This Pretty Little Dress Pt. 1



This pretty little dress was snatched up by yours truly at Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago, and as soon as I saw it I had a plan. You see this pretty little dress is going to be a feature here on Curls and Contours. I am headed to a fabulous bachelorette party this weekend for a BEAUTIFUL bride inside and out, we will be going out and to a concert(Shania Twain!!). I will be wearing this pretty little dress.

In two weeks this beautiful bride will wed her man at a gorgeous venue…AND I will be wearing this pretty little dress.

Gasp! Shock! I know you are thinking, “You are NOT going to wear the same dress to two events for the SAME effing wedding are you?” The answer is obviously YES you bet your cute asses I am!

This pretty little dress styled two totally different ways.

Is it concert ready? Yes

Is it wedding ready? Yes.

Like I have preached (using that term loosely) on C&C before when you have curves you HAVE to have a “Fashion Uniform”

This pretty little dress is my way of putting my money where my mouth is. I don’t need tons of dresses(well maybe I do) for every single event I might ever dream of attending. *If you are reading this while walking around Nordstrom PUT THAT BALLGOWN DOWN! lol.*

I can make the dresses that I KNOW work for my body work for multiple events. If you have the extra cash to spend on a new dress (lucky), buy some new accessories and shoes to go with that adorable dress you already own. Or better yet SAVE that money for the Louis Vuitton you have had in your shopping cart for the last 3 months. Oh wait, is that just me? Oh yeah it is! Haha

Side Note- DO NOT TELL MY HUSBAND I JUST WROTE THAT. Men need to believe we need dresses for every little thing.

Ok check out my styling of this pretty little dress for round one.


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