Power Dressing with Catherines

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On the blog today, I am sharing a fabulous dress that was purchased from Catherines. Yes, you read that correctly girls. This dress is from Catherines!!!! One of my absolute favorite parts of being a fashion blogger is being able to highlight amazing pieces from brands that you may not have tried before. Catherines is a brand that I have heard awesome things about from my blogger bestie Liz(withwonderandwhimsy.com) but have never had the opportunity to try out. Liz and I collaborated on this post to feature two different looks that make us feel powerful.

We each selected looks that were the outward expression of what “Power dressing” means to us. And true to form we went in complete different directions. lol. I automatically searched out a bodycon silhouette, I love showing off my curves and being unapologetically plus size. This idea is something I have built my life around, I gather power from the concept of owning my curves, and I naturally dress to highlight my curvy body. This is the Splice dress from Catherines, its part of their “Curvy Collection” and is meant to celebrate body confidence, each piece of this collection is form fitting and has that sexy edge that I am always looking for. The unique way that the fabric banded across the body, gave this dress a structured feel that kept all my curves in place. Like under most of my bodycon dresses, I am wearing Spanx. But with this fabric, and the cut of the dress I could have probably gotten away without them. Old habits die hard, lol.

I feel so honored to be able to collaborate with Liz, on a post about power dressing. Its so important to have a friend that you can feel inspired by. And as a plus size woman, ITS SO IMPORTANT to have another plus size friend a person that understands your journey. I feel so inspired by Liz’s ability to follow her vision and continue to build her brand. She is a person that sets a goal and everything in her life resonates around that goal. When we meet for our weekly business meetings, or just to shoot a look I feel powerful, because I have an ally with me. I think I could be dressed in a grain sack, but because I have my ally, I would feel powerful. Thats what friends are for.

Liz styled the Curvy Collection Tulip Skirt and Studio Jacket with a soft striped blouse and pink pumps. I LOVED seeing her style this jacket again, the details on the back of this piece really play up her curves. She went with a classic pump in her favorite color, taking this workwear look to the next level. Read more about how Liz styled her look on her blog With Wonder and Whimsy.