What I buy at Nordstrom

What I buy at Nordstrom as a plus size woman, a post about how to shop Nordstrom like a pro, and how to shop smart in a big department store.

What I buy at Nordstrom as a plus size woman, a post about how to shop Nordstrom like a pro, and how to shop smart in a big department store.

What I buy at Nordstrom as a plus size woman, a post about how to shop Nordstrom like a pro, and how to shop smart in a big department store.

What I buy at Nordstrom as a plus size woman, a post about how to shop Nordstrom like a pro, and how to shop smart in a big department store.

What I buy at Nordstrom as a plus size woman, a post about how to shop Nordstrom like a pro, and how to shop smart in a big department store.

This week on Curls and Contours I wanted to share a post that I get questions about ALL THE TIME. This post is about “What I buy at Nordstrom” and how I shop smart at a major department store.

What do I shop for at Nordstrom?

I utilize Nordstrom for 2 areas of my wardrobe. Pants and Skincare. I do own tops/dresses/shoes from Nordstrom but their bottoms and skincare offerings have me coming back again and again.


I have to admit I am addicted to upscale denim, a few years ago I got into Paige jeans and the rest is history. I love a quality pair of jeans, and Nordstrom has a great online offering for Plus Size women. I purchase most if not all of my pants from Nordstrom because of their easy return policy, and their wide selection of super quality pieces. My favorite pant buys from Nordstrom are the Zella High Waist legging, and my Good American jeans. I wear my Zella leggings with EVERYTHING, from walking my dogs in the evening to dressing up for a night out. They are hands down the most versatile piece in my wardrobe. I think I own 4 pairs at this point(not included my printed ones LOL).

Here are my favorite Zella leggings right now, in plus and regular!!

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings(Plus Size)

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings(Regular)

Zella Moto Ankle Leggings(Plus Size)

Zella Autumn High Waist Moto Ankle Leggings(Regular) 


I don’t talk a lot about my skin on the blog, and I would really like to change that. Let me tell you, my skin is THE WORST!!!! I have struggled for years with adult acne, and have quite a bit of scarring and pore issues. I am a faithful Nordstrom beauty counter girl, and here is why.

One day I was running some errands and happened to be in Nordstrom, at the time my skin was at an all time low, I had really dry patches, and a huge breakout of cystic acne along my jawline. Things were really really bad. I was stopped by an esthetician at the Clarins counter in Nordstrom, she wanted my to try her hand cream(which is amazing lol). We got to talking, and next thing I know she is giving me a mini facial and changing my life. I know that sounds crazy but its so beyond true. She talked me through why I was dry and patchy in areas and why my acne was out of control.

This Clarins esthetician explained to me that all the acne products that I was using on my skin was actually causing more acne because the oil in my skin could not balance out. She told me that instead of stripping my skin of oil and moisture, I needed to be adding moisture back to my skin(which at the time sounded like the craziest shit I had ever heard). She said that my skin cells were being stripped of all moisture every night and damaged by acne products, and that my body was sending lots of oil to my face because there wasn’t any. This is what was causing my breakouts, and the patchy dry areas were from the acne products.

I purchased a moisturizer from her that day, and she sent me home with samples of the rest of the Clarins line that she suggested for my skin. AND I was back in two weeks to buy it ALL. I started using the products that she sent me home with and within a week my skin was healing, and I honestly haven’t had a breakout since then. I have completely changed my skincare and makeup routine. I would still be living in adult acne hell if the Nordstrom Clarins esthetician hadn’t stopped me.

Here is the skincare that CHANGED MY LIFE!! From start to finish every night.

Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian for Combination/Oily Skin

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed for Normal/Combination Skin

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Cream Gel


My pro tip for shopping Nordstrom-

Shop with a purpose, its a big store and everything is gorgeous(its easy to go crazy LOL). GO in (online or in store) with what you are looking for in mind. I know that I love their pants and skincare, so when I am in need of those items I turn to Nordstrom. 





5 Outfits and 4 things I love!

It has been months since I have shared my weekend outfits!! During my workweek my clothes fall into the “Mom clothes” category, so on weekends and during my blog shoots I get to really play with my clothes! Today on the blog I am sharing 5 weekend outfits, and 4 things I am loving right now! 
Plus Size Fashion blogger brings you links to 5 trendy/edgy weekend ready outfits. Post includes exact links to outfits pictured. Jacket | Leggings | Boots | Bag

  1. The TV Show Ozark- Keith and I have been watching the Netflix original Ozark like crazy! We loved Breaking Bad, and this show has that same feel to it. A little dark, a little twisted but ultimately about a man that is willing to do anything for his family including break the law. We haven’t had “Cable” TV for years, its a money saver and we get plenty of entertainment from Netflix and Hulu! 

Plus Size Fashion blogger brings you links to 5 trendy/edgy weekend ready outfits. Post includes exact links to outfits pictured. Denim(Similar) | Top | Leggings | Mules | Bag

2. Midcentury Industrial Home Decor- We are renovating our kitchen and I have become OBSESSED with home decor, its not something I share on the blog(I could, but I don’t think you are here for that lol). I am loving pretty much everything from West Elm, and have been doing a ton of research on concrete countertops and how to create an eclectic space that meshes old with new. If you have any home decor blogs that fit this criteria SEND THEM MY WAY!! 

Plus Size Fashion blogger brings you links to 5 trendy/edgy weekend ready outfits. Post includes exact links to outfits pictured. Dress | Booties

3. Low Heeled Booties- Last Fall I was all heeled booties ALL the time. I just could not get into the low heeled options. But this year, I have been super into what is being offered. I have two pairs that will be what I am wearing nonstop until December(when the real cold weather hits). Links HERE, and HERE for the exact pairs that I have been loving. 

Plus Size Fashion blogger brings you links to 5 trendy/edgy weekend ready outfits. Post includes exact links to outfits pictured. Top | Jeans | Mules | Bag

4. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese- Keith and I prefer to eat High Fat/Low Carb dinners, gluten in general is not really my friend. We both just feel better the next day when we follow this way of eating. I made some Cauliflower Mac and Cheese a couple of months ago and it has been a weekly meal since. We usually add extra veggies to the recipe, like onions and mushrooms and when Keith makes it he adds spices to make it hot!! Recipe link HERE 

Plus Size Fashion blogger brings you links to 5 trendy/edgy weekend ready outfits. Post includes exact links to outfits pictured. Top | Skirt(Similar) | Necklace(Similar) | Bag | Twilly 


I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my life. I was able to link most of the piece exactly, if you have any questions please comment and I will answer!! 





Sleeveless Ribbed Dress

Dress | Shoes(similar) | Bag | Jacket | Earrings(similar)

Writing this post from my new sunroom, I took a little break from posting on the blog so that I could get closed on my homes and get moved AND THEN so that I could get to work on the Fashion Showcase! Which was a huge success, that post will go live Friday!

One of my best friends and cousin(hey Liz) always says I am the Kim of the family, like she tags me every week on Instagram in a Kim K, or Beyonce meme hahahaha, its a thing. And with this dress I can finally see exactly what she is talking about, the curve hugging design is phenomenal.

Girls. This dress, THIS DRESSSSSS let me just tell you this dress is sexy as hell. Made in a completely casual fabric(a ribbed knit), I paired it with some platform mules(naturally) and my trusty jean jacket(I linked a similar one, this one is like 4 years old) for a sexy yet casual summer look. My favorite part of this piece is two fold, one the ruching is so flattering, it adds texture and can help to mask problem areas and two the color is so versatile, easily paired with soft browns or can be edgier with black accessories. I would love to style this dress with a leather moto jacket and strappy heels for a night out, or with some chucks and a long cardigan for Saturday morning farmers market trips with my mom.

How would you style this bodycon?

This post was sponsored by Loralette, all opinions are my own. 

Plus Size Fashion Showcase


A few months ago, fellow blogger and friend Liz (With Wonder and Whimsy) and I attended a networking event together. While we were there we heard so many different statements about where plus size women shop, and where plus women COULD shop? This really stuck with us. As full figured bloggers we have a vast knowledge of different brands that cater to curvy women and sell plus size clothing, AND so many women DO NOT KNOW THEY EXIST! How could this be? How could there be so many curvy options yet the women in our area only shop at 3 places. This realization hatched a wonderful idea. We should bring all the fabulous plus size brands that we know and love to life, in the form of a fashion show. But not any fashion show, a girls night out, and and walking the runway? Real plus size women of all shapes and sizes! We want to be able to show that all curvy bodies are not the same, you can still rock what you are wearing no matter your size!

So we teamed up with 10 fabulous brands and set out to feature a look that would be the speak to the voice of each label and be on trend for Spring and Summer seasons. To be honest making the selections from each brand was TOUGH(how do you choose between so many awesome items), we wanted to stay true to the brand and feature pieces that we felt were signature to that company, but at the same time select items that spoke to our demographic and to our personal tastes as bloggers and stylists. Part of blogging is creating a finished look, so in addition to clothing we also wanted to style each look with jewelry, shoes and a bag!

Not to get gooey on you, but each item that is being featured in this event, was hand selected by Liz or I. We labored over this integral piece of the event, it was both the hardest and most rewarding part of the process. Then when we were able to get together to shoot promo we truly enjoyed interacting and playing with the clothing! I am so excited to share all of our hard work with you. 🙂

Tickets to Plus Size Fashion Showcase

Any fabulous night out HAS to come with GIFTS. I mean I love presents, so doesn’t everyone? We are so excited to offer our guests swag bags jam packed with stuff!! I don’t want to give it all away, but each bag will have brand specific coupons for our guests to use after the fashion show! In addition to other fabulous goodies!

Now lets talk decor, I had no idea when I met Liz that she was also a party planner, but when we found this out about each other it was PERFECT. I take great care in every party I plan, to the very last detail it is of great importance to me that each piece be perfect. I am so delighted to be able to incorporate items I already keep in my party decor inventory(yes I have that, its a thing) with vendors that Liz knows and loves. She turned me onto an Esty shop that is straight up darling!

Side note – Feel free to ask me about my grandmothers 80th Halloween Birthday party. It was INSANE, people thought I rented everything. Nope, its in the inventory :). I digress. lol

You may be thinking “Anne, I am from Southeast Michigan and I read your blog and I already know where to shop.” Yes! And I want to meet you! Liz and I are so excited to meet readers and supporters of our passions. Seriously meeting a reader or a follower of Curls and Contours is like Christmas morning, I always ask Keith if I am ever a little to excited when I meet someone that follows Curls and Contours. I am like “Hi how are you, tell me about your whole life and I love your outfit, and THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLLLOOOGGGGG!” lol Don’t let that scare you off, I promise I am super chill in person. Promise. 😉

If you are a blogger, or in the fashion industry we want you to attend so that you can network with others in the Fashion Industry, boutique owners will be there, retail industry babes will be there, the people that YOU NEED TO MEET will be chilling with us on May 7th! Its so empowering to be with other women that share the same passions as you do, and this Girls Night Out is the perfect place to make new friends and find new business contacts.

Come, have a drink or two 🙂 and some appetizers. Chat with your girlfriends and enjoy some fashion. We can’t wait to meet you!

Make sure to get your tickets EARLY! We have limited seating and tickets are selling FAST!

Get your tickets to the Plus Size Fashion Showcase here. 

PS. I know I am keeping the brands under wraps! You will just have to come to find out what labels we love!












Boutique Look on a Budget

Dress(Similar) | Shoes | Bag | Sunnies 

I would like to start a monthly series of budget posts. If you have been following me for awhile, you already know I am not a budget blogger. Thats just not the niche I fall into, I LOVE budget blogs and follow quite a few but my particular brand isn’t a budget brand. The reason? I have expensive taste, thats pretty much the reason lol. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good sale because believe me I DO, and it doesn’t mean I don’t wear target sandals and thrifted blouses because I do that too! But the workhorse pieces of my blog wardrobe are designer, I love the quality, craftsmanship, customer service and history that comes with purchasing a designer bag, sunglasses, and clothing.

Not everyone can afford those things, or maybe they don’t believe in spending that kind of money on a material item. On this blog, you do you. If you aren’t into it, thats great, if you are into it thats great too! After reading comments and getting questions about dressing on a budget I thought it would be fun to work on a series where I link up budget options to recreate some of the looks I put on the blog. These posts will not be sponsored by anyone, and the items in the photos will be bought and paid for by yours truly. 🙂 Sometimes I will be able to  link the exact item, and sometimes it will be something similar to what I have. My goal is to get each outfit at less than 125 dollars total!

This dress I purchased at a boutique in Royal Oak MI, and I love how basic it is, its the perfect canvas for fun accessories. I wore it this past weekend with colorful earrings and a denim jacket and I got 1 million compliments!! Part of being a blogger is wearing clothing that is easily found or recreated, so I try not to blog about items I might find at TJ MAXX or small boutiques because often those pieces can not be found everywhere. And then the blogger guilt kicks in, I have this one amazeballs dress and I post it to share with my fellow curvy babes and guess what. It doesn’t exist anywhere else, and too bad for you. I hate doing that.

Ok I am going off on a tangent, lol. I will be linking similar items above to recreate this look on a budget of 125 dollars!! Then below I will lay out the math so we can see where I spent my 125 bucks.

Shoes- 32.99

Dress- 28.00

Bag- 27.90

Sunnies- 12.99

Total spent- 101.88 without tax 

Happy Monday babes!

Spring Dress Babe.

Dress | Jacket(Similar) | Bag | Shoes 

Dress | Bag | Heels | Earrings | Spanx

I wanted to share a couple of looks today from some fabulous affordable UK brands. With the temps warming up its time to start thinking about shedding those layers and prepping your skin to be seen(think faux tanners lol).

I have been gravitating towards blue lately, you know I love black anything so blue is a great way to lighten up my wardrobe and bring in some different tones to play with. The other hot trend this year is embroidery, everythannnnggg has embroidery on it lately. I have been choosy about what I want to wear from that trend, and really trying to pick stuff that is true to my brand and easy to wear.

Thats why I loved this blue embroidered body con dress from Quiz Clothing, its got beautiful flowers and a modern cut to flatter your shape. I am in desperate need of some nude heels so I paired this look with my cheetah ones(out of necessity) its cute and a fun way to mix in a different print. I am hoping to get my hands on the heels I linked in this post soon, and that would be how I would wear this dress again.

The pleats on the Wolf and Whistle dress is what initially attracted me to it, I love the way the texture changes with this dress, I wanted to lend these colors a little edgier vibe so I paired it with faux leather jacket and some lace up sandals(from TARGET!!). No Spanx needed for this dress(can I get an AMEN!) and it was a really comfy look. I would love to style this dress again with more of a wear to work vibe, a black blazer, some tights and sensible heels would make this dress perfect for a chilly spring day at work.

Happy Monday Babes!

Both of the dresses in this post were gifted to me from the brands. All opinions are my own.


American Thighs in Good American Jeans

C/O Jacket | Jeans | Boots | Bag | Earrings 

I have to be honest about something right now. It was FREEZING when we shot this look. Like I have sunglasses on because my eyes were tearing up from the cold. So unfortunately most of the photos have me scowling in them, because I couldn’t help it. LOL.

Ok, now that my cold disclaimer is out of the way. I want to cover a couple of thoughts in this post. First- A review of Khloe Kardashians Good American Jeans, and Second- a little blurb about the it color for Spring(ps its green).

Khloe Kardashians Good American Jeans, they were released this past Fall and feature a wide size range(size 00-24). You can find them at Nordstrom, probably other department stores lol). I got mine at Nordstrom, and they are PRICEY! I luckily had a gift card, and a Nordstrom Note that covered my pair. That being said, now that I have them in my possession, I would totally pay full price for another pair. But as most of you know, I am a little bit of a jean crazy girl.

Here is why, they are stretchy, but still feel like denim. They haven’t lost that denim feel, which many brands get away from when they start making the really stretchy jeans. They are SOOOOO high waisted, and they don’t fall down like other brands do. I am wearing the Good Legs Ripped Skinny Jeans, and these suckers STAY right where you put them. I ordered them in a size 16, and I probably could have gone with my usual 14, but I wanted to be sure they would fit(and I am also not a size snob, I look at the size chart and order accordingly).

I have read a bunch of reviews on this line, and some of my fellow curvy fashionistas felt that some of the rips were not flattering on different plus size bodies, that is partially the reason why I went with a “safer” ripped pair. For my next pair I can’t decide between a true black ripped up pair, and a blue washed ripped pair OR the “Good Waist” corset style that is supposed to cinch you in. I would love all three but can’t see spending 500 dollars on Jeans at the moment.

Ok, the second part of this post is a quick blurb on the color of Spring, Army Green. So girls, get your green jackets out from fall and find some spring colors to layer under them. Think pink, cream, baby blue. I received this jacket care of In The Style. Its a light fabric that works perfectly as a topper for your favorite casual look. It is belted, if you are into that type of thing. I like to wear it both ways.

Have a good Wednesday! Feel free to email me or comment with any questions!

P.S. If you don’t get my ACDC reference in the title of this post, then you need some good classic rock in your life immediately. 

Valentines with In The Style

Dress and Boots by In The Style

Jacket | Dress | Boots(option 1) (option 2) | Bag

What is it about pretty red dresses? I feel like Valentines day is the perfect excuse to break out that sexy dress you have had sitting in your online shopping cart. I always feel a little extra boost of confidence when I am rocking something in red. A power color that catches your eye and exudes confidence.

I paired this dress and coat together, to create a layered look that was comfy and sexy. This dress was a little short on me(when I say a little short, I mean really short. Make sure you order one or two sizes up in this style), and the jacket helped me feel covered.

I KNOWWWW I have been posting a lot with these OTK boots lately(and unfortunately they are sold out), I literally can not help it. I just love them so much. I will link a couple of options that are left in wide calf and regular, most sites have them on sale right now because SPRING is around the corner.

Do you have plans for Valentines day? My husband and I will probably end up going to one of our favorite new spots, OR we will stay in to watch Shameless and eat ice cream.

This post was sponsored by In the Style UK. All opinions are my own. 

Boohoo Baby


Top | Leggings | Boots(Similar) | Bag | Watch(similar) | Earrings(similar)

I recently had coffee with a new blogger friend, its crazy how small the world is. Its so great to meet new people, and to share some caffeine with someone that does the same work you do. Afterwords we set out to photograph each other, my hubby does most of my photography and it was refreshing to get a female perspective. Sometimes a little girl talk is just what the doctor ordered, it is so helpful to chat with a fellow creative. For inspiration, room to vent, and to toss around current issues facing the plus size community.

Something that I went out and did as soon as our little outing was over, was to buy a writing prompt book. Liz(her blog With Wonder and Whimsy) inspired me to work harder at my love of writing. I love reading, and writing, its something that I have always loved. As a way to work on my skills, I ordered a new journal(thanks for the idea Liz!) with daily writing prompts. I will link a few below if you are interested. 🙂

Soul Journal

Start Where You Are

The 52 Lists Project

I personally ordered the “Soul Journal” but will probably end up owning all three of the journals I listed.

I ordered this Boohoo “Jumper” a few weeks ago, I just love the lace detail. I styled it here with leggings and OTK boots because I freaking love OTK boots(HA). And I wore it this past weekend with jeans and a leather jacket for an evening out. I typically size up when ordering from a UK brand, I would rather have to have something be to big and or altered by a seamstress then have it be to tight. In this case the sweater was a perfect fit.

I am so looking forward to starting my soul journal tomorrow, and I plan on sharing some prompts in future posts.

Follow my fellow curvy blogger and new friend Liz at, photo credit is all hers for this post. 🙂

Winter Midi


Dress | Tights | Earrings | Boots | Bag | Hat

Its been sooooo cold here in Michigan this past week. Its frigid out, I have been binge watching Game of Thrones and drinking hot cocoa like its going out of style. We are in that post Christmas “still have to deal with the cold” time of year. You can’t wear a maxi because of the snow and wet ground, and you don’t want a mini because of the COLD FRIGID ASS WEATHER!

Enter the midi dress, a trendy way to keep your hemline dry, and keep your thighs warm. 🙂 I like to style mine with fun booties and a flashy clutch. This midi from Yours Clothing is a great knit basic that works with tights and booties, I have styled it for a more casual day look but with the right accessories you could take this dress into a comfortable date night outfit.

Style Tip: Have you tried anything with a lattice neckline yet? Like so many curvy girls know the V-neck style is very flattering to bigger chested women. The added lattice is a unique and super trendy way incorporate the V-neck style into your wardrobe. 

This post is sponsored by Yours Clothing, all opinions are my own.