Whoever Said Orange Is the New Pink Is Seriously Disturbed

Los Angeles is the first stop on my big summer adventure. What a fantastic couple of days running all over LA with my bestie, she took off after high school and moved to LA 8 years ago. She has become an International model and has been seen on the big and small screen. With our love of fashion, horses, and histories in common we have always stayed connected. We make a point to see each other (face to face) once each year, whether that is on a vacation, her visiting the mitten, or me coming to Hollywood. Our goal each year is to have some time together. We have been lucky this year, with a fishing trip to the Keys and now my trip to LA.

Our theme this trip was fashion, specifically seeing it all from high end couture(Rodeo Drive), all the way to the thrift stores on the cool kids end of town(Fairfax) and everything in between(Melrose). I had some blogger goals for this trip as well, I wanted to find the infamous pink blogger wall, and go thrifting. I achieved both of those goals, yay me!

LA has super dry heat, not like Michigan AT ALL, it can be 80 degrees and you would think it was 70 because there is no humidity here. I packed my trusty maxi dresses, because I knew I would be warm, and I knew I wanted to be comfortable and on trend for summer. You know that I am all about dressing for comfort and trend, my favorite Maxi dress was the perfect companion for the adventures of the day. NOW, you know that I preach about using and reusing your favorite fashion pieces, so don’t get all pissy pants because I have already posted about this fabulous Loft dress. I KNOW that a blog post exists out there of me in this dress, but listen this dress has never seen these walls or this state before. AND my accessories are different so THERE!

Curls and Contours LA


Isn’t this wall mural FANTASTIC! This beauty is on Fairfax on the side of a Kosher Bakery building. I noticed it as we were walking to a fantastic little thrift shop.

Curls and Contours LA Adventures

This beauty was directly across the parking lot from the mouse mural, and I just loved the stark white with the print! The wall is also on Fairfax.

Curls and Contours Blogger Wall

I mean, fashion blogger bucket list item can be checked off. The infamous pink blogger wall, so pink and so fantastic in every way. So we had fun with the wall for awhile. This loft dress is just loving this wall.

Curls and Contours Blogger wall

Curls and Contours Blogger Wall

Curls and Contours Blogger Wall

My favorite hand in hair pose and my FAVORITE Halston Heritage bag.

After we left the wall,  we decided to hike down to the end of Melrose and window shop our way back to the car. WELL  THEN we “stumbled” across the Vivienne Westwood Flagship store.

AND THEN…BAAM this happens. PINK Vivienne Westwood sunnies

Curls and Contours Vivienne Westwood

Statement sunnies from Vivienne Westwood called to me and I answered. So freaking beautiful and fun. This perfect little accessory adds some more sass to my regular look. I am in love.

Curls and Contours Vivienne Westwood

A good pair of Sunnies can last you years, and these babies will be coveted and adored from now until forever. I am a BIG believer in investing in quality pieces that you will use everyday. Examples include- Sunnies (obviously), bags, makeup, hair tools, bras.

NEXT STOP – Monterey California for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, luxe cars, beautiful water, and shopping to knock your socks off.

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