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Adrianna Papell, Curls and Contours

Adrianna Papell, Curls and Contours

Adrianna Papell, Curls and Contours

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Adrianna Papell, Curls and Contours

This morning as I sit here and prepare to share some of the most glam and beautiful photos I have ever done, I am struggling personally. Struggling the way most curvier women struggle. The dreaded thoughts that leak into your brain, that you just can’t stop and you know come from a bad place. The “I am the biggest girl in the room” thoughts. Part of why I created Curls and Contours was to work through some of these feelings. As I settle in to the body that I am meant to have and I work to overcome these self conscious thoughts, I have days when its a struggle. What woman wants to be the biggest girl in the room, and what woman wants to have those thoughts. Its fucking ridiculous, its ridiculous that I can have it all but still have these shitty little feelings that come leaking in to my brain. I shouldn’t feel this way, I am fabulous and beautiful, I eat healthy and move my body. I have nothing to prove , I have spent most of my life on a diet of some kind. I have been told that if I just try this or I just only eat that. Then all my skinny girl dreams will come true. WHAT IS THAT. Why can’t I just be happy and love myself, did you know that if you love yourself you will actually make better choices BECAUSE of that love. Sometimes, I forget this sometimes I let that mean hateful girl that hides in the darkest corner of my brain tell me things that just hurt. Eventually I regain my confidence, and regular programming returns. I can go back to my usual fabulous self.

Ok, off the pity party soap box.

THIS DRESS! I found this while cruising through the fall Nordstrom clear the rack sale. I fell in love, and had the wonderful people at Nordstrom Rack order me up one size. Because I am constantly buying clothing that is too big for me, the dress came in and was TOO BIG. So I had it tailored(by my amazing Aunt), and we made some changes. The length of the slip had to go, it was just to much, we took in the waist but left the bosom loose and flowy. I think I need a 1920’s themed party to attend, this little number would be perfect at a wedding or a cocktail party. Once again, the powers of a perfectly tailored dress just doesn’t disappoint.

Adrianna Papell, Curls and Contours

Adrianna Papell, Curls and Contours

Sparkly Assets.

What is it about sparkly things that just make women fall in love, I LOVE sparkly things, jewelry, accessories, tops you name it. I took a fashion risk with this skirt, I scoured Pinterest and obsessed over sequin skirts until I landed on one that I thought I could make work for me. If you follow me at all you know that I am a pretty strict dark bottoms girl, I don’t really ever reach for anything that is going to highlight my “Assets.” So I  landed on this little skirt, and big shocker its from Nordstrom(you know my favorite place). But when I got it, it was painfully long and matronly(if thats possible for a sequin skirt). So I had it hemmed by my wonderful Aunt and costume maker extraordinaire. She took off enough skirt to make me an infinity scarf. HA.

Now if you are thinking about putting this outfit together for yourself. Which I highly encourage, so cute. Here are a couple of tips. which I learned through trial and error, and discouraging looks from my husband.

  1. Make sure your skirt is a flattering length FOR YOU. Not everyone wants to rock a mini skirt, and when you are talking about having a sparkly ass, the length and fit HAS GOT TO BE RIGHT.
  2. Whatever flannel you choose, it has to be on the fitted side. I tried on two other flannels and both were out because they were too baggy. My shape was lost, and the whole look seemed unbalanced.
  3. Wear jewelry that you love and are comfortable with. You definitely need something, but it doesn’t need to be over the top. I like big jewelry so I went with a statement necklace AND statement earrings. If thats not your thing, no worries.

Its Christmas Eve, if you are preparing for a family get together over the next 3 days(I know I am) and you don’t have a sequin skirt. Don’t sweat it, try something that you might deem a fashion risk. Rock those skinny jeans you have in the back of the closet, grab that blouse that you think might be a little over the top.

Happy Holidays!

Sequin Skirt Options

Dantelle Sequin Skirt

Halogen Sequin Skirt

Sequin Midi Skirt

Sequin Skirt

Flannel and Sequins, Curls and Contours

Skirt | Nordstrom, Flannel(Plus Similar) | Eddie Bauer, Coat | Loft, Booties | Sorel, Necklace(Similar) | Old, Earrings | Old, Gloves(Similar) | Wilson Leather, Watch | Michael Kors, Sunnies | Brighton

Flannel and Sequins, Curls and Contours

Flannel and Sequins, Curls and Contours

Flannel and Sequins, Curls and Contours

Flannel and Sequins, Curls and ContoursFlannel and Sequins, Curls and Contours







Flannel and Sequins, Curls and Contours

Swinging Into The Holidays Pt. 1

What are you wearing to your next Holiday gathering? I hate buying a dress and only wearing it once and then never again. So I am always searching for dresses that I can wear over and over again, dresses that can easily be fixed up for a night out or dressed down with some riding boots and a cardigan.

This dress from Curves Avenue is perfect for the Holidays(or anytime really). You can dress it up with some booties and faux fur or throw on some riding boots and a cardigan for Holiday shopping or work.

Curves Avenue, Curls and Contours

Curves Avenue, Curls and Contours

Curves Avenue, Curls and Contours

Curves Avenue, Curls and Contours

Dress | Curves Avenue, Necklace | Mirina Collections, Vest(Similar) | Adara Boutique, Bag(Similar) | Halston, Gloves | Wilson Leather, Boots | Sorel, Sunnies | Vivienne Westwood 

Curves Avenue, Curls and Contours

Curves Avenue, Curls and Contours

This is a C/O post, but all opinions are my own.

Glam Cabin with Dentz Denim

YASSSSS! Its Christmas time, and I FINALLY have all my decorations up. With the help of my fabulous family I did a major overhaul on my Christmas decor. I wanted to change my Christmas decor theme from “Inherited from my Mother” to “Glam Cabin.” Now, this new theme includes, plaid, glitter, and fur. Basically my 3 favorite things, to wear and decorate with! Of course I pinned 1000 things on Pinterest and carefully curated a vision for my Christmas decor. But what really is the point of all the home decor if you aren’t going to have something fabulous to wear with it on Christmas morning?

What are you wearing on Christmas morning? Have you thought about it? Well, if you haven’t then think about a cute slouchy sweatshirt and some leggings. Every year, I wish and wish I had some cute and cozy little outfit to wear on Christmas morning, and every year I am a loser and I end up in some lame ass PJ’s that aren’t cute and don’t look festive AT ALL. Well this year, is going to be different because I have a slouchy Christmas sweatshirt from Dentz Denim. I am not going to be lame, I am going to be freaking adorable.

This cute little top would also be complete perfection with skinnies and some boots to go holiday shopping, or to pick that perfect Christmas tree. Do you have an ugly sweater party coming up? This slouchy sweatshirt would be perfect for that, maybe with some Ponte pants, and some booties. Just enough sass, and so comfortable. Rock it girl!

Some of my other favorites from Dentz Denim

  1. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal
  2. Happy Holla Days
  3. Wifey
  4. Merry Crustmas

Make sure you enter Dentz Denim Christmas Contest!! You could win sweaters for your whole family!!

Christmas Decorations, Curls and Contours

Plus Size Lounge Wear, Christmas Morning

Hat(Similar) | DSW, Sweatshirt | Dentz Denim, Leggings(Similar) | Old Navy, Boots | Uggs

Christmas Lights, Ugg Boots, Curls and Contours


Dentz Denim, Curls and Contours

Christmas Decor, Curls and Contours

Christmas Cat, Curls and Contours

This is a C/O post, all opinions are my own.

Sweaters and Skinnies Pt. 2

My new favorite outfit of all time. The softest sweater ever, plaid and some skinny jeans. Now I know what you might be thinking, um hello that outfit does NOT show off your curvaceous bod Anne. I agree, but its so soft and comfortable. This sweater is relaxed and falls easily over my flannel and curves. I wanted to balance this sweater with some skinny jeans that are very fitted. I wore this particular look with wedge booties, but it would also work great with some riding boots. When shopping for a sweater that you want to layer with, really consider how its going to lay over the top of the button up you have in mind. I like a looser look, so I sized up in the sweater.

I love BIG jewelry, so I picked a bold statement necklace to pair with the sweater and skinnies. But smaller subtle accessories would be just as chic.

How do you layer your sweaters in the Fall?

Sweater Options-

  1. Loft Relaxed V-Neck
  2. Loft Fauxmere Sweater
  3. BB Dakota “Karen” Long Sleeve
  4. Merona Womens Pullover Sweater
  5. Merona Pullover Sweater

Curls and Contours, Fall Sweaters

Curls and Contours, Fall Layering

Flannel | Ralph Lauren, Sweater | Loft, Skinnies | Loft, Boots | Sorel, Bag | Emma Fox, Necklace | OLD

Curls and Contours, Statement Necklace, Flannel

Curls and Contours, Statement Necklace, FlannelCurls and Contours, Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Curls and Contours, Fall Layers, Michael Kors



Sweaters and Skinnies

Its that time of year again. Where you find yourself getting ready to walk out the door in morning and you question if you need to grab that coat or not. I put off the inevitable “Coat” weather for the longest that I can bear it. I love to layer my look with sweaters, scarves and heavier fabrics through the fall. My down coat doesn’t see the light of day until December. I will dutifully wear my big down coat from December to March 1. Then all bets are off, I go back to layering and boycott “Coat” weather once again.

Sweaters and Skinnies, I know you have both in your closet. These two staple items for the Fall Fashionista can be whatever you want them to be, cozy, sexy, or relaxed. I like to pair my skinnies with everything from riding boots, to moccasins. But when I want to lend my look a sexier vibe I grab my wedge booties, effortlessly chic and comfortable the wedge bootie can really lend that cozier look a sexy vibe. AND WHO DOESNT WANT TO FEEL SEXY!

Some Skinny Jean Options-

  1. Not Your Daughters Jeans “Alina” Skinny
  2. Poetic Justice “Maya” Stretch Skinny
  3. Loft Curvy Sateen Five Pocket Jegging
  4. Loft Curvy High Waist Skinny 

Curls and Contours, Sweaters and Skinnie

Curls and Contours, Sweaters and Skinnies

Flannel(Similar) | Ralph Lauren, Sweater(Similar) | White House Black Market, Skinnies | Loft, Bag(Similar) | TJ Maxx, Wedges | Toms, Sunnies | Rayban, Earrings | OLD

Curls and Contours, Sweaters and Skinnies

Curls and Contours, Sweaters and Skinnies

Curls and Contours, Sweaters and Skinnies

Curls and Contours, Sweaters and Skinnies

Photo Cred- ME Promotions

The Perfect Black Boot

For the past couple of weeks I have been on the hunt for a new black boot. Each year I update my boot collection in the Fall. I have this thing about boots, some fashionistas have a thing about purses, or nail polish, or expensive jeans. While I do love all of those things, for me its boots I just freaking LOVE boots. Over the years I have curated my tastes in a good boot specifically to leather all weather boots. I am really hard on my shoes, I always have been. That now translates into needing really good shoes, and a variety of them to share the workload. Thats at least what I tell my husband every time a new boot box comes through the door. Haha.

I have fabulous brown boots, I have fabulous snow boots, I have fabulous rain boots, I have fabulous wedge boots, I have fabulous riding boots, I have fabulous cowboy boots. My current black boot situation is not good, the pair from last year was not quality. So I am on the hunt. I want something rugged but subtle, not refined. I like a boot with buckles and a thick sole. I also need a wide calf. I want a leather boot, that is waterproof but not insulated(I have insulated boots already). With all of those specifications my pool of choices has become pretty small. I am sharing my options and the boots that I am picking from.

Being a curvy boot loving girl, I have to be careful to balance my whole appearance when wearing boot and skinnies. A rugged boot, with buckles and some slouch helps create a balance to your look.

Frye offers some fabulous options and Nordstrom is having a sale!! I am a big fan of Sorel, and Naturalizer. Being an equestrian I also have some Ariat boots that I have talked about on the blog.
Curls and Contours, Frye, Sorel, Plus size boots

  1. Frye “Veronica Slouch” Boot (Wide Calf)
  2. Frye “Veronica Shortie” Slouchy Boot
  3. Naturalizer “Jewels Buckle Boot” (Wide Calf)
  4. Vince Camuto “Jamina” Riding Boot 
  5. Sorel “Joan of Arctic” Wedge Mid
  6. Frye ” Jenna Cut Stud” Short Moto Boot


Adams Halloween Bash

So I have been planning a Halloween party for months, and I had it all planned perfectly. In my mind the weather was going to perfect! I had planned a tent with these amazing lights, and decorations, a bonfire, a hayride. My home and property would be full of people dressed in fantastic costumes on a beautiful Fall evening. We would bob for apples and drink to much mulled wine. This party that I had planned was perfection. THEN, real life smacked me in the head. It was going to RAIN. And not just a light sprinkle, like TORRENTIAL down pour. I had all these decorations that I had obsessively selected, I mean I committed an entire Pinterest board to this event. I had centerpieces that I had designed and a Photo Booth that I created from scratch. At this point I was so bummed over the rain that I just didn’t even have a second plan in place, my hubby stepped in and completely cleaned out his barn, and prepped it for me to host my event in.

Now you may be thinking, damn that is so redneck, and at first I really though that it would be that way. But somehow we pulled off a fantastic halloween bash right in the barn. I didn’t even notice the rain. I took some photos of what I put together in the house, but not in the barn of my decorations(I ran out of time when the party got going). I had a fantastic Photo Booth, that really was a hit at the party. Super easy to make and was so fun!

I used two big pieces of butcher paper, some black and red paint. I taped the paper together and sketched out the block lettering, then just some free hand painting, and voila! We had a Photo Booth back drop. I took pictures with my camera, and set up a construction light to make sure there was plenty of lighting. Curls and Contours, Halloween Party

I shopped mostly JoAnn’s and TJ Maxx for my decorations. I was really able to put together some great stuff AND get some fantastic deals!

Curls and Contours, Halloween Party

I picked up these decorations at JoAnn Fabrics for 70% off just a couple of days before the party! I saved over 300 dollars on everything!

Curls and Contours, Halloween Party

The skull garland I found at Marshalls, they are fantastic BUT the bulbs broke really easy, boo.

Curls and Contours, Halloween Party

The Wicked table runner was a TJ Maxx find, and of course we had some Michigan wine.

Curls and Contours, Halloween Party, Fiestaware

My pumpkin came from Home Goods, and the candlesticks were a wedding gift(they are Fiestaware). The adorable Tooth of Troll, and Bat Wing candles came from JoAnns they smelled like vanilla.

Curls and Contours, Forrest Gump Costume

We shopped Amazon for our costumes, I am a big fan of putting together your own costume and not buying a bag costume. Forrest and Jenny Gump, my hubby has been growing this beard, so he opted for the running across the country version of Forrest Gump, I went for the Hippie Jenny look. A post drug addict/pre HIV Jenny Gump was really the look I was trying for.

Curls and Contours, Forrest and Jenny

Because the party was outdoors, I had to think of ways to stay warm, without losing the look of my costume. So I grabbed a Faux Shearling coat, and some Figure Skater nude tights(perfect because they are thick and warm)and . Once our barn got warmed up I took off the coat. This dress came from Amazon, and was perfect for the whole look. For makeup and hair, I had to do a flower crown, I got a blowout and then had my hair curled and bangs parted in  70’s style. I went big with blue eyeshadow.

Curls and Contours, Halloween Party

Curls and Contours, Halloween Party

Curls and Contours, Halloween Bash

Hello Gorgeous! My friends are so beautiful, and this skull! Seriously it was 10 bucks at Rite Aid.

Curls and Contours, Halloween Party

All The Plaids

In the fall I find myself gravitating toward cozy fabrics and plaid. I crave cardigans, vests, and flannels.

I have this thing for cream fuzzy cardigans, every time I see one in a store I instantly want to have it. 99% of the time they aren’t flattering one me. So bummed. But I do have success with vests, I love a good vest and this year I finally indulged in the coveted J Crew style vest. I went with a plaid black vest, which initially I didn’t want. I thought that I needed a plain black vest, but a friend urged me to go with a black pattern and I am so glad that I did. Stepping outside of my comfort zone I have really been playing with pattern mixing.

Pattern mixing is so in right now, take a chance and step out of your comfort zone. Try that pattern vest, or jacket!

Here are some outerwear options with a little more sass!

  1. Lucky Brand
  2. Target Puffer Vest
  3. Old Navy Quilted
  4. Poncho
  5. Ralph Lauren

Curls and Contours, J Crew, Ralph Lauren

Vest | J Crew, Flannel | Ralph Lauren, Jeans | Torrid, Boots | Ariat, Scarf | Homemade

Curls and Contours,  J Crew, Ariat boots

Curls and Contours J Crew, Fitbit

Watch | Michael Kors

Curls and Contours, Howell Nature Center, Spirit of Alexandria Foundation

This beautiful place is located at the Howell Nature Center, and was built by the Spirit of Alexandria Foundation 

Curls and Contours, Torrid, J Crew

Dublin Born Equestrian

The struggle is real when your photographer is out of town, that leaves me with my husband and shooting at night when my horses are already tucked into bed. I will be featuring this equestrian style on the blog again in November, a series is brewing featuring equestrian looks that work in the barn and running errands around town.

As a plus size equestrian I am always looking for comfortable riding clothes to flatter me in and out of the saddle. I want to feel confident and comfortable in the barn and at horse shows. I am excited to share Dublin Clothing with you, this brand is well known specifically for their fabulous boots but they are also have fantastic breeches (and many other beautiful products).

I am here to talk about their breeches today. Specifically Dublin Active Shapely Euro Seat Knee Patch Breeches. I think we can all agree that EVERYONE no matter your size loves cute pants, and these beauties do not disappoint. But for the curvier rider, there are a few more important points to note when shopping for riding pants. I want to feel secure, I love my body and I want to feel like everything is right where it needs to be. I want my pants to fit in my boots, whether its some cowboy boots under my chaps(YES I wear breeches under my chaps, get over it). Or slipping my foot into my riding boot for an afternoon in the saddle. I don’t want pulling, I don’t want ankle restriction I am looking for freedom of movement so I can drop my heel and push my mare the way she needs it. These breeches allowed freedom of movement in my ankle and knee.

Added bonus, is no gapping in the seat, re-enforced tummy area and a strong fabric that is going to keep my cellulite hidden, because I am a real girl that has real dumb cellulite. I was able to find all of that in these breeches. Confidence is key, these shapely breeches give you everything the curvy rider could want. Everything that you have been searching for. Great fit, fabric and quality these breeches have it all.

Shop Dublin Clothing online, or you can find a retailer near you.

Curls and Contours, Dublin Boots and Breeches

Meet Exclusive Call Girl, my stunning National Champion and two time horse of the year. I raised this beautiful girl, and saved her life during her birth. I am the first human touch she has ever felt.

Curls and Contours, Dublin Boots and Breeches

Curls and Contours, Dublin Boots and Breeches

Jacket(Similar) | Kerrits, Scarf | Homemade, Quarter Zip | Addidas, Breeches | Dublin, Boots | Dublin

This is Cocoa’s Chaos, my project horse and just an all around goof ball. He has the roots to make him great, I just need to finish him.

Curls and Contours, Dublin Boots and Breeches

Curls and Contours, Dublin Boots and Breeches

I have all natural Tennessee Walking Horses, I compete with these animals on multiple circuits across the country. In the fall and winter they are my pets. I am an advocate for the sound horse movement, and I am staunchly against the abuse practices that run rampant through the Walking horse community.

This is a care of post, but all opinions are my own.