Outfit Round Up

Trying out a different type of post this week!

As Fall swings into high gear I have started layering up! Scarves in the morning that I can shed by the afternoon when it starts to heat up, light outerwear AND BOOTS!!!

How these types of posts work, I share different outfits that I wore this week with all the details on where you can shop to create the look! I am all about soft textures and comfy shoes, and this past week I wore both! The weather was beautiful in Michigan mid 60’s everyday! I did have some drama with tights. I stuck my finger through two pairs of tights before I was able to get it right. So pissed. So with two pairs of tights down, I just HAD to run into TJ Maxx to stock up again, because seriously where else do I shop? lol That is where I found the most beautiful Emma Fox Bucket bag on super sale!

Alright! Lets try out this outfit roundup! If you like it I can work it into the regular schedule! Let me know by commenting on this post!

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Blanket Scarf | Handmade, Piko Top | Boutique, Leggings | Lululemon, Shoes | Aldo, Bag | Marc Jacobs,   Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | David Yurman

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Leggings | Lululemon, Sneakers | New Balance, NOT PRICURED Quarter Zip | Addidas, Scarf | Lululemon

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Poncho | White House Black Market, Top | OLD, Joggers | Loft, Sneakers | Aldo, Bag | Marc Jacobs, Necklace | Tiffany, Necklace | Amazon, Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | David Yurman

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Necklace | Charming Charlie, Dress | Macy’s, Cardigan | TJ Maxx, Bag | Emma Fox, Boots | Skechers, Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | David Yurman

Curls and Contours, Outfit of the Day

Necklace | Mirina Collections, Necklace | Amazon, Dress | Target, Scarf | Handmade, Bag | Emma Fox, Boots | Skechers, Vest | J Crew, Watch | Michael Kors, Bracelet | Tiffany, Bracelet | David Yurman, Tights | TJ Maxx

*If you use the code “anne20” at checkout with Mirina Collections you can save 20% off your total!*



Adams Pumpkin Patch

This weekend the weather was TERRIBLE. Rainy, cold, drizzly, and yuck! BUT we had a mission, we had to get our pumpkins out of the garden before they would begin to rot on the vine. So we made a plan to harvest the 9 beautiful pumpkins that were grown in our backyard. It was so much fun, we had our 4 year old niece over to help us get them, and so she could pick one to take home and keep for Halloween.

This time of year is especially significant to Keith and I, we were married 5 years ago this October. Our wedding theme was Glamorous Fall, and it was beautiful and perfect. We were married before Pinterest existed so I consider myself lucky. My wedding day was perfect and free from the pressure of the perfect Pinterest bride. I never felt the pressure to DIY the shit out of my wedding day. I was a Bride that had to buy ACTUAL wedding books and talk to designers and florists about ideas and designs. I will share my day someday.

We had a blast harvesting our pumpkins and decorating the porch, we followed up this chilly afternoon with Hocus Pocus, and easy baked apples.

My jacket is vintage, but this southwestern look is really popular right now. Here are a few options to recreate this look without having to search through thrift shops and flea markets.

  1. Maurices- $49.00
  2. Sundance- $198.00
  3. Nordstrom- $58.00
  4. Eloquii – 79.90
  5. Target- 27.99

AND HAVE YOU SEEN MY BOOTS! So amazing, waterproof, stylish, they fit my curvaceous calves! I wear them all the time, from the barn to mall. These boots never miss a beat! The best part is that the “Equestrian” style of dress has gone mainstream, so even if you don’t ride these babes will be perfectly on trend.

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch







Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Scarf(Similar) | Handmade by me, Jacket | Vintage, Chambray | Banana Republic, Jeggings | Torrid, Boots | Dublin, Watch | Michael Kors

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Curls and Contours, Pumpkin Patch

Bare Legs and Booties

Ann Taylor is known for making professional clothing for women. I picked up this pretty little dress and knew that it had the versatility to be much more than just a dress for the office. When I am shopping for clothing it MUST be versatile. I only buy something when I know that I can wear and re-wear a piece over and over again. Like I have wrote about before when you build a solid foundation of quality pieces you can really wear your wardrobe to its fullest extent. This dress is light, and can easily be worn in the summer with sandals, as Fall makes its way into our lives this dress can be worn with tights and boots. If you have a dress that has that light feel, have you considered pairing it with tights and boots for Fall?

These booties from Sorel, I mean THESE BOOTIES so good. They are AAAHHHMAZING! So comfy, chic and sexy these booties are waterproof and sport a fantastic sole that helps you grip in less than desirable weather. I have had these beauties for a year and wore them all last Fall and Winter, they held up fantastically. Sorel has expanded their selection of beautiful booties and you can now get them in more colors and styles.

I love the lace in this dress, so girly and fun. Then paired with the edgy leather booties, the whole look has great contrast. As a curvy girl, never be afraid to show your legs off!

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Dress (similar) | Ann Taylor, Belt | Target, Booties | Sorel, Sunnies (similar) | Vivienne Westwood, Necklace(similar) | Charming Charlie

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Curls and Contours, Sorel

Curls and Contours, Sorel

HAHA, my husband is a part time Lumberjack, we had some fun with this photoshoot!


Country Roads

Have you ever just taken a drive and turned up somewhere that took your breath away? My husband and I love to take drives, we talk and wander down country roads just taking in the sights. This past Saturday we came across the most beautiful spot, we just had to stop and take some photos.

What is it about a well made flannel that just seems right? Just like with most clothing not all flannels are created equal. You can get them anywhere, but a quality flannel is SO WORTH IT. Ralph Lauren is the premier Americana clothing brand. I am a big Ralph Lauren fan, everything is quality and feels like the perfect mix of luxury and rustic utility.

This beautiful spot is in Chelsea, Michigan, I am wearing Ralph Lauren, my favorite leopard scarf, and some leggings. Not seen in these photos are my Hunter boots, and my red rain coat.
Curls and Contours, Country Roads

Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Flannel | Ralph Lauren, Scarf | Super Old, Necklace | Amazon, Necklace | Tiffany, Leggings | Lululemon, Boots(not pictured) | Hunter 


Curls and Contours, Country Roads

Curls and Contours, Country Roads

Curls and Contours, Country Roads



Oh You Beautiful Girl.

Lets talk about my beauty routine, specifically my go to makeup routine for everyday(almost). Two years ago I watched a beauty tutorial on highlighting and contouring, and I was HOOKED. I immediately ran out to the nearest Ulta and dropped a chunk of change on everything I was going to need to help my very round face appear sculpted and contoured. Let me tell you I was NOT GOOD at highlighting and contouring. It was so hard and I had a lot of trial and error looks before I got some different products, new brushes and I was able to make Fetch happen FINALLY! (P.S. That is a Mean Girls reference, look it up).

Products that have been a game changer for my beauty routine would be, a beauty blender, liquid eyeliner, and a good highlighting stick.The beauty industry is constantly evolving and getting better, so its ALWAYS a good idea to pop into a good beauty store and chat with an expert on what is new and popular. I am not married to any of the the products that I use (except my mascara) so when I run out of a product I OFTEN get something different.

The hardest part about highlighting and contouring is BLENDING, my go to spots to contour are right under my cheek bones, along my jawline and along my hairline. Contouring is to create a shadow, for a round face you want to create definition, and you want your face to fade into your hairline. Creating that shadow is different for every face, no two people will contour in the exact same areas using the same amount of product. I contour from the ear to under the apples of my cheeks. I apply my bronzer before I apply my blush, this helps with blending and it helps you to shape your blush.

My go to places for highlighting are along the top of my cheek bone, down the middle of my nose and my chin. Much more than that and you start to look really shiny(NOT CUTE). You want to draw light to the features you want to be seen, so when highlighting think “What do I want noticed on my face” this mentality keeps you from highlighting your entire face lol.

Curls and Contours, Beauty

Curls and Contours, Beauty

Lets break down what products I use and why. Starting from the top!

  1. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette– 54.00 eyeshadow that is AMAZING AND LASTS FOREVER!
  2. Mac Shroom Eyeshadow– 16.00 eyeshadow that is a perfect base and can work as a highlighter.
  3. Cargo Water Resistant Blush– 26.00 Blush that is great for building on, and perfect for summer activities
  4. Clinique Stay Matte Powder– 24.00 Powder that works great as a topper for foundation and concealer, or can stand on its own for a light makeup day. *If you have acne put concealer on first under this powder*
  5. The Balm Hot Mama Blush– 20.00 Great blush that also has highlighting qualities. Goes on fantastic and is subtle.
  6. Clinique Stay Matte Liquid Foundation– This foundation is perfect for oily skin, I use it as a base foundation and then build from there with concealer and then powder.
  7. They’re Real Mascara from Benefit– 24.00 This is HANDS DOWN the best mascara ever, believe me I am not married to any of my beauty products. BUT this one I just keep coming back to. AH-MAZING.
  8. Clinique Liquid Eyeliner(Similar)- 19.50 This is a great starter liquid eyeliner. Goes on smooth and stays ALL DAY! I am planning a switch to gel eyeliner but haven’t decided on a brand yet. Whats your favorite?
  9. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight– 21.00 This is a newer purchase for me and its THE BOMB! Easy to use, lasts forever, stays on…
  10. Maybelline Master Conceal- 7.50 I don’t usually go for drug store brand cosmetics but I read about this one and its really a great buy. Truth moment- I ran out of concealer (Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer) I was in a pinch for time and scooped this up. I am a use it till its gone kinda girl so as long as its working I am going to use it up.
  11. Cargo Bronzer– 29.00 So amazing, this bronzer lasts FOREVER, I am starting to run low and I am going to make the jump to Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, I love Cargo but I had the opportunity to try out Bronze Goddess and its unbelievable.
  12. Estee Lauder Automatic Lip Pencil Duo– 28.00 So beautiful, and perfect for touchups and creating a detailed lip. This liner is my new favorite!! (NOT PICTURED OOPS)

Curls and Contours, Beauty Highlight and Contour

NOW I ALREADY KNOW what you are thinking, that is a shit load of money to spend on makeup. My response, you only get one face. Its worth it to invest in yourself. But you already know that.

Curls and Contours Beauty


Curls and Contours, Beauty, Selfie

I hope you enjoyed the little peak into my beauty routine. My advice if you want to highlight and contour. Put your face on everyday, DO IT. It takes practice and you really need to get to know the products that you are working with. PLUS, you look FIERCE everyday.

Contact me with questions, I am happy to help!




Curls and Carmel…

Pebble Beach and Carmel, have you ever been there? Located in the Monterey Bay area Pebble Beach hosts the Concourse D’ Elegance during the Rolex Reunion. We were not planning on attending this event but we did sneak out to Pebble Beach a few days prior.

One of the most beautiful beaches on earth, Carmel beach and the views from Pebble Beach are renowned across the globe. We sat and had a glass of crisp white wine at the main house before going for a walk around the area. NOW I am not a golfer. But this is a course I would hit some balls at. Unbelievably beautiful, and with cool temperatures this place seems like heaven on earth.

Pebble Beach and Curls and Contours

Curls and Contours, Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach, Curls and Contours 

Sunnies | Vivienne Westwood, Vest | Lucky, Chambray | Banana Republic, Bag | Halston Heritage, Leggings | Lululemon, Sneaks | New Balance, Watch | Michael Kors

Pebble Beach Curls and Contours

Pebble Beach Curls and Contours


My mother, isn’t she beautiful? She’s also my best friend ever.

Curvy Girl at The Races.

Hi from the road! The last couple of days I have been touring around the Monterey Bay area. I was in town for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, and was able to tour around town and the track. Unbelievable cars, and scenery made for a fun and interesting weekend. Now, you may be thinking what is this curvy girl doing at the races? Well, I will tell you. My family is in the race car business, my parents travel around the world racing cars and every year they make the trip to Monterey and EVERY YEAR I wish I could go. BUT this year, I did get to go and it was a blast.

The central California coast is BEAUTIFUL and a very mild temperature. Its cool at night, and warm during the day. So what do you wear in this type of weather? Layers. At the track you are walking a lot, so practical shoes are a must. I went with my favorite New Balance sneaks, that I got on Amazon for a fantastic deal!

Staying true to my comfortable and practical sense of style I reached for a button up chambray shirt and some leggings. I prefer my hair down and loose as general rule, and of course my new sunglasses had to be out for the world to see. The track is a very casual atmosphere, so I fit right in with the crowd.

This year the Ford Shelby Mustang was honored, what a beautiful piece of machinery. It was a blast seeing all the different types of cars, some dating back to the pre-war era. I personally love the races themselves. The competition and the speed is very exciting! This track is particularly beautiful because it is tucked into the mountains.

Blondes really do have more fun! Look for more posts on my fantastic Monterey experience soon!

Laguna Seca UOP Curls and Contours

Laguna Seca Curls and Contours

Laguna Seca, Curls and ContoursCurls and Contours Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca Curls and Contours

Curls and Contours Laguna Seca

Sunnies(Similar) | Vivienne Westwood, Necklace | Monogram, Chambray | Banana Republic, Leggings | Lululemon, Sneaks | New Balance 



Whoever Said Orange Is the New Pink Is Seriously Disturbed

Los Angeles is the first stop on my big summer adventure. What a fantastic couple of days running all over LA with my bestie, she took off after high school and moved to LA 8 years ago. She has become an International model and has been seen on the big and small screen. With our love of fashion, horses, and histories in common we have always stayed connected. We make a point to see each other (face to face) once each year, whether that is on a vacation, her visiting the mitten, or me coming to Hollywood. Our goal each year is to have some time together. We have been lucky this year, with a fishing trip to the Keys and now my trip to LA.

Our theme this trip was fashion, specifically seeing it all from high end couture(Rodeo Drive), all the way to the thrift stores on the cool kids end of town(Fairfax) and everything in between(Melrose). I had some blogger goals for this trip as well, I wanted to find the infamous pink blogger wall, and go thrifting. I achieved both of those goals, yay me!

LA has super dry heat, not like Michigan AT ALL, it can be 80 degrees and you would think it was 70 because there is no humidity here. I packed my trusty maxi dresses, because I knew I would be warm, and I knew I wanted to be comfortable and on trend for summer. You know that I am all about dressing for comfort and trend, my favorite Maxi dress was the perfect companion for the adventures of the day. NOW, you know that I preach about using and reusing your favorite fashion pieces, so don’t get all pissy pants because I have already posted about this fabulous Loft dress. I KNOW that a blog post exists out there of me in this dress, but listen this dress has never seen these walls or this state before. AND my accessories are different so THERE!

Curls and Contours LA


Isn’t this wall mural FANTASTIC! This beauty is on Fairfax on the side of a Kosher Bakery building. I noticed it as we were walking to a fantastic little thrift shop.

Curls and Contours LA Adventures

This beauty was directly across the parking lot from the mouse mural, and I just loved the stark white with the print! The wall is also on Fairfax.

Curls and Contours Blogger Wall

I mean, fashion blogger bucket list item can be checked off. The infamous pink blogger wall, so pink and so fantastic in every way. So we had fun with the wall for awhile. This loft dress is just loving this wall.

Curls and Contours Blogger wall

Curls and Contours Blogger Wall

Curls and Contours Blogger Wall

My favorite hand in hair pose and my FAVORITE Halston Heritage bag.

After we left the wall,  we decided to hike down to the end of Melrose and window shop our way back to the car. WELL  THEN we “stumbled” across the Vivienne Westwood Flagship store.

AND THEN…BAAM this happens. PINK Vivienne Westwood sunnies

Curls and Contours Vivienne Westwood

Statement sunnies from Vivienne Westwood called to me and I answered. So freaking beautiful and fun. This perfect little accessory adds some more sass to my regular look. I am in love.

Curls and Contours Vivienne Westwood

A good pair of Sunnies can last you years, and these babies will be coveted and adored from now until forever. I am a BIG believer in investing in quality pieces that you will use everyday. Examples include- Sunnies (obviously), bags, makeup, hair tools, bras.

NEXT STOP – Monterey California for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, luxe cars, beautiful water, and shopping to knock your socks off.

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A-line Skirts and Chambray Shirts!

One of the most figure flattering styles to try this summer is the A-line skirt. Universally flattering the A-line skirt is fitted at the hips and gradually opens down to the hem, this type of skirt is great for defining a waist and then forgiving your hip and thigh area. What I love about this type of skirt, is how easy and comfortable they are. You feel instantly chic, and this skirt keeps you covered and cool for whatever you might be up to.

I paired this particular A-Line skirt with a chambray(because I am obsessed) that I cinched to give even more waist definition. I added a statement necklace for some sparkle! Comfy wedges give me some height and dress up the whole look. I have also worn this skirt with a black top, and sandals, I just love how easy it is to wear.

If you don’t have one in your closet, consider it. They can be found at really any price point, and in many different stores. The skirt that I am wearing is from Loft. But I will be sharing some of my favorites with you.


Necklace(Similar) | Charming Charlie, Top(Similar) | Liz Claiborne, Skirt(Similar) | Loft, Wedges | Jessica Simpson, Watch | Michael Kors,


Bag | TJ Maxx, Bracelet 1 | Pandora, Bracelet 2 | David Yurman







My current A-Line skirt favorites-

ASOS- Midi Skirt 

Loft- Fluid Midi Skirt

Nordstrom – Mod Faux Suede (Great Fall Transition piece)

Nordstrom Rack- Eyelet Pleated Midi

Amazon- Midi Bubble Skirt 


Photo Cred- ME Promotions

This Pretty Little Dress Pt. 2

This weekend I took the pretty little dress that I have talked about before to a Shania Twain concert on the West side of the state of Michigan. Lets break down my 24 hours, and the pretty little dress that I took with me.

Lets lead with my travel gear! From our area on the east side of the state to Grand Rapids on the west side is roughly 2 hours. We were only planning on being in Grand Rapids for 24 hours, just enough for some AMAZING FOOD and a fantastic concert! So I threw on a simple black maxi(that is actually to big, but sometimes whatever), and packed my favorite small luggage and we hit the road.

Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Dress(I got it at Costco…so similar), Hat | Key West Hat Shop, Preppy Tote | Vera Bradley, Luggage (Similar) | Kathy Van Zeeland, Sandals | Birkenstock

But FIRST we stopped at the Outlet Mall, and did some shopping around. I purchased some shorts from the Loft for an upcoming adventure that I CANT WAIT TO SHARE WITH YOU!

We headed west to Grand Rapids to stay at the Fabulous Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. I mean seriously have you ever seen this place its DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! This hotel is grand, and fabulous and chic and vintage and luxurious all rolled into one beautiful place. My photos don’t do it justice, but I will share anyway.

Ok Lets talk about the pretty little dress… For the girls weekend away to a country concert I wanted to wear my favorite boots, and of course do big hair, and big sparkle. To quote the Queen of Country Music Miranda Lambert “Big hair for the real big time.” This was the look I was going for!

So here is what I put together for part 2 of This Pretty Little Dress

Dress (Similar) | Nordstrom Rack, Boots | Tony Lama, Watch | Michael Kors, Necklace 1 | Tiffany and Co, Necklace 2 (Similar) | Loft, Necklace 3 | Random Cruise Ship gift shop (seriously), Ring(Similar) | Charming Charlies

My lip color is the one I received in my Glossybox ! Its called Doucce Lush Lip Gloss, color 718. I am also wearing the mascara from my Glossybox, have you heard of it? Its called “Better Than Sex” and its from Too Faced.

We had dinner at the Fabulous Cygnus 27 at the top of the Hotel overlooking the city. Then we dashed off to the Shania Twain concert! Which was FABULOUS! Her Rock the Country tour was fantastic and truly a show! We all felt like we were in Vegas!

I tried to get a selfie with Shania, and I basically did. hahaha. IDGAS that her face is covered by some dudes hand. It happened, we took a selfie together(thats my story and I am sticking to it!).

I am already working on putting together something for the pretty little dress pt 3. If you haven’t checked out my first post about this pretty little dress, you can find it here!