Southern Exposure Pt. 2

Finally home from a fun week in middle Tennessee, we(my Mom, Grandmother and myself)were able to see some beautiful horses, eat great food, and explore the city of Murfreesboro TN. We came to this city to show horses and little did we know there was a National park sitting right under our noses.

NERD ALERT- I love history and I LOVE exploring new places so imagine my pure glee when we turned into the Stones River National Battlefield in Murfreesboro TN.

I feel like we should get some horsey stuff out of the way before we dig into this great learning experience.

My Mom/Bestie and I have two Tennessee Walking Horses that we show across the Midwest and South. We love our two horses and we love to train and compete together. Each year we travel to middle Tennessee to a big championship horse show for a week. We ride everyday, compete against amazing horses and just in general have what is known as a “Showcation” (horse show vacation).


Callie and I before a class, I FREAKING LOVE my new show top!!!

This year we switched it up a bit and decided to try and explore a little more, instead of being so focused on our horses that we don’t get to experience the area.

With this new adventurous spirit in mind, I pushed to go driving around and see some sights. That is when we stumbled across this rich piece of American history I didn’t even know existed where we were showing horses.

This National Battlefield memorializes the battle that took place during the American Civil war on December 31, 1862. What an unbelievable place.

The National Parks service has turned this historic piece of land into a park for people to enjoy, there were miles of beautiful groomed trails to enjoy

Lets talk what I wore on this little adventure.

When it is HOT AS HELL out and I know I am going to be hiking around and exploring, I go for clothing that is going to keep me cool, be functional, and be cute.

Temperature Factor, skort and a t-shirt and sandals, I am good to go!

Functionality is the back bone of this look, my chacos are keeping me cool and the thick sole is protecting my feet. A cross body bag makes it so that I am hands free, AND added bonus this is a bag that is cloth so if it does get dirty I can just wash it. My skort is accommodating to my bigger hips, but has added coverage and support with the shorts that are hidden underneath. Just a basic t-shirt that I am not going to baby rounds out this look nicely. Of course I am going to have my favorite sunnies and a big ol watch for some added sass.

Cute factor- My t-shirt is fitted but not tight so that it is breathable but still figure flattering, and my it says “Damn it feels good to be a Michigangster.” Its fun, it represents me well and the coloring is very flattering for my skin tone. Ray-Bans are always on trend, and my Vera bag is a standout as a trendy piece as well.

Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Shirt | Boutique, Bag | Vera Bradley, Skort | Columbia, Shoes | Chacos, Watch | Thirfted

What do you wear to play tourist in?