The Rule of Leggings.


I am going to put this out there. Quality leggings are 100% WORTH IT! Especially if you are curvy, just go for it get a good pair that are made of the right material that aren’t see through and that are meant to be worn for active purposes (even if you are only going to wear them to run errands). Leggings that are made for active purposes are-

1. Not see through.

2. Don’t get holes.

3. Hide cellulite (thats right ladies).

This little outfit works for me on multiple levels, I work out in this outfit, I hike in this outfit, I can be seen out and about during the day in it (with a longer top to keep my cheeks covered), AND I will be packing all of these items for my travels this summer.

I have ONE hard and fast rule about leggings as pants that I believe keep you classy and on trend. This rule applies to women of all sizes BUT if your are bootylicious(like myself) pay really close attention.

1. If you are not working out and just wearing leggings as pants for the day. COVER YOUR ASS UP! Wear a top that is tunic length or dips lower in the back to keep your cheeks covered. We have all seen that girl at the supermarket or the mall that has see through leggings on. Not cute.

Side Note- As women are we obligated to let another woman know her leggings are see through? I always want too and then I chicken out.



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