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Sweaters and Skinnies Pt. 2

My new favorite outfit of all time. The softest sweater ever, plaid and some skinny jeans. Now I know what you might be thinking, um hello that outfit does NOT show off your curvaceous bod Anne. I agree, but its so soft and comfortable. This sweater is relaxed and falls easily over my flannel and curves. I wanted to balance this sweater with some skinny jeans that are very fitted. I wore this particular look with wedge booties, but it would also work great with some riding boots. When shopping for a sweater that you want to layer with, really consider how its going to lay over the top of the button up you have in mind. I like a looser look, so I sized up in the sweater.

I love BIG jewelry, so I picked a bold statement necklace to pair with the sweater and skinnies. But smaller subtle accessories would be just as chic.

How do you layer your sweaters in the Fall?

Sweater Options-

  1. Loft Relaxed V-Neck
  2. Loft Fauxmere Sweater
  3. BB Dakota “Karen” Long Sleeve
  4. Merona Womens Pullover Sweater
  5. Merona Pullover Sweater

Curls and Contours, Fall Sweaters

Curls and Contours, Fall Layering

Flannel | Ralph Lauren, Sweater | Loft, Skinnies | Loft, Boots | Sorel, Bag | Emma Fox, Necklace | OLD

Curls and Contours, Statement Necklace, Flannel

Curls and Contours, Statement Necklace, FlannelCurls and Contours, Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Curls and Contours, Fall Layers, Michael Kors



In Heaven Its Fall All the Time


Have you seen the colors, I mean its so beautiful and inspiring. I had to stop and snap some photos today of my favorite town. The colors are so vibrant its hard to look away. I happen to be wearing my favorite coatigan today that I have talked about before on Curls and Contours, but it sold out. Boo. I am attaching some options for you to get a similar look.

Coatigan Options-

  1. Colorblocked Coatigan
  2. Side Slit Duster
  3. Star Print
  4. Melissa McCarthy Snowflake

In the fall you can not go wrong with this simple outfit formula- boots, skinny pants, chambray, cardigan, scarf. Its THAT SIMPLE. So trendy and chic and effortlessly comfortable.

Don’t you just want a mug of warm apple cider, and a big chunky scarf when you look at these photos? All the feels.
Curls and Contours, Harvest Days



Curls and Contours, Harvest Days


Curls and Contours, Harvest Days

My favorite house.

Curls and Contours, Harvest Days

Necklace | Amazon, Chambray | Banana Republic, Coatigan(Similar) | Loft, Skinny Pants | Calvin Klein, Boots | Ariat, Bag | Marc Jacobs, Watch | Michael Kors, Fitbit | Fitbit


Curls and Contours, Harvest Days

The nudest of nude bags. 🙂

Curls and Contours, Harvest Days


Curls and Contours, Harvest Days

Outfit Round Up

Trying out a different type of post this week!

As Fall swings into high gear I have started layering up! Scarves in the morning that I can shed by the afternoon when it starts to heat up, light outerwear AND BOOTS!!!

How these types of posts work, I share different outfits that I wore this week with all the details on where you can shop to create the look! I am all about soft textures and comfy shoes, and this past week I wore both! The weather was beautiful in Michigan mid 60’s everyday! I did have some drama with tights. I stuck my finger through two pairs of tights before I was able to get it right. So pissed. So with two pairs of tights down, I just HAD to run into TJ Maxx to stock up again, because seriously where else do I shop? lol That is where I found the most beautiful Emma Fox Bucket bag on super sale!

Alright! Lets try out this outfit roundup! If you like it I can work it into the regular schedule! Let me know by commenting on this post!

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Blanket Scarf | Handmade, Piko Top | Boutique, Leggings | Lululemon, Shoes | Aldo, Bag | Marc Jacobs,   Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | David Yurman

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Leggings | Lululemon, Sneakers | New Balance, NOT PRICURED Quarter Zip | Addidas, Scarf | Lululemon

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Poncho | White House Black Market, Top | OLD, Joggers | Loft, Sneakers | Aldo, Bag | Marc Jacobs, Necklace | Tiffany, Necklace | Amazon, Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | David Yurman

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Necklace | Charming Charlie, Dress | Macy’s, Cardigan | TJ Maxx, Bag | Emma Fox, Boots | Skechers, Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | David Yurman

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Necklace | Mirina Collections, Necklace | Amazon, Dress | Target, Scarf | Handmade, Bag | Emma Fox, Boots | Skechers, Vest | J Crew, Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | Tiffany, Bracelet | David Yurman, Tights | TJ Maxx

*If you use the code “anne20” at checkout with Mirina Collections you can save 20% off your total!*



Adams Pumpkin Patch

This weekend the weather was TERRIBLE. Rainy, cold, drizzly, and yuck! BUT we had a mission, we had to get our pumpkins out of the garden before they would begin to rot on the vine. So we made a plan to harvest the 9 beautiful pumpkins that were grown in our backyard. It was so much fun, we had our 4 year old niece over to help us get them, and so she could pick one to take home and keep for Halloween.

This time of year is especially significant to Keith and I, we were married 5 years ago this October. Our wedding theme was Glamorous Fall, and it was beautiful and perfect. We were married before Pinterest existed so I consider myself lucky. My wedding day was perfect and free from the pressure of the perfect Pinterest bride. I never felt the pressure to DIY the shit out of my wedding day. I was a Bride that had to buy ACTUAL wedding books and talk to designers and florists about ideas and designs. I will share my day someday.

We had a blast harvesting our pumpkins and decorating the porch, we followed up this chilly afternoon with Hocus Pocus, and easy baked apples.

My jacket is vintage, but this southwestern look is really popular right now. Here are a few options to recreate this look without having to search through thrift shops and flea markets.

  1. Maurices- $49.00
  2. Sundance- $198.00
  3. Nordstrom- $58.00
  4. Eloquii – 79.90
  5. Target- 27.99

AND HAVE YOU SEEN MY BOOTS! So amazing, waterproof, stylish, they fit my curvaceous calves! I wear them all the time, from the barn to mall. These boots never miss a beat! The best part is that the “Equestrian” style of dress has gone mainstream, so even if you don’t ride these babes will be perfectly on trend.

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch







Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Scarf(Similar) | Handmade by me, Jacket | Vintage, Chambray | Banana Republic, Jeggings | Torrid, Boots | Dublin, Watch | Michael Kors

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Date Night Out

What is it about that perfect little outfit when the heavens open up and rain hotness down on you? One second you are some curvy hag, and the next you are a stone cold fox. I know you know what I am talking about, as woman we ALL have that one little outfit/top/dress that just WORKS. This little number is that for me. AND believe me when I tell you I have a shit load of clothing, I really should have more than one foxy outfit but alas I don’t. I mean, I regularly do my laundry every two weeks.

Ok now that I got that out of my system, lets get down to it. Date night outfits, do you get fixed up before you go out on the town? I really like too, and I don’t mean ball gown fancy. I just mean some fresh lipstick, cute top and MAYBE some wedges.

Skinny jeans(preferably jeggings because duh), and a cute little top is one of the easiest ways to step it up before you step out for the night. If you are struggling with colors keep it basic, dark on the bottom and then mix it up with a fun flowy top. I also typically do dark comfortable heels as well so that my leg looks the longest it possibly can.

Also….Monochrome so amazeballs so if you aren’t sure when it comes to color. Try black and white, it always works. ALWAYS.

Photo cred- ME Promotions

Curls and Contours, Date Night Out

Curls and Contours, Date Night Out

Curls and Contours, Date Night Out

Sunnies(Similar) | Vivienne Westwood, Earrings(Similar) | Charming Charlie(OLD), Necklace | Loft(OLD), Top(Similar) | Shelli Segal for Laundry, Skinnies | ASOS, Booties(Similar) | Lucky, Clutch(Similar) | Halston Heritage

Curls and Contours, Date Night Out

Curls and Contours, Date Night Out

Curls and Contours, Date Night Out

Curls and Contours, Date Night Out



The Perfect Fall Outfit

This little outfit is SO ME its not even funny. Tunic, leggings, scarf, boots this combo is basically my Fall uniform. What I love about this outfit is that it is SO easy to throw on and go. You just need to make sure your leggings aren’t see through, and your tunic covers your front and back. Nobody wants to see your bits and pieces while you are grocery shopping, or picking up your kids from school. Truth is power, and that is the TRUTH about leggings and tops.

I picked up this top in two colors during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I love it. BUT it wrinkles easily. So if that doesn’t bother you then this top is a great basic option to add to your wardrobe(personally its not that big of a deal). If a couple wrinkles makes you crazy then I would keep shopping. Green is SO in for Fall, and this shade is a fun option, I am pro matchy matchy so pairing this pastel green with my scarf and sunnies was a no brainer. The hat was a last minute thought, and its cute, but I will probably wear this outfit without it. Seriously I LOVE matching. A lot.

When I put this look on, my friend and photographer instantly said we needed to head to my garden. These photos were so fun to shoot. Lots of laughs, and my husbands potato box was my prop. Hahaha.

Photo cred- ME Promotions
Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Hat(Similar) | Kellies Shop, Scarf | Pashmina, Sunnies(Similar) | Vivienne Westwood, Top | Nordstrom, Leggings | Lucy, Boots | Ariat, Watch | Michael Kors,

Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Curls and Contours, Fall Outfit

Ralph Lauren Eat Your Heart Out.

I have been waiting patiently for the weather to break so I can start wearing my favorite summer pieces into Fall. This dress was my first blog post! I wore it to a summer festival with bare legs and cowboy boots, now I plan on wearing it as a fall tunic with leggings and boots.

I picked up this hat on my travels to Telluride CO, and I am IN LOVE! This hat is from Conner Hats, a sustainable company that creates beautiful hats with organic cotton.

This is my first post in a series featuring Fall transition looks, September is a time of change, as the weather cools and the days grow shorter. Its not cool enough to break out your sweaters and ponchos but its not warm enough to run around in sandals and tank tops. So many of your favorite summer pieces can now work as transition pieces into fall. Grab a jean jacket, through on some leggings and be perfectly on trend while still shopping from your own closet!

Photo Cred- ME Promotions

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Hat | Conner Hats, Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Dress | Pink Coconut Boutique, Leggings | Lucy, Boots | Ariat, Necklace | Charming Charlie’s, Watch | Michael Kors, Necklace | Tiffany

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Curls and Contours, Anne Adams

Joggers for the Curvy Girl

Joggers, have you tried them? Let me tell you RIGHT NOW that this new trend is AMAZEBALLS.

Now you may be thinking Anne what the hell is a “Jogger?” Joggers are pants that are gathered at the hem (Like your Grandpas sweatpants). Except NOW they aren’t just sweatpants, they come in a million different patterns and styles. They are effortlessly on trend and are insanely comfortable. Be prepared to get some comments from the men in your life (my older brother had something to say, and Keith had an opinion) on these pants. My answer to their comments was…I don’t dress for you, I dress for myself. AND today MYSELF wore these pants. 🙂


Pictured here- Joggers/ ASOS(similar), Sandals/ Tory Burch (Similar), V-Neck /Lululemon, Earrings /Charming Charlie(Similar), Watch/ Michael Kors, Bracelet/ David Yurman, Bag/ Nine West(Similar)

This particular pair came from ASOS Curve, and I seriously wear them EVERY time they are clean. I have worn them with sandals, wedges, and moccasins. I have worn them with a black shirt, white shirt, chambray. I have worn them with tons of jewlery, just the basics or none at all. I wear them hair up, hair down, hair dirty, or hair brown (just kidding on that last part). I think I just had a Dr. Seuss moment haha.





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The Secret to the Perfect Maxi dress


Dress(Similar) | Loft, Watch (Similar) | Michael Kors, Necklace | Charming Charlies, Earrings | Charming Charlies,

Lets talk about why everyone should own a classic maxi that is the perfect fit. Being the curvy girl in between, I STRUGGLE to find maxi dresses that fit. They are to tight around the booty, they are to short, the neckline isn’t flattering…blah, blah, blah. I searched HIGH AND LOW to find a dress that fit the requirements of the curvy girl in between.

Requirements for the perfect maxi for summer-

1. Must be a light fabric.

2. Must have a fitted/defined waist.

3. Must be loose and flowy(everywhere else besides the waist). I want that Princess effect.

4. Must be a fun print or color…

Enter my chance encounter with the PERFECT maxi dress last summer. Weeks before a family wedding, I breezed into LOFT to shop around for a dress to wear. I instantly spotted the sister dress to the one shown here in the pictures. This dress fit my requirements to a T and honestly changed the way I looked at maxi dresses. I was so delighted to have found this dress that I grabbed it up and wore every week and to every function for the rest of the summer.

Then this spring I popped over to the LOFT website just to see what they had hanging around on their spring/summer line. AND this dress popped up. I seriously freaked the efffff out. The same exact dress but with a bolder print. Heaven on earth, I had to have it in my life. I have since then been wearing this dress to everything I can. In fact I will be wearing it to a wedding this weekend. I think the dress has been sold out because its AMAZING but I will keep you posted if it pops up again. BECAUSE you know I will be buying another.

I love a bold print and this dress does not disappoint, I have chosen to utilize red, white and blue once again because A. Merica, and B. These colors work on me. They are a solid fall back for me when I am struggling to make something work.


I know I need a spray tan like its my job right now, but it hasn’t happened yet.


I picked up this hat at Marshall’s one day before a Kentucky Derby party to wear with this dress, and I find myself grabbing it all the time, a hat is a great way to top off an outfit or add a little something extra. I believe I paid 12 bucks for this beauty AND its SPF 50!


Lets talk labels… Watch (Michael Kors), bracelet (David Yurman), bracelet (Charming Charlies), necklace (Charming Charlies), earrings (Charming Charlies), hat (Not sure…sorry!), dress (LOFT), ring (Charming Charlies).


Photo Cred- ME Promotions