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Boohoo Baby


Top | Leggings | Boots(Similar) | Bag | Watch(similar) | Earrings(similar)

I recently had coffee with a new blogger friend, its crazy how small the world is. Its so great to meet new people, and to share some caffeine with someone that does the same work you do. Afterwords we set out to photograph each other, my hubby does most of my photography and it was refreshing to get a female perspective. Sometimes a little girl talk is just what the doctor ordered, it is so helpful to chat with a fellow creative. For inspiration, room to vent, and to toss around current issues facing the plus size community.

Something that I went out and did as soon as our little outing was over, was to buy a writing prompt book. Liz(her blog With Wonder and Whimsy) inspired me to work harder at my love of writing. I love reading, and writing, its something that I have always loved. As a way to work on my skills, I ordered a new journal(thanks for the idea Liz!) with daily writing prompts. I will link a few below if you are interested. 🙂

Soul Journal

Start Where You Are

The 52 Lists Project

I personally ordered the “Soul Journal” but will probably end up owning all three of the journals I listed.

I ordered this Boohoo “Jumper” a few weeks ago, I just love the lace detail. I styled it here with leggings and OTK boots because I freaking love OTK boots(HA). And I wore it this past weekend with jeans and a leather jacket for an evening out. I typically size up when ordering from a UK brand, I would rather have to have something be to big and or altered by a seamstress then have it be to tight. In this case the sweater was a perfect fit.

I am so looking forward to starting my soul journal tomorrow, and I plan on sharing some prompts in future posts.

Follow my fellow curvy blogger and new friend Liz at, photo credit is all hers for this post. 🙂

Winter Blues

Coat | Boots(Similar) | Dress | | Bag

Life has been moving so quickly lately. I can’t believe we are in the third week of January already, now is that time of year when the cold settles in, and we tend to fall into style ruts based around staying covered up as much as possible. The question always seems to be “How many layers is too many layers?” during this time of the year. I am guilty of this, my work week wardrobe consists of leggings and sweaters and boots. I mix in scarves and different jackets, but its pretty much the same uniform look. So on the weekends I am always trying to mix it up, date night out? I am pushing myself to get out of my Winter uniform. I want to be warm, and covered but I don’t want to be dressed in the same ole same ole.

Last week I shared the many positive attributes of a midi length dress, and this week I am staying with that trend. I paired this gorgeous blue waterfall coat with a fitted black midi dress(that can be pulled above the knee if you want) and over the knee boots. The dress is TIGHT, much more fitted than I usually wear, so to balance out the look I grabbed this Midnight blue draped parka from Yours Clothing. This look is soooooooooooo fabulous. As a blogger, I love all my clothes equally but this particular outfit combo stands out amongst the crowd.

What especially catches my eye with this look? The way the blue coat pops off the all black dress and boots. This color combo is right on trend for Winter, and can easily transition into Spring with some updated accessories. This coat was perfect from a 40+ degree day, and is so soft and fluid.

Not into the OTK look? There are lots of different ways to pair this color combo together. For a “Safer” version of this outfit pair this coat with a pair of black skinnies and a comfy black tee. I would even add some great sneakers, and maybe a beanie.

This post was sponsored by Yours Clothing, as always all opinions are my own.

Winter Midi


Dress | Tights | Earrings | Boots | Bag | Hat

Its been sooooo cold here in Michigan this past week. Its frigid out, I have been binge watching Game of Thrones and drinking hot cocoa like its going out of style. We are in that post Christmas “still have to deal with the cold” time of year. You can’t wear a maxi because of the snow and wet ground, and you don’t want a mini because of the COLD FRIGID ASS WEATHER!

Enter the midi dress, a trendy way to keep your hemline dry, and keep your thighs warm. 🙂 I like to style mine with fun booties and a flashy clutch. This midi from Yours Clothing is a great knit basic that works with tights and booties, I have styled it for a more casual day look but with the right accessories you could take this dress into a comfortable date night outfit.

Style Tip: Have you tried anything with a lattice neckline yet? Like so many curvy girls know the V-neck style is very flattering to bigger chested women. The added lattice is a unique and super trendy way incorporate the V-neck style into your wardrobe. 

This post is sponsored by Yours Clothing, all opinions are my own. 

Saturated in Sequins

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

Skirt | Jacket | Top | Boots | Bag

What a whirlwind holiday week. We traveled for the holiday, and had a wonderful time catching up with family and eating too much delicious food. If you follow my on Instagram, then you know I wasn’t very active on social media last week. It was nice to take a break, but ALSO my husband found a puppy in the woods where my family lives. A little, tiny, adorable baby puppy that was abandoned, naturally we decided to clean her up, and take her home to be adopted. AND naturally I completely fell in love with her, I was so busy taking care of this tiny little being that keeping up with everyone hit the back burner.

Society Plus, Curls and Contours

I am affiliated with Society Plus. I picked up this skirt during the 40% off sale, and its GORGEOUS. I have done sequin skirts before, in fact its somewhat of a holiday tradition of mine. What I specifically love about this one? This skirt is saturated in sequins, they are sewn thick on the fabric, and the quality shows.

Last year, I paired a muted sequin mini skirt with plaid and some rugged black booties. This year I went for  a full skirt with lots of dazzle. I wanted to offset how bright the skirt was with a rugged leather jacket(this one is actually coated denim) and some leather booties. I kept my accessories simple, because the skirt has so much going on.

Style Trick- Anytime you go ultra feminine, grab a masculine accessory to add some edge to the look. Think leather jacket, or a choker. 

I am affiliated with Society Plus, but I paid for this skirt(and the whole outfit LOL) myself. 🙂 

Holiday Kickoff With Tiel Dorein


Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Valentina Dress by Tiel Dorein 

Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Tiel Dorein, Curls and Contours

Dress | Boots | Bag 

Its here! The time when its socially acceptable to start talking about the holidays! If you are like me, you have holiday gatherings planned from the last week of November all the way through the end of the year. From work events, to casual gatherings you need some cute outfits.

So excited to share Tiel Dorein, this fantastic line was designed and created by 25 year veteran of the fashion industry. It is her mission to provide more options for curvy women from the boardroom to a night out. One of my favorite aspects of blogging is working with brands that are truly for the curvy woman, each piece in this line is thoughtfully designed and created to empower the plus size woman(I mean it really can’t get better than that girls). Tiel Dorein is just that, a high quality boutique with pieces specifically created for the professional curvy woman. 🙂

Lets talk this dress. First of all, THE FABRIC IS AMAZING! Its a heavy jersey that has structure and stretch, instantly comfortable and professional. Defiantly something you can wear to the office with ease. But not being an office girl myself, I had a little style challenge on my hands. I wanted this dress for the holidays, for parties. I wanted to bring this dress out of the office and into a party setting, so I paired it with some OTK boots and a sassy clutch. I have a firm belief that every woman needs a red dress in her closet, this gorgeous piece is the perfect fit. This is one of those versatile dresses that you can put on in the morning to wear to work, and then do a quick accessory change and have this dress take you into the evening.

I am linking some boardroom accessories in this post, if you are loving this look for the office.

Office setting look

Dress | Heels | Bag 

My current holiday plans? I already have 3 parties on my calendar(how did that happen)! Ranging from glamorous nights, to casual gatherings with friends. I am on a mission to be well dressed for each and every one.

This post was sponsored by Tiel Dorein, thank you! 

Girls Night Out

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Dress | Boots | Bag | Necklace | Earrings 

You know how sometimes you just throw an outfit on and it looks amazing? Yeah, this wasn’t one of those times. lol. I have been stalking this dress on Gwynnie Bee for months, I knew that it would be adorable for a warm fall day, I knew the length would be perfect for me. I JUST KNEW THIS DRESS WAS AMAZING. Then, these boots I have been hunting for a pair of over the knee boots for awhile, but they had to be perfect. Just the right amount of rugged refinement(I live in Michigan not LA ok), they had to be a flattering color, and then had to have a heel, not a wedge, not a tiny little point, but a good solid heel . I came across these on Torrid(a contemporary plus size line) and I thought they would fit the bill. AND GUESS WHAT! My planning was perfect because this look turned out exactly the way I wanted. The dress is short but not show your butt cheeks off short, and the boots are rugged but make a statement. I carried my fall/winter crossbody bag just so I could have my hands free.

Sorry about the photo quality(iPhone), I actually wore this look to a girls night out concert, and we snapped them before we went in to the venue. Ladies let me tell you, my confidence was through the roof with this look. Powerful, Beautiful, Comfortable. It was all there.

Also…I am not hiding behind my sunglasses for this look, I get really self conscious about my face. So I often just wear my sunglasses in shoots so I can offset my face shape, or hide (in my opinion) my small eyes. I know its not real life, but its something I struggle with. We all have our things right? 🙂

Thank you Lindsay for being willing to be my photographer LOVE YOU!! P.S. you are hired for any and all future west side blog shoots. xoxoxo.

The Skinny Jeans Post

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Snaps for great jeans

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Gwynnie Bee, Curls and Contours

Top (not plus) | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Sunnies

I have been on a  search for the perfect skinny jean for years, and I have tried them all. Different brands, new styles, new jean “technology”, you name it I have given it a go. As a self proclaimed “Jeans girl’ I feel like my research has led me to a couple of insights that I try to stick with when I am shopping for skinny jeans.

  1. Curvy girls, buy the jeans that are made for curvy figures, that pocket placement and higher rise is sent from heaven down to us girls that can fill out a pair of jeans. TRUST.
  2. Don’t buy jeans without pockets, just don’t.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try the “Plus Size” jeans. I KNOW its hard sometimes to accept that your booty has grown, and its time to size up. Believe me I know, but again ladies. Fit really matters, and no one is going to be thinking “Is she wearing a 16W or just a 16” its hard to get that punk ass devil off our shoulders but good fitting jeans(clothing in general) is what can make your confidence and inner beauty shine through.

This particular pair of skinny jeans is from Democracy Denim, I scooped them up through Gwynnie Bee, and I will say just in case you are thinking it. I am a Gwynnie Bee affiliate(they advertise on Curls and Contours and I sometimes do sponsored work for them), BUT I actually pay every month for the service. These jeans did not come to me c/o, I put them in my virtual closet and patiently waited for them to arrive at my house.

They have a stretchy waistband, and this brand has their own jean technology called “Ab-solution”, basically the jean has been darted and cut to help keep things in place. Which lets be real what women doesn’t love that. Amiright? hahaha

They are stretchy and definitely stretched to fit my frame even more as I wore them. I will link some similar pairs to try in all sizes.

Democracy Denim Raw Hem Jegging

Democracy Denim Absolution Jegging

Democracy Denim 5 Pocket Jegging(Plus)

Democracy Denim Ab Tech Jegging(Plus)

Happy Monday!


Fall Godess


Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contorus

Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contours

Dress from Curvaceous Boutique

Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contours

Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contours

Curvaceous Boutique, Curls and Contours

Dress(C/O) | Bag | Sandals | Sunnies

The above is EXACTLY what I am wearing. I have linked so affordable options in the post below, to get the same look at a better price point. 

A year of blogging has gone by for me, when I look back on my first fall as the creator of Curls and Contours, I can’t help but laugh at some of the work I put out there for the world to see. My sense of style(and confidence) has continued to develop over the past year, and as I move into my second fall as the creator of Curls and Contours I really can’t wait to see what happens. Its these moments as a style blogger that are really something special. THIS DRESS is so gorgeous, its perfect for date night, brunch, a casual wedding reception etc… It is amazing to me how one beautiful piece of clothing can help your confidence sky rocket. For me these types of pieces help me focus in on the best parts of me, and not just physically but mentally too. Its like I can see the girl that I am on the inside when I wear this dress. Is that crazy?

 With such a loud “Look at me” pattern, I knew that I needed to keep my accessories on the simple side. I went with a nude wedge, my new clutch :), and some tortoise sunglasses. I have talked about this style of dress before, a true wrap dress will cross over in front of you, and requires a belt to keep everything in place.This dress is a  wrap but I don’t need to do the wrapping, they stitched the front together so you can just pull the dress on (so easy) and then tie the belt where you would like.

A little fashion history

The original wrap dress was created by the iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg. In the 1970’s Diane von Furstenberg arrived in New York with a suitcase full of what would be known as one of the most iconic dress shapes of all time, the wrap dress. With a v-neckline and a soft jersey fabric this dress is universally flattering to women of all shapes and sizes. DVF was the creator, but luckily for the rest of the world, this dress has be created and re-created by designers for all types of bodies, and tastes. 

This particular dress came from Curvaceous Boutique, a fabulous store located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Curvaceous Boutique carries so many different wrap style dresses that I couldn’t count them all. The best part? They are made specifically for the plus size woman. No need to hide in black shift dresses ladies, a fun color pattern in a ultra flattering cut will always keep you comfortable and confident.

This post was sponsored by Curvaceous Boutique, thank you for working with Curls and Contours 🙂 

All opinions are my own. 

That Perfect Little Something…

A Trinket Trunk, Curls and Contours

A Trinket Trunk, Curls and Contours

A Trinket Trunk, Curls and Contours

A Trinket Trunk, Curls and Contours

A Trinket Trunk, Curls and Contours

Necklace | Skinnies | Booties | Bag

One of the best parts of blogging is being able to share beautiful things created by amazing real people.

I am always looking for a little extra something to add to an outfit, as a self proclaimed sunglasses and watch girl I am always without a necklace or earrings or both. I just can’t see myself with a different necklace everyday of the week and honestly that is the last thing I want to be thinking about when I am running out the door for work, I reach for my classic favorite pieces that go with everything and look perfectly in place with whatever I have on. I know that I will reach for the same pieces everyday because they have purpose or sentimental value, a small reminder of the person that gave me the piece, or a little way to keep my style personal and real for me.

Style tip: When you are trying to put some accessories together for an outfit, go big and small. An example would be big chandelier earrings, with a delicate gold bar necklace. Or druzy studs and a big statement necklace. Its all about balance, big earrings AND a big necklace can look overdone. I personally only wear bracelets on my watch wrist to create a stacking effect, (and to leave my writing hand free) 🙂  

Being much more of a favorite few pieces girl I keep a some in constant rotation, because of that my accessories have to be quality. I am always on the lookout for jewelry that will work with any outfit and  fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. If I am spending more sparingly on really quality pieces that will last and last, then I don’t need to shop constantly for costume jewels that may only last a couple of wears.  A little 14k gold bar on a sparkly chain is the perfect trendy piece to add into my small cache of quality accessories. P.S. This bar is engraved with my monogram!(Soooo perfect)

Use the coupon code curlsandcontours to receive free shipping on your order from A Trinket Trunk

I love being able to help small businesses grow, and gain exposure. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with A Trinket Trunk, and feature their beautiful work.

This post was sponsored by A Trinket Trunk.


This Dress…

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Eloquii, Curls and Contours

Dress | Shoes | Bag | Earrings | Sunnies 

This…Dress…I don’t have anything like it in my closet. I had admired it from afar for probably a month before I finally went ahead and ordered it. I have found as we move into the heat of July and August I am really enjoying having my legs out, as a self proclaimed “not a shorts” person, when summer starts to really warm up I need skirts and dresses that are shorter in length but still modest enough for work or the weekend. This little Eloquii dress fits the bill! I paired this piece with my favorite flatforms, and some bright earrings to set off the details. A new favorite for me, that I will be wearing again and again.

I have really been thinking lately about what it means to really listen to your body. I find that these thoughts pop up especially when I am not feeling well or something doesn’t seem quite right. For example, I have always had terrible skin(thanks dad) and even into my twenties my skin has never gotten truly clear. For the past 6 months or so I have been using a pretty vigorous beauty routine to manage my breakouts and cystic acne. And to be honest things have been going very well, my skin has been clearer these past months than it has been in years(YAY). But about a month ago, I started a new job and all of a sudden I have cysts all along my jawline. I knew that this skin problem was from stress, so I buckled down even further on my skincare routine and thought that things would improve. Well…they didn’t, so I started thinking and trying to listen to my body. My body is stressed, what can I do to alleviate that? I can eat better, for me thats more whole foods and no dairy. I can move more, taking the stairs, and yoga. I can get more sleep, which is a hard one for me I am a night owl.

I feel like as a bigger person, and as a curvy person I get pushed into the “She’s fat, so she obviously doesn’t care about herself” category and this is not the case. I am a bigger person because that is my genetics, just because I am bigger doesn’t mean that I have the excuse not to take care of myself. To all of my curvy girls, being big isn’t an excuse to not eat well, and get enough sleep, and move your body. Being naturally bigger doesn’t give you a free ticket to treat your body like shit. Its important to remember that we only get one body, and when we feel like hell its because we aren’t listening to ourselves. I challenge you to do one good thing for your body today. It might be going on a walk with your dog after dinner, or having a salad for lunch, maybe getting into bed at 10 tonight instead of 1 or 2.