Curvy Girl Birthday

Curls and Contours

TOMS (the shoes, the floor is Kate Spade)

Curls and Contours, Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer “Ophelia” Dress

Curls and Contours, Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer “Sarasota” Dress

Curls and Contours

Ann Taylor “Floral Lace Flare” Dress

Curls and Contours, Louis Vuitton

Top | BAG | Skinnies

So it happened, I turned ANOTHER year older last week. I usually have a big party, and my family and friends come over. We eat, drink and celebrate together. As I have inched past the age of 25 the whole birthday thing has really lost its luster(why is aging so hard), no surprise there right? So this year I just wanted to have a chill day, shopping with my mom at my favorite mall. I really wanted to window shop, eat yummy food, and drink girly drinks. From Louis Vuitton to Lilly Pulitzer on my birthday I wanted to just shop and relax.

I was given an incredible gift by my family, my first Louis Vuitton bag something that I have wanted since I was 15. I am so blessed and filed with gratitude for this incredible gift. Thank you especially to, my mom and step-dad, my dad and step-mom, my husband, and my grandmother. I love you all so much.

Honestly, we had the most fun in Lilly Pulitzer, there is something that is so fresh and fun about that store. Its bright, girly, and just brings that “ILOVEPINKANDIDONTCAREWHOKNOWSIT” girl out of me. I am wearing an XL in both dresses pictured, we had so much fun in THAT DRESSING ROOM. I mean get real, I need that print in my own dressing room. I linked my favorite pieces from the day, and the Ann Taylor dress is currently ON SALE!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.

Curls and Contours

We shopped the Somerset Collection in Troy Michigan. 

Instagram Round Up…


Instagram Roundup, Curls and Contours

Top | Skinnies | Shoes | Bag(Similar) | Luggage(Old) | Tech

Instagram Roundup, Curls and Contours

Top | Skinnies | Boots | Necklace | Tech

instagram Roundup, Curls and Contours

Top | Skinnies | Necklace

Instagram Roundup, Curls and Contours

Top | Jacket | Scarf | Leggings | Boots(Similar) | Watch

Just a quick roundup blog linking some of my recent Instagram outfit posts! I get questions all the time about what I am wearing, and where I find some of my pieces. I am so guilty of sharing selfies and my daily outfit details on my Instagram, more than my Facebook. With these types of posts, you can shop my looks all in one place. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in passing (I must have blacked out or something) to my husband that I would like to jogging with him sometime(he is one of those annoying people that loves running…I know, gross). Well now he has been reminding every freaking day that I said that, EVERY DAY. So my attempts at dodging him and my excuses for not doing couples workouts have finally run out. So…I need tips, are you a jogger? I am a total girl about sports and exercise, I am a power walking, hiking, horseback riding, dancing in my living room girl. Are there any tricks that I can try to help ease into this whole “Jogging” thing.

Just a heads up, I don’t want to lose my curvy shape or be smaller than my current size 14. I love myself, and I have come way to far in my self acceptance journey to even think about losing my curvy shape. In an effort to love my body, I need to move it more.

Flower Child Alert

ASOS Curve, Curls and Contours


ASOS Curve, Curls and Contours


ASOS Curve, Curls and Contours


ASOS Curve, Curls and Contours


ASOS Curve, Curls and Contours

Dress(Curve) | Dress (Not Curve) | Sunnies(Similar) | Boots | Earrings | Necklace 

God, its been awhile. I have been so busy with life lately I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. I ordered this Maxi dress from ASOS a month ago, and patiently waited for the weather to break so I could finally shoot this folk flower child dress. I have been searching for a long sleeve maxi dress for awhile and this particular one just spoke to me. I love the whimsical nature of it, and the fun pattern. When ordering for UK based brands I always order one size up, and for this dress I regretted it, I still made it work on Easter with a belt, but for the shoot I wanted to wear it free and loose.

When we shot this look, it was raining, and muddy, and the cows were intrigued but somewhat pissed to have me traipsing around in their pasture. The baby ones wouldn’t let me cuddle them, and the horse was a little to friendly(lol). But I wanted to shoot this beautiful flowing dress in place you don’t usually wear beautiful flowing dresses. I wanted to get this white dress dirty, if it hadn’t been 30 degrees I would have been barefoot, toes in the mud and dress dragging the ground. This dress inspired me to want to connect with the earth, in a way that a flower child would.

My blog will be one year old in July, and I as I have settled into my job as someone that seeks to inspire others I have found myself trying to look like the other girls that have a broader following. This shoot was meant to shake me loose from that mindset. I don’t want to be like the other girls, I want to be me. The girl that is ok with muddy toes, and a dirty dress. I am challenging myself and all of you to do something that connects you with you. Its so easy to become a follower, do something that makes you “You”.

2016 is the year that I get the things that I want, I have this sense that I need to connect with me. I challenge you to connect with you.

Spring 2016 IT Bags!

Now that spring is upon us we can officially start shopping for the “It” spring bag. I wanted to compile a selection of my favorites from each trend, you can find these bag silhouettes across any price point and they will be popping up everywhere(from Target to Neimans). Bucket bags seem to be here for yet another season(yay!), and designers have officially started to include tech into their designs, the classic satchel is getting a new twist with brighter colors and fresh designs. I am so pleased to see that the saddle bag is back for another season, this particular trend is practical and classic.

Curls and Contours, Spring 2016


I have blogged before about the bucket bag, I started seeing this silhouette pop up across all brands this past fall. I am so happy to see the beautiful leather bucket bag make its spring debut, pick up a bucket bag in a bright color or pattern, and wear it with everything from skinnies and flats, to your favorite Easter dress.

Curls and Contours, Spring 2016

Sam Edelman ‘Sylvia’

The classic satchel bag gets a spring twist with nude tones and some new embroidery, when shopping for this silhouette, look for something that can be carried in hand, or on the elbow. A true satchel is not meant for the shoulder. This bag should be able to carry all your essentials and then some. I love how this particular bag lends a pop of color to your work wardrobe.

Curls and Contours, Spring 2016

Sole Society 

Saddle bags have become increasingly chic in the past couple of years, with the gaining popularity of the cross body, the saddle bag has undergone its own transformation. This bag silhouette is perfect for the girl on the go, and can be found at any price point. Whether you are finally investing in that Chloe bag, or just need something that can carry your essentials at that festival you have tickets to.

Curls and Contours, Spring 2016

Rebecca Minkoff

Finally the fashion world  has fully embraced technology, possibly the most exciting spring bag trend is the tech bag. These fun micro bags are built for the purpose of holding your iPhone 6 (or 6 plus) and the best can function as both a wristlet and cross body. Stash your phone, credit card, and lipstick and you are good to go. You should be able to find this type of bag at any price point but the truly outstanding pieces can be found on the designer level. 

For more info on this springs best bag trends, check out Harpers Bizarre 

Blend of a Trend

Loft, Curls and Contours

Loft, Curls and Contours

Loft, Curls and Contours

Loft, Curls and Contours

Loft, Curls and Contours

Wedges | Skinnies | Top | Necklace 1 | Necklace 2 | Sunnies

Don’t mind the bare toes, they haven’t seen the sky in awhile. I have been tracking the “off the shoulder” style for awhile but had yet to find a top that I would really enjoy and get excited about. Of course a cream top would catch my fancy(you know my thing about cream tops). I love that I found something that fits this trend but also stays true to my style. That is the perfect blend of a trend, when you can seamlessly mix a piece into your existing wardrobe. I already had the skinny jeans and wedges, I was able to grab this top and create a look with pieces I already had in my closet. I would get such a kick out of wearing this top with my flares, and some mule heels. But its easier to keep this style current by pairing it with some jeggings and a faux suede wedge.

Some of my favorite off the shoulder tops:

Michael Kors Off the Shoulder Gauze Top

Lucca Couture Off the Shoulder Blouse

Eloquii Studio Eyelet Off the Shoulder Top

Target Off the Shoulder Top

Loft Off the Shoulder Blouse

Spring Transitions…

Pantone, Curls and Contours


Pantone, Curls and Contours


Pantone, Curls and Contours


Pantone, Curls and Contours

Earrings | Sunnies | Scarf | Cardigan | Chambray | Jeans 

As I sit here and write this post, there is currently 6 inches of snow on the ground. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of spring weather. As we move into warmer climate its time to shed the heavier layers and darker colors for lighter layers and some bright colors!

This spring the colors to wear are Rose Quartz, and SerenityPantone, Curls and Contours

I find the easiest way to mix in color trends is to accessorize with them. I can still use my foundation pieces to create classic looks and add in a twist of trend with some affordable accessories. I am linking some accessories that work with these trendy colors, but look for them when shopping at your regular places. These colors and slight variations of them should be popping everywhere! Dressing for transitional weather can be tough. I find myself walking out the door in a sweater, and by the afternoon I am wishing for a tank top. Every freaking time I do this, I am mad at myself so its my aim this spring to stick to the light layers routine. I plan on mixing in Rose Quartz and Serenity through scarves, and jewelry.

Spring Trend Accessories

BCBGenteration Scarf

Stardust Chandelier Earrings

Serenity Scarf

Kendra Scott Rose Quartz

Serenity Phone Case


The Big Boot Blog Post!

As we close in on the last week on February I finally have a little break in my blogging schedule to do the boot post I have been thinking about for awhile. Its well known across my family and friends that I have a thing for boots. From booties to cowboy boots, I just have this thing for quality boots. It wasn’t always that way, and believe me when I tell you I did not just go out and drop 1,000 bucks on boots in two weeks. This fall/winter/spring I did a systematic boot turnover. As my less than top quality boots wore out I replaced them with quality boots that I had done a lot of research on and knew would last for years.

Everyone has different needs when it come to a good boot based on where they live and what they do. Here are mine. 🙂

  1. Boots must be leather(REAL LEATHER)- unless they are rubber rain boots
  2. Boots must be waterproof, or have the ability to be treated. 
  3. Riding/Tall boots must be wide calf(18 inch calves over here!)
  4. When you invest in good boots you don’t need to buy a new pair every season. Quality boots last years!

Here are my favorites, ones that have the lasting power to stay with me for years to come!

Here are my basic boot must haves- Black riding boot, brown riding boot, black wedge bootie, brown wedge bootie, healed bootie. If you follow Curls and Contours then you know I am a BIG foundation wardrobe fan, I have each of these, so I am always ready for whatever occasion!

So lets get started with some of my favorites! All of which I currently own and wear.

Ariat H2O, Curls and Contours

Ariat Stanton H2O 

In this photo this boot is 3 years old! I know it looks amazing, I will tell you that with horses I have worn Ariat’s for years. This is my first “Fashion” boot from Ariat, and it does not disappoint. This boot meets all my needs (listed above) and it always looks great. I love Ariat’s for riding, and they are great as a casual boot. These fit my wide calves and are comfortable to wear ALL day. I wear my brown boots the most in the fall, but with these being waterproof I can break them out all winter long.

Hunter boots, Curls and Contours

Short Fringe Hunter Boot

 These are my first pair of Hunter boots. because my calves are so wide I can’t wear the regular Hunter boots, or the “Wide calf” Huntress boots. The short boots work great, I just wish that they didn’t turn white so quickly. You buy them, and they are that glossy beautiful boot you have read so much about. And within 3 weeks they have that white film covering them. I scoured Pinterest for ways to turn them black again, I tried the olive oil trick and never boxing them trick. But they are still that frosty white color. I find myself passing them up when it rains for a waterproof leather pair because these ones need constant up keep.

Sorel, Curls and Contours

Sorel Out N About Boot

These boots were SO FREAKING HARD TO FIND, the duck boot trend is here in a big big way!! You have to size up in order to have them fit. I ordered these after scouring the internet for a pair of Bean boots, when I found that they were backordered until April, I knew the next best quality boot was going to come from Sorel(I own 4 pairs of Sorel boots lol). I love wearing them with skinnies, and leggings. They are a perfect casual boot that with the right sock can be SO warm and cozy. These booties are only 100 bucks, and worth every penny.

Sorel, Curls and Contours

Sorel Joan of Arctic Mid Wedge

Ahhh the boot that started it all. I fell in love with these boots two years ago and just had to have them! If you are a boot lover like me, then you already know how amazing these Sorels are. The wedge in these boots makes them supremely comfortable and sexy. They are waterproof and have great traction for snowy or slippery days. I literally wear them 5 days a week! I purchased another pair this year because I was wearing these so much. If you don’t own a pair, get them immediately! You will not regret it for a second I promise. These boots have been so coveted by the women that own them, that Sorel has expanded the line. They have a brand new beautiful spring collection coming out that features this wedge style boot. OBSESSED!!!

Vince Camuto, Curls and Contours

Vince Camuto Grenadine 

These babes are the newest edition to my boot family. I wanted a heeled bootie that I could wear with nicer stuff, that didn’t have such a rugged feel. These Vince Camuto boots fit the bill to a T. I had to size up a whole size, and I stretched them, I did the ziplock bag of water in the boot in the freezer trick, I found it on Pinterest of course. So it hasn’t been the easiest time getting these boots where I can really enjoy wearing them. But DAMN, they are fantastic looking, understated and so perfectly chic. The wooded heel gives them a nice contrast, and makes them perfect to wear into the spring. The best part? Currently they are less than 100 bucks!

Sorel, Curls and Contours

Sorel Joan of Arctic Mid Wedge

This winter, I added the tan Sorel Joan of Arctic boot to my going collection. I love a beautiful tan boot, and as you may already know I have this thing for cream tops and sweaters. The tan boot co-ordinates perfectly with any lighter colored top that you can think up. I wear this boot nonstop and its always stunning. Added bonus I shopped for these and got this pair for 50 dollars cheaper!

Frye, Curls and Contours

Frye Veronica Slouch Extended Calf

The elusive Frye boot, known for its supreme craftsmanship and quality this brand has created a loyal following that swears by its comfort and quality. I did my fair share of research on this boot prior to purchasing and I learned a few things about how to properly size this boot, and the breaking in process. I ordered my regular size in the “extended calf” according to Frye, the extended calf boot is 16.5 inches in circumference. What they don’t tell you is that the calf circumference increases with the size of the boot. I wear a size 10 the Veronica Slouch fits my 18 inch calves with ease. In the picture I used for this post, my boots had not been treated with water resistant wax. After I made them water resistant they dulled a bit (bummer). The Frye breaking in process is not an easy one, it took me roughly 10 hours to get my Frye boots comfortable, I started with just wearing tights, then thin socks, now I can wear a regular sock. The quality of these boots is astounding, they are beautiful and I do love owning them. As for wearing? They aren’t waterproof, so winter wear has been minimal. This fall I hope to break them out of the box weekly. Until them I can sit pretty in my truly waterproof boots.

Other boots in my collection

Sorel Cate The Great

Tony Lama

Dublin Pinnacle Boots

PinkBlush Giveaway!


Cardigan | Top | Skinnies | Boots | Necklace | Necklace | Lipstick | Hat | Sunnies

Currently still in a food coma from the amazing Valentines Day dinner I shared with my main man. Everything was soo good, but the pumpkin cake was freaking amazing. We spent the day relaxing and watching movies together, then headed to our favorite restaurant for dinner in the town we lived in when we first got married(swoon). The only way the day could have been better is if that town was located on a beach in the Caribbean, but you can’t have it all so whatev.

I put together this little go anywhere outfit, its perfect for when my girlfriends call and want to grab dinner, or mimosas with my  mom on Saturday morning at our favorite brunch spot. When I received this cute cardigan from PinkBlush I knew just how to wear it, I pulled out some of my trusty foundation pieces and an outfit fell right into my lap. With my basics I have everything I need in my closet to make this cardigan work for me in a million different ways! High five to all the girls out there that like to wear things over and over again! I plan to wear this with some white skinnies and a black tank this summer, and with some leggings and boots right now, probably tomorrow.

And GUESS WHAT ELSE! PinkBlush Boutique and I have teamed up and decided that my followers need some shopping therapy! I am giving away a 50 dollar PinkBlush gift card to one lucky follower! If you haven’t already heard, this fabulous online boutique offers all the latest trends for women of all shapes and sizes. Its easy to enter, and I would LOVE it if you would!

Here is what to do. 

  1. Subscribe to!(Upper right hand corner under the “Stay Informed heading”)
  2. Comment on this blog post, and let me know you subscribed! 
  3. A winner will be picked Sunday February 21st!




This post was sponsored by PinkBlush

Cropped Thoughts.

Lou and Grey, Curls and Contours

Lou and Grey, Curls and Contours

Lou and Grey Curls and Contours

Lou and Grey, Curls and Contours

Lou and Grey, Curls and ContoursLou and Grey, Curls and Contours

Sweater | Skinnies | Boots

A couple of months ago, the internet was ON FIRE over a comment that Oprah Magazine had made about crop tops. I never jumped on that band wagon because I didn’t own any crop tops. I agree with the idea that it doesn’t matter what size you are all styles should be accessible to all people, but I didn’t have a crop top to proudly display on my curvaceous body so I just kept my nose out of it. My husband always teases me about dressing like a grandma. But you know men, he would prefer it if I wore mini skirts and tight white t-shirts(sans bra) everyday. So I take his opinion on my clothing with a grain of salt(p.s he reads all my blog posts haha). So naturally in true Anne style, I would find a crop top that I love and it would be in the form of a chunky knit turtleneck sweater.

This post is about doing the opposite of what most women do these days, throw on some leggings and a long tunic style top and go so many women embrace the cover it all up trend a little to much(myself included). This post is about choosing an outfit that is going to show off your assets and dare I say it, show off that waistline. Cropped style tops come in wide variety of styles, this is a trend that is back again for this coming spring and summer. As this trend settles in, more lines and brands will offer cropped styles. This season is a great time to try it out!

For my cold weather girls, cropped turtlenecks are ON SALE!! So its not to late to order one and see what you think.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Forever 21





Distressed Denim with PinkBlush

PinkBlush, Curls and Contours

Trendy Boutiques Online

PinkBlush, Curls and Contours

Womens Online Boutique

PinkBlush, Curls and Contours


PinkBlush, Curls and Contours


PinkBlush, Curls and Contours

PinkBlush, Curls and Contours

PinkBlush Boutique

PinkBlush, Curls and Contours

Skinnies | Top | Scarf | Sneakers(Similar) 

Currently the snow is falling but all I can think about is Spring. I am sooooo ready for a real permanent thaw(not these bs fake spring days we have been having), spring trends are emerging, and it seems time to shed some layers. Who else is ready for tulips, bright colors, and sunshine? I want to ride my horse outside again, and show some ankle without fear of frost bite. One of the trends that I am still loving and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is distressed denim. For the curvy girl this trend seems to just be coming around, finding pieces at an affordable price can be somewhat hard to come by. When PinkBlush contacted me about a collaboration I was so pleased to see that they had some options for distressed denim in their inventory. When I am ordering from a boutique I always order one size up from my usual, 9 times out of 10 I am happy with this decision. For these particular skinnies, I think I would have been good with my usual size, but in my book having your clothes a little big is never a bad thing. Having these skinnies a little big, gave them great relaxed feel that I actually don’t have in my closet right now. They are definitely more of a straight fit on me(being that they are a little big), versus a skinnier fit through the ankle. I will wear these now with booties, and in the spring with flats, sandals, and sneakers.

PinkBlush offers so much more than just plus size stuff, they offer a variety of sizes and are known for their fashion forward maternity wear. They offer cute dresses for women of all shapes and sizes!

OH…I just remembered when I used to wear peep toe wedges all the time. When it was summer and beautiful. My sad little wedges, they will see the world again soon.

This post is sponsored by, thank you for working with Curls and Contours!