Eve Organics Beauty

Ahhh! I am so excited to share Eve Organics Beauty with you! This fantastic beauty brand has so much to offer its insane! Lets just lead with some facts about Eve Organics Beauty, Michigan made product, vegan, all natural, cruelty free, and charitable(YES I JUST WROTE THAT!)

I don’t know what it is about red Lipstick that I just can’t stay away from. I love the way it finishes off your look, instantly sexy, bold and chic the right shade of red can take your whole look to the next level. Now that being said not all red lipsticks are created equal or go on the same way. Some dry out your lips, some feel like grease, some come right off. Vixen from Eve Organics Beauty does none of that. This lipstick STICKS and is a fantastic shade of red. I have worn it with a full face of makeup to finish my look, and with big sunglasses and minimal makeup when I am running late. My lips stay moisturized and Vixen has a staying power.

Oh bronzer, what is it about finding the perfect bronzer that can drive a girl mad? I am so fair, translucent skin in the winter fair. I don’t even tan well. So that means bronzer is HARD for me, like a real struggle. I have been working with two of the Bronzers from Eve Organics, the Contour, and the Beautiful. The Contour bronzer is used for what its named for, contouring. The Beautiful bronzer is for all over color, I also used it to blend the Contour bronzer(because I am so fair). On my lighter makeup days I used the Beautiful bronzer to contour, and blend. This mineral makeup is loose so you do not need much of the product. A little goes a long way, and what is great is that mineral makeup never goes bad so, this bronzer will last a long time depending on your use.

Have you tried Eve Organics Beauty yet?
Curls and Contours, Eve Organics Beauty

Curls and Contours, Eve Organics Beauty

Vixen Lipstick c/o | Eve Organics Beauty, Beautiful Bronzer c/o | Eve Organics Beauty, Contour Bronzer c/o | Eve Organics Beauty 

Curls and Contours, Eve Organics Beauty

Curls and Contours, Eve Organics Beauty

Curls and Contours, Eve Organics Beauty

This is a C/O post but all opinions are my own, thank you very much! lol

Bare Legs and Booties

Ann Taylor is known for making professional clothing for women. I picked up this pretty little dress and knew that it had the versatility to be much more than just a dress for the office. When I am shopping for clothing it MUST be versatile. I only buy something when I know that I can wear and re-wear a piece over and over again. Like I have wrote about before when you build a solid foundation of quality pieces you can really wear your wardrobe to its fullest extent. This dress is light, and can easily be worn in the summer with sandals, as Fall makes its way into our lives this dress can be worn with tights and boots. If you have a dress that has that light feel, have you considered pairing it with tights and boots for Fall?

These booties from Sorel, I mean THESE BOOTIES so good. They are AAAHHHMAZING! So comfy, chic and sexy these booties are waterproof and sport a fantastic sole that helps you grip in less than desirable weather. I have had these beauties for a year and wore them all last Fall and Winter, they held up fantastically. Sorel has expanded their selection of beautiful booties and you can now get them in more colors and styles.

I love the lace in this dress, so girly and fun. Then paired with the edgy leather booties, the whole look has great contrast. As a curvy girl, never be afraid to show your legs off!

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Dress (similar) | Ann Taylor, Belt | Target, Booties | Sorel, Sunnies (similar) | Vivienne Westwood, Necklace(similar) | Charming Charlie

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Curls and Contours, Sorel

HAHA, my husband is a part time Lumberjack, we had some fun with this photoshoot!


The Perfect Fall Outfit

This little outfit is SO ME its not even funny. Tunic, leggings, scarf, boots this combo is basically my Fall uniform. What I love about this outfit is that it is SO easy to throw on and go. You just need to make sure your leggings aren’t see through, and your tunic covers your front and back. Nobody wants to see your bits and pieces while you are grocery shopping, or picking up your kids from school. Truth is power, and that is the TRUTH about leggings and tops.

I picked up this top in two colors during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I love it. BUT it wrinkles easily. So if that doesn’t bother you then this top is a great basic option to add to your wardrobe(personally its not that big of a deal). If a couple wrinkles makes you crazy then I would keep shopping. Green is SO in for Fall, and this shade is a fun option, I am pro matchy matchy so pairing this pastel green with my scarf and sunnies was a no brainer. The hat was a last minute thought, and its cute, but I will probably wear this outfit without it. Seriously I LOVE matching. A lot.

When I put this look on, my friend and photographer instantly said we needed to head to my garden. These photos were so fun to shoot. Lots of laughs, and my husbands potato box was my prop. Hahaha.

Photo cred- ME Promotions
Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Hat(Similar) | Kellies Shop, Scarf | Pashmina, Sunnies(Similar) | Vivienne Westwood, Top | Nordstrom, Leggings | Lucy, Boots | Ariat, Watch | Michael Kors,

Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Statement Necklaces for days…

Have you ever looked at those women that wear those unbelievable statement necklaces and thought, I could never pul that off? I know I have. I always used to see those girls and think how glamorous they were, and I used to wonder if I could ever make something like that work with my own style.

Enter the perfect necklace that encompasses both the free spirit and the glamorous girl in me. The “Hailey” Necklace from Mirina Collections is both vintage and glam. I wore it out for the first time paired with a Vintage Southwestern Roper Jacket. I know they don’t sound like a good fit, BUT the Hailey took my look to the next level. I instantly went from 70’s cowgirl, to a chic bad ass with a fantastic vintage jacket.

Don’t ever be afraid to try something new, even as a fashion blogger I still have to push myself to try new things.

If you shop Mirina Collections, make sure to use the code “anne20” to receive 20% your purchase!
Curls and Contours, Statement Necklace

Yes thats a Vivienne Westwood water from my LA trip. HahahaCurls and Contours, Statement Necklace

Curls and Contours, Statement Necklace

Curls and Contours, Statement Necklace


This is a C/O post from Mirina Collections. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Glossybox September

Just a quick post today, checking in with my Glossybox subscription. Currently on the couch recovering from a fun filled Saturday night in Detroit at the Zac Brown Band concert.

WOW, has it really been 3 months since I posted about my first Glossybox? Well I have been happily receiving and enjoying my Glossybox subscription since finding out through a friend about this great service. I am so happy with my boxes. Glossybox subscription service is like a gift to myself every month, when the box arrives it is packaged so well that you really do feel like you are receiving a present. I am praticularly excited to try out The Revitalizer from Boissanse, and the Coffea body scrub!

What was in my box this month? Here’s the details!

  1. Coffea– 16.00 A coffee scrub that claims to clear up dry patches, stretch marks and poor circulation(cellulite).
  2. Julep Luxe Lip– 24.00 This lip gloss has a Zamac tip applicator that is cooling, This gloss soothes, hydrates and plumps lips. *Does not taste good.
  3. Boissanse The Revitalizer– 58.00 This emollient replenishes and hydrates the skin, This facial moisturizer can be used all over your body.
  4. Emité Artist Colour Powder Blush– 22.00 This blush utilizes mica an ancient mineral that is used for its light reflecting properties.
  5. Nails Inc Uptown Nail Polish– 14.00 Nails Inc has created a lacquer that is both glossy and long lasting. This polish claims to be highly pigmented. I am going to try it out, but I will say that Glossybox continues to send me pink polishes when in my beauty profile I specifically wrote that I liked darker polishes.


Curls and Contours, Glossybox

Curls and Contours, Glossybox

Curls and Contours, Glossybox

Curls and Contours, Glossybox

Curls and Contours, Glossybox

Ralph Lauren Eat Your Heart Out.

I have been waiting patiently for the weather to break so I can start wearing my favorite summer pieces into Fall. This dress was my first blog post! I wore it to a summer festival with bare legs and cowboy boots, now I plan on wearing it as a fall tunic with leggings and boots.

I picked up this hat on my travels to Telluride CO, and I am IN LOVE! This hat is from Conner Hats, a sustainable company that creates beautiful hats with organic cotton.

This is my first post in a series featuring Fall transition looks, September is a time of change, as the weather cools and the days grow shorter. Its not cool enough to break out your sweaters and ponchos but its not warm enough to run around in sandals and tank tops. So many of your favorite summer pieces can now work as transition pieces into fall. Grab a jean jacket, through on some leggings and be perfectly on trend while still shopping from your own closet!

Photo Cred- ME Promotions

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Hat | Conner Hats, Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Dress | Pink Coconut Boutique, Leggings | Lucy, Boots | Ariat, Necklace | Charming Charlie’s, Watch | Michael Kors, Necklace | Tiffany

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Oh You Beautiful Girl.

Lets talk about my beauty routine, specifically my go to makeup routine for everyday(almost). Two years ago I watched a beauty tutorial on highlighting and contouring, and I was HOOKED. I immediately ran out to the nearest Ulta and dropped a chunk of change on everything I was going to need to help my very round face appear sculpted and contoured. Let me tell you I was NOT GOOD at highlighting and contouring. It was so hard and I had a lot of trial and error looks before I got some different products, new brushes and I was able to make Fetch happen FINALLY! (P.S. That is a Mean Girls reference, look it up).

Products that have been a game changer for my beauty routine would be, a beauty blender, liquid eyeliner, and a good highlighting stick.The beauty industry is constantly evolving and getting better, so its ALWAYS a good idea to pop into a good beauty store and chat with an expert on what is new and popular. I am not married to any of the the products that I use (except my mascara) so when I run out of a product I OFTEN get something different.

The hardest part about highlighting and contouring is BLENDING, my go to spots to contour are right under my cheek bones, along my jawline and along my hairline. Contouring is to create a shadow, for a round face you want to create definition, and you want your face to fade into your hairline. Creating that shadow is different for every face, no two people will contour in the exact same areas using the same amount of product. I contour from the ear to under the apples of my cheeks. I apply my bronzer before I apply my blush, this helps with blending and it helps you to shape your blush.

My go to places for highlighting are along the top of my cheek bone, down the middle of my nose and my chin. Much more than that and you start to look really shiny(NOT CUTE). You want to draw light to the features you want to be seen, so when highlighting think “What do I want noticed on my face” this mentality keeps you from highlighting your entire face lol.

Curls and Contours, Beauty

Curls and Contours, Beauty

Lets break down what products I use and why. Starting from the top!

  1. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette– 54.00 eyeshadow that is AMAZING AND LASTS FOREVER!
  2. Mac Shroom Eyeshadow– 16.00 eyeshadow that is a perfect base and can work as a highlighter.
  3. Cargo Water Resistant Blush– 26.00 Blush that is great for building on, and perfect for summer activities
  4. Clinique Stay Matte Powder– 24.00 Powder that works great as a topper for foundation and concealer, or can stand on its own for a light makeup day. *If you have acne put concealer on first under this powder*
  5. The Balm Hot Mama Blush– 20.00 Great blush that also has highlighting qualities. Goes on fantastic and is subtle.
  6. Clinique Stay Matte Liquid Foundation– This foundation is perfect for oily skin, I use it as a base foundation and then build from there with concealer and then powder.
  7. They’re Real Mascara from Benefit– 24.00 This is HANDS DOWN the best mascara ever, believe me I am not married to any of my beauty products. BUT this one I just keep coming back to. AH-MAZING.
  8. Clinique Liquid Eyeliner(Similar)- 19.50 This is a great starter liquid eyeliner. Goes on smooth and stays ALL DAY! I am planning a switch to gel eyeliner but haven’t decided on a brand yet. Whats your favorite?
  9. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight– 21.00 This is a newer purchase for me and its THE BOMB! Easy to use, lasts forever, stays on…
  10. Maybelline Master Conceal- 7.50 I don’t usually go for drug store brand cosmetics but I read about this one and its really a great buy. Truth moment- I ran out of concealer (Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer) I was in a pinch for time and scooped this up. I am a use it till its gone kinda girl so as long as its working I am going to use it up.
  11. Cargo Bronzer– 29.00 So amazing, this bronzer lasts FOREVER, I am starting to run low and I am going to make the jump to Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, I love Cargo but I had the opportunity to try out Bronze Goddess and its unbelievable.
  12. Estee Lauder Automatic Lip Pencil Duo– 28.00 So beautiful, and perfect for touchups and creating a detailed lip. This liner is my new favorite!! (NOT PICTURED OOPS)

Curls and Contours, Beauty Highlight and Contour

NOW I ALREADY KNOW what you are thinking, that is a shit load of money to spend on makeup. My response, you only get one face. Its worth it to invest in yourself. But you already know that.

Curls and Contours Beauty


Curls and Contours, Beauty, Selfie

I hope you enjoyed the little peak into my beauty routine. My advice if you want to highlight and contour. Put your face on everyday, DO IT. It takes practice and you really need to get to know the products that you are working with. PLUS, you look FIERCE everyday.

Contact me with questions, I am happy to help!





ASOS is having a SALE ON SALE ON SALE! I shopped this morning and found some great picks that will work now and into cooler temperatures. I have featured my personal favorites but there are so many options and great items that are part of the sale.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out ASOS Curve now is the time to get some great clothing at a fantastic price.

Check out –

ASOS Curls and Contours

New Look Inspire Skinny Ripped Jeans

Curls and Contours ASOS Sale

ASOS Premium Jacket With Embroidery 

ASOS Sale Curls and Contours

Junarose 3/4 Sleeve Checked Top 

Curls and Contours ASOS Sale

Diya Plus High Neck Swing Dress with a Paisley Border Print 

Curls and Contours ASOS sale

ASOS Curve Exclusive Midi Dress in Winter Floral




My First Glossybox



My Glossybox came today, my Glossybox came today!! Yay! I have been so excited for it to finally come in the mail! This is my first experience with Glossybox, I have tried Ipsy and I have done quite a bit of reading on subscription monthly beauty boxes/packages/whatever. Here is my conclusion on why monthly beauty subscriptions are fun. Its like a little surprise gift to yourself EVERY month, and there are lots of different options and choices on what company you might want to work with. I tried Ipsy over the winter, and I really did like the “Surprise” gift to yourself idea. I was seriously so excited every month when that glittery purple package would come. AND then after a couple months, I started to be bummed about what was coming in my bag every month(I know #princessproblems right). So I decided to save my money and just STOP the madness for awhile.


THEN a couple of weeks ago I was at a friends birthday dinner and she received a gift INSIDE a Glossybox. Being the self proclaimed coveter of pretty things that I am, I immediately perked up. What is that beautiful box I thought (and I think blurted out because I am loud like that). The giver of the gift, then went on to tell me about Glossybox, and how you receive FULL size products and luxury brands for only 21 bucks a month (If your like Whhaaaat, I know I had the same reaction).

Full Disclosure- I was already sold when I saw that adorable pink box with the black bow. Hook, line, and sinker I was donezo. I HAD to have that shit in my life ASAP! Today was like a fun little party just for me! I knew the box was coming because I have been psychotically tracking it for 3 effing days. You will learn that I have a PROBLEM with expensive cosmetics…Whatever you only get ONE face, so treat it nicely.


Go to and check it out! I created a beauty profile, and I am very pleased with the products I received this month!

Here is a break down of what I received!

Nexxus New York Salon Care- Color Assure Restoring Conditioner *FULL SIZE

Orly Nail Lacquer- Pure Porcelain

Too Faced Cosmetics- Better Than Sex Mascara

Etre Belle Cosmetics- Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturizing Gel

Doucce Lush Lip Gloss- Color 718 *FULL SIZE