Shopping for Adventure Gear

This weekend Keith and I went to a family wedding just north of Cincinnati OH in a little town called Hamilton. We left Saturday morning and knew that we were going to take our time getting down to the wedding because we love a road trip. We live just north west of Ann Arbor MI, so the drive was going to be a solid 4 hours for us. The only stop that I had planned was one at the Cincinnati Premium Outlets (P.S. You should ALWAYS stop at an outlet when on a road trip). We were leaving the rest of our little adventures up to a whim.

Big shock that my husband wanted to stop at Cabelas (which is only a 45 minute drive from our home). I was down to go look around, so we went for it. It is widely known in our area that this store is a BIG draw for tourists. So it can be fun to go and see all the displays and aquariums that they have in the store, NOT to mention the clothes and shoes!


This is part of a GIANT display of animals at the center of the store. They call the display “Conservation Mountain.”

Coming up in just a few short months I will be traveling to the West Coast (LA, Monterray, San Francisco, Telluride) for sometime. This vacation is going to be a VERY physically active one, and I have been internet stalking quite a few items for sometime. LUCKILY for me Cabelas carried what I was looking for, and I was able to make some purchases towards my vacation wardrobe!

Lets talk hiking clothes for the girl in between. I have been searching high and low for the right hiking apparel for about a month, I have been really trying to get settled on my fashion uniform for this trip. What is a fashion uniform you ask? A fashion uniform is when you wear or pack similar clothing styles so that you have A. Lots of mix and match choices and B. One look that does vary but the same central style pieces stay consistent. For the girl in between, a fashion uniform is a GOOD thing. It means that you know what works for you and you have a sense of how to dress yourself comfortably and appropriately.

Ok back to my trip. I KNOW that I am going to be walking/hiking ALOT, so I have been looking for bottoms, a rain jacket, hiking boots, and a rugged bag. I have almost ordered all of these items multiple times, but I just couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. ENTER Cabelas a dropped in my lap opportunity to try these items, and buy some items to break the ice and get me going. I tried, a dress, cropped leggings, and two pairs of shorts to start. ALL of which I would have gladly taken home with me. BUT my need for bottoms was not that great so I only purchased one pair of shorts. Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.33.05 PM

I went with these The North Face shorts for a couple of reasons.

1. The quality and the warrantee on any of their products is fantastic.

2. They are a basic black short, which fits my fashion uniform for the trip.

3. People in Michigan are OBSESSED with anything North Face.

4. This company carries up to a size XL which is me so, they actually FIT!

As I was walking out of the hiking section I noticed some summer rain jackets. I grabbed the Columbia Switchback II jacket and walked out. Sometimes you just have to grab and go! I got the pink which is very fitting for me, and I grabbed the size XL, I threw it on in the parking lot and it was a perfect fit! Enough room for layers but not so baggy that I couldn’t wear it on its own.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.02.54 PM

When we stopped at the Outlets, I had a specific plan to shop for Fathers day gifts, what I didn’t plan on was the Columbia store. I was able to price check my rain jacket (I got a great deal!) and shop around for more active bottoms.  I had been thinking for awhile that I would like to try out an active skirt, and at Columbia they had a wide array to choose from. I ended up purchasing a black basic skort, that will work for everyday wear and light hiking (YAY me!).


Sorry about the fitting room selfie, I am really trying to get better at the whole selfie mirror thing. In this photo I am wearing a Lululemon tank(size 12), Chacos, and a Columbia Outerspaced Full Zip(size XL) and the fabulous Columbia skort.

I still have more to shop for, I am hoping to find some hiking shoes or boots, a hat, and a bag.

These are my current internet stalker choices.

Hiking Shoes- Adidas Womens AX 2 Hiking Shoes

Hat- Columbia Global Adventure Packable Hat 

Bag- Kavu Rope Bag 

Chat Soon!