Power Dressing with Catherines

Dress | Shoes | Necklace

On the blog today, I am sharing a fabulous dress that was purchased from Catherines. Yes, you read that correctly girls. This dress is from Catherines!!!! One of my absolute favorite parts of being a fashion blogger is being able to highlight amazing pieces from brands that you may not have tried before. Catherines is a brand that I have heard awesome things about from my blogger bestie Liz(withwonderandwhimsy.com) but have never had the opportunity to try out. Liz and I collaborated on this post to feature two different looks that make us feel powerful.

We each selected looks that were the outward expression of what “Power dressing” means to us. And true to form we went in complete different directions. lol. I automatically searched out a bodycon silhouette, I love showing off my curves and being unapologetically plus size. This idea is something I have built my life around, I gather power from the concept of owning my curves, and I naturally dress to highlight my curvy body. This is the Splice dress from Catherines, its part of their “Curvy Collection” and is meant to celebrate body confidence, each piece of this collection is form fitting and has that sexy edge that I am always looking for. The unique way that the fabric banded across the body, gave this dress a structured feel that kept all my curves in place. Like under most of my bodycon dresses, I am wearing Spanx. But with this fabric, and the cut of the dress I could have probably gotten away without them. Old habits die hard, lol.

I feel so honored to be able to collaborate with Liz, on a post about power dressing. Its so important to have a friend that you can feel inspired by. And as a plus size woman, ITS SO IMPORTANT to have another plus size friend a person that understands your journey. I feel so inspired by Liz’s ability to follow her vision and continue to build her brand. She is a person that sets a goal and everything in her life resonates around that goal. When we meet for our weekly business meetings, or just to shoot a look I feel powerful, because I have an ally with me. I think I could be dressed in a grain sack, but because I have my ally, I would feel powerful. Thats what friends are for.

Liz styled the Curvy Collection Tulip Skirt and Studio Jacket with a soft striped blouse and pink pumps. I LOVED seeing her style this jacket again, the details on the back of this piece really play up her curves. She went with a classic pump in her favorite color, taking this workwear look to the next level. Read more about how Liz styled her look on her blog With Wonder and Whimsy. 


Louis Vuitton Favorite MM

A review of the coveted Louis Vuitton Favorite MM in Monogram Canvas. This bag is currently one of the most sought after pieces from Louis Vuitton.

A review of the coveted Louis Vuitton Favorite MM in Monogram Canvas. This bag is currently one of the most sought after pieces from Louis Vuitton.

A review of the coveted Louis Vuitton Favorite MM in Monogram Canvas. This bag is currently one of the most sought after pieces from Louis Vuitton.

A review of the coveted Louis Vuitton Favorite MM in Monogram Canvas. This bag is currently one of the most sought after pieces from Louis Vuitton.

Bag | Skirt | Shoes

 Finally I have time to sit down and formerly introduce you to my latest handbag. The Louis Vuitton Favorite MM in Monogram Canvas with the adjustable monogram strap. After months of research and reading I ordered the Favorite MM as my new cross body option, I have been trying to find a crossbody that would meet my needs for about 6 months. I have tried Gucci, Michael Kors, and Coach. I just knew that I really wanted another Louis Vuitton bag, its iconic, holds value, and come with incredible customer service.

Let me start from the beginning… In April my mom and I made the trip out to LV to get my birthday present, we had our now annual day at the mall together, shopping and eating(and drinking lol). I ended up getting the Zippy Wallet in Rose Ballerine. ITS GORGEOUS and so useful(thank you to my hubby and my parents!). While we were there, I asked about the Favorite MM. It was completely out of stock in there store in the MM size and not available. Bummer I was not going to be able to get the bag that day. So we happily skipped out the door with my new wallet. I knew with a trip coming up, that I needed a crossbody option that I could carry on my trip and for years to come

So….I watched one million more youtube reviews.

I decided that I did in fact need to track down a Favorite MM, so I started calling. AND calling, AND being transferred. I ended up tracking down a Favorite MM in Monogram at the Nordstrom Flagship store in Seattle. One of the TWO Nordstrom LV boutiques in the nation happened to have received the bag hours before I called. So she was shipped to my door!

The Favorite MM measures 11 x 7 inches. Its not tiny, but definitely doesn’t hold a ton. I feel that if I wanted to carry a ton of stuff I would just use my Neverfull GM.

What fits in my Favorite MM

A review of the coveted Louis Vuitton Favorite MM in Monogram Canvas. This bag is currently one of the most sought after pieces from Louis Vuitton.

Key Pouch | Zippy Wallet | Iphone 7 plus | Lip Balm | Headphones

Lets talk strap options. With this particular bag a vachetta strap is included as a crossbody option, I chose to purchase a monogram strap for a more casual look and I also purchased a gold chain from Amazon to have as a dressier option. The LV strap trifecta!

There are a ton of rumors circulating about all of the LV Crossbody bags right now. I have heard everything from LV is retiring their entire current crossbody line and bringing out all new bags this fall TO everything is staying(except the Eva) put but particular bags are selling out fast due to popularity.

I for one am so pleased with this little bag, I can carry the essentials and enjoy having both hands free. I know I will be carrying this for years to come. 🙂

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Packing With Style



Skirt | Shoes | Sunglasses

I am over the moon excited to be traveling to NYC in a couple of weeks, my blogger bestie Liz and I will be heading to Full Figured Fashion Week in June. The planning and packing that has gone into this trip is astounding, have I gone a little overboard. Possibly. Am I the curvy girl that wants it all? HELL YES! I thought for this post it would be fun to share my strategy for creating a capsule wardrobe for 5 days in NYC.

I haven’t been to New York since I was a little girl, going back for a fashion event in my twenties with a fellow fashionista really changes my packing game. From my research, reading and knowledge of travel I have narrowed down what needs to get in my suitcase. What I have been creating is called a Capsule Wardrobe.

Lets talk about that term “Capsule Wardrobe” a term that was created in the 1970’s by a London boutique owner, a capsule wardrobe is a minimal wardrobe composed of 30-40 pieces that will suit your needs for a given amount of time.

What I have enjoyed about creating this “capsule wardrobe” is the theme that flows through each piece. Each piece that I selected for the trip has something in common.

Rules for Anne’s NYC Capsule Wardrobe

1. Summer fabrics. I will be in NYC in June, it will be mid 70’s-80’s everyday. We will be walking a lot and shopping a bunch, everything I bring needs to be light breezy fabric.

2. Color Scheme. The color I centered my capsule wardrobe around was black. There are a couple of reasons this color is essential for my NYC wardrobe. I already own lots of black pieces, and in NYC black is always in season! 

3. Comfort. I really can not function at my top level when I am feeling uncomfortable in what I am wearing, from my shoes to my undergarments. Everything has to be just right. I have gone a little bit crazy planning for this trip when it comes to comfort, I am just so concerned about getting there and being uncomfortable. I will make sure to link some of the unmentionables I purchased to go under dresses and skirts in an upcoming post. 

4. The last part rule for my capsule wardrobe, centers around outfit planning for specific events. While we are at FFFWeek Liz and I will be attending different parties and events. Some of them with specific criteria for what you wear. I have been working hard to find pieces that can be worn to the different events we are attending, but will also work when I am back home AND could mix and match with other pieces while we are there. Its been tricky to find such specific pieces. Oh and we can’t forget these event specific outfits must follow rules 1,2,and 3. I have ordered and then returned some items. 

I am linking some of the articles I have been reading to help me prepare for NYC dressing in this post, I am SOOOOO glad that blogs exist. I would be lost without some of these posts.

How to Dress Like a New Yorker

Plus Size Shopping in NYC

My Guide to NYC

There will be tons more to share in the coming weeks. Keep up with me on Instagram, and Facebook for in the moment posts!

There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own. 🙂

Green Goddess with Kiyonna

Dress | Bag | Shoes 

A classic Maxi dress, every woman needs one a flattering fit, a easy color to coordinate with other pieces, and quality fabric that is going to last. For my second monthly review for Kiyonna, I wanted to feature a type of dress that is universally flattering to all shapes. The Maxi dress is a shape that became iconic in the 1960’s the maxi dress changes slightly from designer to designer, and today can be found in virtually every women’s clothing store. BUT. Not all maxi dresses are created equal, and for me I go with quality over quantity EVERY TIME(unless its diamonds, I always want lots of diamonds lol).

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Anne, you talk about Maxi dresses every damn summer, WE KNOW YOU LIKE THEM!” What I want to highlight about this specific maxi, is the pleating under the bust. This small detail set this Kiyonna Maxi into a whole different level for me, this detail adds interest while at the same time masking any tummy troubles. AND THAT is what I am learning about Kiyonna, the little details that are specifically for the plus size babe is what this brand specializes in. Some pleating on the tummy here, and some rushing on the sleeve there. Each little detail adds up to a piece of clothing that is tailored to the plus size woman.

When we photographed this look, I loved that my dress was as green as the trees and nature surrounding me. I felt like a green goddess, this color is one of my favorites right now. I reach for something green to wear almost everyday, lol. I have 3 olive green jackets, a green camo jacket and vest, an olive swing dress, some green espadrilles and now this Olive Maxi. 🙂 Green is my color, and luckily this season its everywhere.

I wanted to style this dress with some neutral accessories that were on trend, and would lend this classic look a subtle trendy feel. Some nude mules, and my favorite leopard clutch were easy choices. I plan on styling this dress with some flat sandals and a cross body for an easy daytime look.

This post was sponsored by Kiyonna and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Plus Size Fashion Showcase Wrap Up

HOT DAMN!!! The Plus Size Fashion Showcase FINALLY HAPPENED!! After months of planning and working towards this goal Liz(With Wonder and Whimsy) and I held our event this past Sunday. 10 fabulous brands were featured, we had food, drinks and a photo booth. The event was a smash hit!! We sold out all of our tickets, and couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out!

Guests arrived at the event and were greeted with swag bags stuffed full of branded merchandise, FabUPlus magazine, hair ties, journals, selfie sticks and a water bottle. They were able to pick up their drink tickets and be checked off the guest list. We made sure to have all of our bases covered, from the “Girls Run The World”  playlist to the decor, we wanted the ladies at the event to have a blast! We set up the room so that guests could be seated at a table or they could mix and mingle.

We planned the runway presentation for the middle of the event, so that the models could mix and mingle with the guests and chat about their different looks and answer any questions. Liz and I both felt strongly that this be a presentation more than a “Runway event’ where you see the looks one time and thats it. We wanted the guests and models to mingle and generate conversation based on plus size fashion.


Maurices, shop locally at the Maurices Brighton, Ann Arbor or Howell locations

Hips Resale | Catherines

Kiyonna | Liz Louise

SWAK | Curvaceous Boutique

Avenue | Society Plus

For the Plus Size Fashion Showcase, Liz and I divided up many of the tasks. For our first event we decided that I would walk in the show and she would MC. So naturally our post show recaps would show two different perspectives on the event. For more details on each look, and a description of each brand head on over to withwonderandwhimsy.com, Liz outlined each look and blogged what she talked about at the event!

Model Perspective

What I really want to talk about is modeling. What was it like walking in the show? How did I prepare? What are my thoughts as a real girl trying out a models job.

What was it like walking in the show?

It was a BLAST! I had been practicing, and attempting to channel Gigi and Kendal for a few days before the show. But I got out there and just tried to smile and stand tall and show off the different aspects of my look. I think the biggest part for me was not getting in a rush, my nerves had me wanting to walk as quickly as I could there and back. But I really tried to think about taking my time. True Story : the day before the show I had some Beyonce on as loud as it could go and I was STRUTTING my stuff around the house, trying to figure out exactly how to “model” lol.

How did I prepare? 

From a couple of years of blogging I have learned that half the battle of good photos is having your hair, skin and nails on point. The biggest thing I did to prep for “The Runway” was to remain vigilant on my nightly skin care routine, no nights off, no sleeping with my makeup on. The day of the event, I did a conditioning treatment on my hair, and doubled up on my lotions lol.

Additional Thoughts 

I would definitely walk the runway again, but I really would like some lessons. I think that it is so easy to watch fashion shows and think “Oh yeah” I can do that. But really you get out there and transferring what you think you can do to what is actually happening is REALLY HARD. Again, I am going to reference blogging. when you are in front of the camera, and behind the computer screen there is a safety net. You can really control the narrative, and the view your reader will have. In live action situations(like runway shows), you have to prepare ahead of time as best you can and the rest is in the wind.

Liz and I are so thankful to everyone that supported this event! From the brands that believed in us to the beautiful ladies that attended. We could not have made this dream a reality without you.

Sleeveless Ribbed Dress

Dress | Shoes(similar) | Bag | Jacket | Earrings(similar)

Writing this post from my new sunroom, I took a little break from posting on the blog so that I could get closed on my homes and get moved AND THEN so that I could get to work on the Fashion Showcase! Which was a huge success, that post will go live Friday!

One of my best friends and cousin(hey Liz) always says I am the Kim of the family, like she tags me every week on Instagram in a Kim K, or Beyonce meme hahahaha, its a thing. And with this dress I can finally see exactly what she is talking about, the curve hugging design is phenomenal.

Girls. This dress, THIS DRESSSSSS let me just tell you this dress is sexy as hell. Made in a completely casual fabric(a ribbed knit), I paired it with some platform mules(naturally) and my trusty jean jacket(I linked a similar one, this one is like 4 years old) for a sexy yet casual summer look. My favorite part of this piece is two fold, one the ruching is so flattering, it adds texture and can help to mask problem areas and two the color is so versatile, easily paired with soft browns or can be edgier with black accessories. I would love to style this dress with a leather moto jacket and strappy heels for a night out, or with some chucks and a long cardigan for Saturday morning farmers market trips with my mom.

How would you style this bodycon?

This post was sponsored by Loralette, all opinions are my own. 

Plus Size Fashion Showcase


A few months ago, fellow blogger and friend Liz (With Wonder and Whimsy) and I attended a networking event together. While we were there we heard so many different statements about where plus size women shop, and where plus women COULD shop? This really stuck with us. As full figured bloggers we have a vast knowledge of different brands that cater to curvy women and sell plus size clothing, AND so many women DO NOT KNOW THEY EXIST! How could this be? How could there be so many curvy options yet the women in our area only shop at 3 places. This realization hatched a wonderful idea. We should bring all the fabulous plus size brands that we know and love to life, in the form of a fashion show. But not any fashion show, a girls night out, and and walking the runway? Real plus size women of all shapes and sizes! We want to be able to show that all curvy bodies are not the same, you can still rock what you are wearing no matter your size!

So we teamed up with 10 fabulous brands and set out to feature a look that would be the speak to the voice of each label and be on trend for Spring and Summer seasons. To be honest making the selections from each brand was TOUGH(how do you choose between so many awesome items), we wanted to stay true to the brand and feature pieces that we felt were signature to that company, but at the same time select items that spoke to our demographic and to our personal tastes as bloggers and stylists. Part of blogging is creating a finished look, so in addition to clothing we also wanted to style each look with jewelry, shoes and a bag!

Not to get gooey on you, but each item that is being featured in this event, was hand selected by Liz or I. We labored over this integral piece of the event, it was both the hardest and most rewarding part of the process. Then when we were able to get together to shoot promo we truly enjoyed interacting and playing with the clothing! I am so excited to share all of our hard work with you. 🙂

Tickets to Plus Size Fashion Showcase

Any fabulous night out HAS to come with GIFTS. I mean I love presents, so doesn’t everyone? We are so excited to offer our guests swag bags jam packed with stuff!! I don’t want to give it all away, but each bag will have brand specific coupons for our guests to use after the fashion show! In addition to other fabulous goodies!

Now lets talk decor, I had no idea when I met Liz that she was also a party planner, but when we found this out about each other it was PERFECT. I take great care in every party I plan, to the very last detail it is of great importance to me that each piece be perfect. I am so delighted to be able to incorporate items I already keep in my party decor inventory(yes I have that, its a thing) with vendors that Liz knows and loves. She turned me onto an Esty shop that is straight up darling!

Side note – Feel free to ask me about my grandmothers 80th Halloween Birthday party. It was INSANE, people thought I rented everything. Nope, its in the inventory :). I digress. lol

You may be thinking “Anne, I am from Southeast Michigan and I read your blog and I already know where to shop.” Yes! And I want to meet you! Liz and I are so excited to meet readers and supporters of our passions. Seriously meeting a reader or a follower of Curls and Contours is like Christmas morning, I always ask Keith if I am ever a little to excited when I meet someone that follows Curls and Contours. I am like “Hi how are you, tell me about your whole life and I love your outfit, and THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLLLOOOGGGGG!” lol Don’t let that scare you off, I promise I am super chill in person. Promise. 😉

If you are a blogger, or in the fashion industry we want you to attend so that you can network with others in the Fashion Industry, boutique owners will be there, retail industry babes will be there, the people that YOU NEED TO MEET will be chilling with us on May 7th! Its so empowering to be with other women that share the same passions as you do, and this Girls Night Out is the perfect place to make new friends and find new business contacts.

Come, have a drink or two 🙂 and some appetizers. Chat with your girlfriends and enjoy some fashion. We can’t wait to meet you!

Make sure to get your tickets EARLY! We have limited seating and tickets are selling FAST!

Get your tickets to the Plus Size Fashion Showcase here. 

PS. I know I am keeping the brands under wraps! You will just have to come to find out what labels we love!












Kiyonna Vixen Cocktail Dress

Dress from Kiyonna.com

Dress | Clutch | Shoes

So so excited to introduce a new brand to my readers! Kiyonna is a fantastic brand that was created for the sophisticated plus size woman. They offer everything from gowns to casual separates. Each piece has a distinct air of class and ease of style, and everything is made in the USA! I am so excited to be partnering with Kiyonna to share a piece from their collection monthly. You can learn more about Kiyonna’s story here. 

I selected this dress because I love a good style challenge, this is a silhouette that I have not worn a lot AND this is a color that I LOVE. On the website, this dress looks like a dusty rose color more brown than pink. But in person this dress is definitely pink, I would call it a mauve. Which is lovely on pale yellow haired people like myself. 🙂

I followed the size chart and ordered a 1x, I felt that this was a perfect fit. The fabric had some stretch which I loved and was breathable. My favorite part of this dress was the lace detail on the left hip, this was adjustable and added some extra drama to a classic look. The sheath shape of this dress played up my curves, but the draping hid some lumps and bumps.

I chose to style this dress for a classic cocktail party look. Strappy heels, a clutch and some gold jewelry. This dress could easily go to work, with some sensible pumps and simple jewelry. You could even throw on a cropped blazer if you wanted!

You know that I usually reach for edgier pieces, and I feel that this color and fit is a great option to add to my closet for summer. The lace up detail adds drama and the unusual color really lightens up my wardrobe of black and white pieces. 🙂

This post was sponsored by Kiyonna, contains affiliate links, and all opinions are my own. 

Loralette Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit | Bag | Shoes(Similar)

Raise your hand if you have ever thought ” I can never wear a jumpsuit” sister I was right there with you until this little beauty came into my life. I ordered it in a size up (which honestly I probably didn’t need to do) just so I could ensure a flowy fit for my first trip into Jumpsuit world. This is a piece that I will save for special occasions, perfect for a tropical vacation, a bridal or baby shower, a special date night out. I would not throw this on for running errands in town or hanging around the house.

Something I have always enjoyed about summer dressing is the simplicity of it, you can put on one piece of clothing and some sandals and be out the door. This is definitely part of the allure of a jumpsuit, romper, or dress, its simple and doesn’t require much thought.

Jumpsuit tips from self professed newbie. 

1. Wear sensible undergarments! I am not going to lie here, some adjusting goes into wearing a romper or jumpsuit, you DONT need additional underwear drama when you are trying to keep things in place. Some nice supportive panties and your go to strapless bra will be your best bet for jumpsuit success. 

2. Keep your accessories to a minimum, especially if your jumpsuit has a pattern of any kind. Let the clothing be the statement here, accessories and shoes should be played way down. 

3. Dont second guess yourself! Wear that jumpsuit with pride, you love it use it as a tool of empowerment!! 

Happy Monday Babes!

This post was sponsored by Loralette, all opinions are my own. 

Lace Top Two Ways

Find Liz’s look at withwonderandwhimsy.com



Jacket | Top | Jeans | Booties | Bag 

So a fun idea occurred to my blogger friend Liz and I a couple of weeks ago while we were shopping together. Lets get the same top in different colors and then style them!! So naturally we both go for our go to looks I picked the black top and Liz went with the Lavender. Liz reached for her favorite pink pumps and white skinnies, and I grabbed my peep toe booties and ripped up jeggings. The result? A perfectly unplanned balance of how to style a lace top with dark and light pieces.

We actually laughed when we met up to shoot this, like “OF COURSE you were going to pair your top with white skinnies and pink pumps!” Its perfect, its you! Liz gave this boho chic top a refined air by pairing it with pumps and white skinny jeans, top it off with a perfect bun and Liz has created a perfectly polished look that is ready for a date night out. I love how bright this look is, its a pop of spring color that will take her into summer. She could easily switch out the skinny jeans for a white a-line skirt for when the temps heat up.

I paired my black lace top with a pair of dark wash ripped jeggings and a army green spring jacket. I wanted to keep my footwear neutral and seasonally appropriate so I grabbed my favorite TOMS booties(which I actually purchased last year but they are still in stock!). In my true style I wanted to lend this romantic boho lace top some edge, instead of making this top the highlight of my look I pushed for it to add texture and interest to my outfit. This is a piece I will wear again and again, sometimes it will be all about adding some texture and then other times it will be the highlight of my entire look. I would wear this same jeans and top combo with some platform sandals and my hair pulled back to a concert or out for cocktails with my girlfriends.

Check out my fabulous friend Liz’s outfit and her With Wonder and Whimsy here.

Get tickets to our Plus Size Fashion Showcase here