch(similar) | Earrings(similar)

I recently had coffee with a new blogger friend, its crazy how small the world is. Its so great to meet new people, and to share some caffeine with someone that does the same work you do. Afterwords we set out to photograph each other, my hubby does most of my photography and it was refreshing to get a female perspective. Sometimes a little girl talk is just what the doctor ordered, it is so helpful to chat with a fellow creative. For inspiration, room to vent, and to toss around current issues facing the plus size community.

Something that I went out and did as soon as our little outing was over, was to buy a writing prompt book. Liz(her blog With Wonder and Whimsy) inspired me to work harder at my love of writing. I love reading, and writing, its something that I have always loved. As a way to work on my skills, I ordered a new journal(thanks for the idea Liz!) with daily writing prompts. I will link a few below if you are interested. 🙂

Soul Journal

Start Where You Are

The 52 Lists Project

I personally ordered the “Soul Journal” but will probably end up owning all three of the journals I listed.

I ordered this Boohoo “Jumper” a few weeks ago, I just love the lace detail. I styled it here with leggings and OTK boots because I freaking love OTK boots(HA). And I wore it this past weekend with jeans and a leather jacket for an evening out. I typically size up when ordering from a UK brand, I would rather have to have something be to big and or altered by a seamstress then have it be to tight. In this case the sweater was a perfect fit.

I am so looking forward to starting my soul journal tomorrow, and I plan on sharing some prompts in future posts.

Follow my fellow curvy blogger and new friend Liz at, photo credit is all hers for this post. 🙂

Little Black Dress

Dress | Shape-wearBoots(Similar with heel) (Similar without heel)| Bag | Sunglasses

Im my last post on Curls and Contours, I shared this look with a fabulous jacket. I wanted to share this look again for a couple of reasons. 1) I have a few more thoughts on this look. 2) Its just to good not to share again. 🙂

I am always up for trying new things in my wardrobe, this dress is a product of that. I NEVER wear tight stuff, I hate layering and I hate tight shit on my body(exception leggings obvi). So for me to get this dress was miles outside of my comfort zone, because there is literally no where for you to hide in something this tight. Admittedly I have worn this dress before, to a party(my friend had to convince me to leave the long cardigan home) and then for a blog feature where I was able to hide under a fabulous coat. And now for this little post. I am a big believer in getting out of your comfort zone, I think one of the best ways to experience growth is to get a little uncomfortable.

When I stepped out of my closet in this my husband was like “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” HA. This to me meant a couple of things. First of all, Spanx work (really well) and second I need to push myself more often. This isn’t a blog post where I am going to tell you the merits of wearing tight figure hugging dresses, you are either into that. Or you aren’t. This is a blog post telling you to get out of your own way, and get out of your comfort zone. Whether that is in fashion, or trying something new.


Winter Blues

Coat | Boots(Similar) | Dress | | Bag

Life has been moving so quickly lately. I can’t believe we are in the third week of January already, now is that time of year when the cold settles in, and we tend to fall into style ruts based around staying covered up as much as possible. The question always seems to be “How many layers is too many layers?” during this time of the year. I am guilty of this, my work week wardrobe consists of leggings and sweaters and boots. I mix in scarves and different jackets, but its pretty much the same uniform look. So on the weekends I am always trying to mix it up, date night out? I am pushing myself to get out of my Winter uniform. I want to be warm, and covered but I don’t want to be dressed in the same ole same ole.

Last week I shared the many positive attributes of a midi length dress, and this week I am staying with that trend. I paired this gorgeous blue waterfall coat with a fitted black midi dress(that can be pulled above the knee if you want) and over the knee boots. The dress is TIGHT, much more fitted than I usually wear, so to balance out the look I grabbed this Midnight blue draped parka from Yours Clothing. This look is soooooooooooo fabulous. As a blogger, I love all my clothes equally but this particular outfit combo stands out amongst the crowd.

What especially catches my eye with this look? The way the blue coat pops off the all black dress and boots. This color combo is right on trend for Winter, and can easily transition into Spring with some updated accessories. This coat was perfect from a 40+ degree day, and is so soft and fluid.

Not into the OTK look? There are lots of different ways to pair this color combo together. For a “Safer” version of this outfit pair this coat with a pair of black skinnies and a comfy black tee. I would even add some great sneakers, and maybe a beanie.

This post was sponsored by Yours Clothing, as always all opinions are my own.

Winter Midi


Dress | Tights | Earrings | Boots | Bag | Hat

Its been sooooo cold here in Michigan this past week. Its frigid out, I have been binge watching Game of Thrones and drinking hot cocoa like its going out of style. We are in that post Christmas “still have to deal with the cold” time of year. You can’t wear a maxi because of the snow and wet ground, and you don’t want a mini because of the COLD FRIGID ASS WEATHER!

Enter the midi dress, a trendy way to keep your hemline dry, and keep your thighs warm. 🙂 I like to style mine with fun booties and a flashy clutch. This midi from Yours Clothing is a great knit basic that works with tights and booties, I have styled it for a more casual day look but with the right accessories you could take this dress into a comfortable date night outfit.

Style Tip: Have you tried anything with a lattice neckline yet? Like so many curvy girls know the V-neck style is very flattering to bigger chested women. The added lattice is a unique and super trendy way incorporate the V-neck style into your wardrobe. 

This post is sponsored by Yours Clothing, all opinions are my own. 

Happy New Year!

Cardigan | Top | Boots(Similar) | Bag(Similar) | Necklace(Similar)

Its 2017! So many people during this time attempt to reinvent themselves in one way or another. I myself have been one to make New Years Resolutions in the past, ones that are attainable(stop biting my nails 2010) and unattainable(lose all the weight and become super thin 2004-2012). I figured out a few years ago, that New Years Resolutions are dumb. You shouldn’t wait until a new year to start towards a goal, if you have a goal in mind START  WORKING ON IT. You want to change your style? Change it. You want to start working out? Join the gym. You want to kick a nasty habit? Kick it.

A goal that I started working towards in November was to update my style. These past few months I have been moving towards a simpler aesthetic. Classic well made neutrals, in unique fabrics mixed in with beautiful statement pieces. I opted to pair this comfy cardigan with a black top and leggings with my favorite OTK boots. Simple, sexy and comfortable. I love this particular cardigan because it has black and brown in it. My entire life my mother has preached the “Matchy, Matchy is best” slogan. Now that I am the one giving the style advice, I just can’t deny the items that will match both black and brown pieces in my closet.

The other style goal I am going for? Understated, over the next few months I am going to be working towards more of a understated look. Luxe basics, chic bags, and the occasional ultra trendy item.

What are your style goals this year?

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This post was sponsored by Yours Clothing UK. All opinions are my own. 

Saturated in Sequins

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

Skirt | Jacket | Top | Boots | Bag

What a whirlwind holiday week. We traveled for the holiday, and had a wonderful time catching up with family and eating too much delicious food. If you follow my on Instagram, then you know I wasn’t very active on social media last week. It was nice to take a break, but ALSO my husband found a puppy in the woods where my family lives. A little, tiny, adorable baby puppy that was abandoned, naturally we decided to clean her up, and take her home to be adopted. AND naturally I completely fell in love with her, I was so busy taking care of this tiny little being that keeping up with everyone hit the back burner.

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

I am affiliated with Society Plus. I picked up this skirt during the 40% off sale, and its GORGEOUS. I have done sequin skirts before, in fact its somewhat of a holiday tradition of mine. What I specifically love about this one? This skirt is saturated in sequins, they are sewn thick on the fabric, and the quality shows.

Last year, I paired a muted sequin mini skirt with plaid and some rugged black booties. This year I went for  a full skirt with lots of dazzle. I wanted to offset how bright the skirt was with a rugged leather jacket(this one is actually coated denim) and some leather booties. I kept my accessories simple, because the skirt has so much going on.

Style Trick- Anytime you go ultra feminine, grab a masculine accessory to add some edge to the look. Think leather jacket, or a choker. 

I am affiliated with Society Plus, but I paid for this skirt(and the whole outfit LOL) myself. 🙂 

Holiday Kickoff With Tiel Dorein


Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Valentina Dress by Tiel Dorein 

Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Dress | Boots | Bag 

Its here! The time when its socially acceptable to start talking about the holidays! If you are like me, you have holiday gatherings planned from the last week of November all the way through the end of the year. From work events, to casual gatherings you need some cute outfits.

So excited to share Tiel Dorein, this fantastic line was designed and created by 25 year veteran of the fashion industry. It is her mission to provide more options for curvy women from the boardroom to a night out. One of my favorite aspects of blogging is working with brands that are truly for the curvy woman, each piece in this line is thoughtfully designed and created to empower the plus size woman(I mean it really can’t get better than that girls). Tiel Dorein is just that, a high quality boutique with pieces specifically created for the professional curvy woman. 🙂

Lets talk this dress. First of all, THE FABRIC IS AMAZING! Its a heavy jersey that has structure and stretch, instantly comfortable and professional. Defiantly something you can wear to the office with ease. But not being an office girl myself, I had a little style challenge on my hands. I wanted this dress for the holidays, for parties. I wanted to bring this dress out of the office and into a party setting, so I paired it with some OTK boots and a sassy clutch. I have a firm belief that every woman needs a red dress in her closet, this gorgeous piece is the perfect fit. This is one of those versatile dresses that you can put on in the morning to wear to work, and then do a quick accessory change and have this dress take you into the evening.

I am linking some boardroom accessories in this post, if you are loving this look for the office.

Office setting look

Dress | Heels | Bag 

My current holiday plans? I already have 3 parties on my calendar(how did that happen)! Ranging from glamorous nights, to casual gatherings with friends. I am on a mission to be well dressed for each and every one.

This post was sponsored by Tiel Dorein, thank you!